Latakia : Moscow builds in Syria airbase for 2,000 troops

Latakia : Moscow builds in Syria airbase for 2,000 troops

(translated from the German "Spiegel" magazine)

Russia moved further military equipment and troops to Syria , 
the report several newspapers from the USA and Great Britain .
 So Moscow has apparently sent 24 more combat aircraft of type Su-24
 and Su - 25 to the Air Force base Latakia . Latakia is located north
 of the port city of Tartus . There has been a few years since Russia
 rather insignificant naval base , which is , however, massively expanded 
according to recent reports .

Overall, Russia is thus now have in Latakia on 28 combat aircraft ,
 reports the " Financial Times " , referring to a US official who
 is not known . Furthermore, apparently stationed in Latakia : 
15 Russian military helicopter Mi-8 types and Mi-24 , 
nine tanks of type T - 90 and 500 marines . In last week 's
 speech by 200 Russian soldiers in Latakia still had .

According to information of the " Financial Times " 
Moscow wants to deploy up to 2,000 military personnel in Latakia .
 The information came from a Russian officials in Moscow, 
who was familiar with the Syria question . 
With the deployment of the soldiers will then completed 
" the first phase of the Russian military mission in Syria ," 
said the interlocutor of the " Financial Times " .

The Kremlin denies officially vehemently to plan a military intervention in Syria .
 Corresponding reports described the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry as " hysteria " .

Vladimir Putin has called on the West to form a joint coalition in the fight
 against the terrorist organization " Islamic State " .
 Russia insists however that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad remains in office .
 The West has always refused .