Russia calls up 150,000 conscripts as Syrian invasion accelerates ?

Russia calls up 150,000 conscripts as Syrian invasion accelerates ?

(according to the British Daily Mail and Catholic publication in Los Angeles)

Russia could be planning a full-scale invasion of the Islamic State, granting the terror organization the final, apocalyptic struggle they have been waiting for. In addition to airstrikes, Putin has called up 150,000 conscripts amid calls to send Muslim troops to crush the Islamic State.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) – Russia may be on the cusp of committing its military might to saving the Assad regime in Syria. That powerful move may also include the destruction of the Islamic State. Observers are anxiously watching developments both is Russia and Syria as Putin seems intent upon escalating the conflict there.

Russian bombers have already begun airstrikes in the region. A spokesman for Putin claimed the strikes would target both the Islamic State and other forces opposed to Assad, including the U.S. sponsored Free Syrian Army.

Russian airstrikes have landed in the western part of Syria, in regions controlled by the Syrian government.

In addition to airstrikes, Putin has ordered the conscription of 150,000 troops into the Russian military. The conscription order comes a day after the Chechen leader, Razman Kadyrov, called for a Muslim army to destroy the Islamic State. Kadryov is a staunch supporter of the Putin regime and has previously expressed a desire to send Muslim fighters to do battle with the Islamic State.

Russia has also warned the U.S. to remove planes and officials from territory in Syria.

President Obama has condemned the Russian intervention and compared it to “pouring gasoline on the fire.” Washington is criticizing the Russian military or striking at moderate Islamic fighters instead of at the Islamic State.

The United States has been very reluctant to put non-Muslim and American fighters on the ground in the region, fearing that doing so would rally the Islamic world against the west and fuel more conflict and terrorism.

Russia however, appears to have no such qualms. A massive cache of dozens of military vehicles and weapons have been delivered to Syria. It is unclear if this equipment is crewed by Syrian or Russian operators. Russia has a naval base in Syria which guarantees that state a naval presence in the Mediterranean.

Globally, Russia is resurgent. Military spending has been up for some time and the bold moves made by Russia could be an effort to boost arms sales as well as hegemony around the globe. The timing is perfect, since the Obama administration is reluctant to see any direct confrontation, and has shown every sign of backing down in the face of Russian strength.

The vast majority of Russians are opposed to Putin’s moves in Syria, but the Orthodox Church there has shockingly referred to the airstrikes as a “holy battle.”