Moscow newspaper reporting 1700 Russian soldiers already in Tartus

Moscow newspaper reporting 1700 Russian soldiers already in Tartus

In addition to the airbase Latakia Russia builds apparently also a naval base
 in Syria. According to media reports refuse Russian soldiers to be transferred 
to Syria.

The structure of Russian military structures on the Syrian coast apparently 
occurs much faster than previously thought. As the respected Moscow daily 
"Kommersant" reported, are already 1,700 Russian soldiers in Tartus. That the 
paper wrote, citing a Russian military on the spot.
Moscow has longstanding and a relatively small naval base in the Syrian port city.
Now he will be expanded: Russian specialists would "expand the object and guarding,
 to rebuild the pier," said the unnamed military Zeitung.Das the Moscow Department
 of Defense did not officially comment on the "Kommersant" report.

 A ministry representative told the newspaper only that there was no link between 
the modernization of the base in Tartus and "the military interference in 

The Kremlin has always denied to plan an intervention in Syria. 
On weekends Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told nevertheless press with that 
they would consider a deployment of ground troops, as long as a corresponding
request received from Assad government

"If there were a request, this would of course be discussed and examined in 
the context of our bilateral contacts," Peskov said. As long as such a request 
had not been made, had a discussion but difficult curtailed the government 
spokesman. Syria's Foreign Minister Walid Malloum said the army of his country
 was not yet rely on Russian support, they just need more weapons. 
"So far there is no common ground on the battle with Russian troops, 
but when we need it, we will look into it and ask for it." US authorities 
had last spoken repeatedly about a construction of Russian military infrastructure
 near Latakia. The coastal town is located about 70 kilometers north of Tartus.
 Russian units to build an airbase there. US intelligence agencies have reported 
several hundred marines on site, a Russian flight control center, T-90 tanks and 
heavy howitzers.

Russia is considered the closest ally of Assad and supports its regime 
despite Western criticism for years with arms. So Moscow will supply the
 Syrian army until 2017 twelve fighters of the type MiG-29M / M2 from previous
 contracts. The first nine fighter jets would be delivered in the coming year,
 three more in 2017, reported the "Kommersant", citing unspecified Kreise.

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