Churchill would looks like we have a new ‘iron curtain’ this one runs on a north/south axis

Churchill would looks like we have a new ‘iron curtain’ this one runs on a north/south axis

With ‘temporary’ border controls and law enforcement forces sent to European frontiers to secure tougher checks, EU officials have agreed to relocate a further 120,000 asylum seekers around the bloc. It is still unclear how those relocated will be shared out.
  • 14 September 2015

    19:37 GMT

    An initial agreement on the redistribution of 120,000 migrants among EU member states was reached at the EU ministers’ emergency meeting on Monday. The final decision on migrant shares within the EU will be taken on October 8.
    At the same time, the ministers have failed to agree on the introduction of obligatory quotas among EU countries to provide asylum for refugees, TASS reported citing Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere.

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    EU’s Frontex agency, which is in charge of European border management, should be granted the right to send economic migrants back to their home countries, without providing them with asylum rights, the French Interior Ministry said on Monday.

    Frontex officials should also be provided with arms to fulfill such duties, French minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on the sidelines of emergency meeting in Brussels, as cited by TASS.

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    Hungary has closed the airspace along its border with Serbia, Reuters reported on Monday, citing the country’s National Transport Authority. The airspace is closed in a 20 kilometer (12 miles) strip along the border, up to a height of 1,350 meters (4,500 feet), and will not affect scheduled international passenger flights.

    The closure came into effect earlier on September 10, the official statement said, and will remain until further notice. According to authorities, the move is aimed at helping law enforcement and ambulance services to safely use the airspace during the migrant crisis.

  • 17:49 GMT

    Finland will increase the monitoring of its borders, Finland’s Interior Minister Petteri Orpo told reporters in Brussels on Monday, adding that the country also plans to open reception centers for migrants with particular attention to its northern border.

    Some 1,700 asylum seekers arrived in Finland last week, officials said, with many traveling by train through Sweden. “Finland is not a transit country, but the country of destination,” Orpo said. With no identity checks at the Swedish-Finland border crossing, many migrants have not registered with officials, with the minister describing the situation as “extremely difficult.”

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    France and Germany have coordinated their efforts amid the migrant crisis, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Monday upon his arrival to an EU meeting on the situation at internal borders. The two countries insist on all-European migrant redistribution system, which is impossible without accurate control at EU borders, Cazeneuve said.

    All people arriving at frontiers must be registered when crossing the border, which will allow authorities to clearly distinguish refugees having the right for asylum from economic migrants, TASS cited the French minister as saying. All EU countries with no exception must fully take their share of migrants, he added.

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