USA outraged that Russia is fighting terrorism

USA outraged that Russia is fighting terrorism

Debate: How DARE Russia fight terrorism?

“We’ll welcome help from al-Qaeda, but not Russia”

Less than two weeks before the 14th anniversary of 9/11, General Petraeus announced that the US should forge an alliance with al-Qaeda to fight ISIS.

A US alliance with al-Qaeda?

Well, why not? Al-Qaeda had nothing to do with 9/11.Better idea: Let’s forge an alliance with al-Qaeda to fight the neoconservatives – the folks who actually pulled off the murderous 9/11 deception.

But seriously, folks, Gen. Petraeus must be really, REALLY scared of ISIS if he thinks the only way to beat them is to make friends with al-Qaeda.

Maybe we should bring Bin Laden back from his alleged watery grave and have him magically cause ISIS’s buildings to explode into powder through the path of most resistance at free-fall acceleration?

Wait a minute…ISIS doesn’t have any tall buildings.

On the other hand, an explosive controlled demolition of their tents, conducted by a dead guy hooked up to an underwater dialysis machine with seaweed dripping from his beard, would scare the hell out of them.

Bottom line: ISIS is so evil we will hook up with anyone, ANYONE, to fight them. Anyone except Russia, that is.

Press TV has interviewed Kevin Barrett, an author and Middle East expert, in Madison, and political commentator Jihad Mouracadeh in Beirut to discuss a dispute between Russia and the US over fighting Daesh (ISIL) terrorists in Syria.

Barrett says that there is “great outrage” in Washington over Russia’s military backing of the Syrian government in their fight against Daesh, just as they were angry at Iran and Hezbollah for their support for Damascus.

He says that the Russians are “clearly” helping Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and seeking to stabilize the situation in the war-torn country by sending a strong message to the West, which has “destabilized Syria in attempt to overthrow its government.”

“The Russians have said enough is enough! You have utterly annihilated Iraq (and Libya)… the buck stops here, you are not going to do the same to Syria,” he maintains.

The US is behind the ongoing conflict in Syria and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) General David Petraeus’ call on the US to cooperate with al- Qaeda is enough proof, the analyst argues.

He says the Daesh terrorist group is becoming a “Frankenstein’s monster.”

“[The] US and its allies created the ISIL and the ISIL is a tool of destabilization that may have already served its purpose to the point that they are ready to try and clean it back up,” he adds.

The White House uses Daesh to “ruin” countries which do not serve Israeli interests like Syria, he says.

Mouracadeh, for his part, says that Russia is building a military base in Syria. He claims that Moscow is not in Syria to fight Daesh, but to consolidate its own position because the Assad government “is not able to hold it anymore.”

He says it is “a little bit too late” for Russia to join the ongoing air strikes against the terrorist group, and even now Moscow must first coordinate with NATO and the US to carry out such operations.