Steorn Orbo – Preparations Underway For Public Engagement – Free Energy !

Steorn Orbo – Preparations Underway For Public Engagement – Free Energy !

The most obvious outward sign of this is that the company has in the last 24 hours redirected and to their newly revamped Facebook presence. A few days ago they renamed their official Facebook page from SteornOfficial to Orbo.

The page currently has 648 likes

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Orbo FREE Webinars

It’s now just 19 days until Steorn conduct the first in a series of FREE Live Webinars designed to introduce the public to Orbo. During the webinars the technology will be demonstrated, the various components will be explained and questions from the public will be answered by Steorn. There is the possibility that it may be offered for sale at some point. To take part in the webinars follow this link.

Editor’s Note: As of today, no other mainstream media outlets have filed stories on Steorn or their technology and ultimately what could well be the biggest technological leap since the discovery of fire, despite being informed via Twitter. That alone is testament to the strength of feeling that free energy is a heresy and ‘couldn’t possibly be a reality’.

What is Orbo?

Orbo is the brand name for Steorn’s free energy technology – the technology exploits various magnetic anomalies which allow energy to be gained making it more than 100% efficient.

Orbo technology is very controversial as it violates one of the foundational pillars of 20th century science – “The Principle of the Conservation of Energy”, a physical ‘law’ which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can only change form.  Orbo literally seems to be able to ‘create’ energy from nothing and so the scientific and academic establishment are at odds with this.

The Orbo Powercube is basically a USB charging station, with one very unique and physics busting difference.  It never ever needs to be plugged in, nor does it need batteries or any other identifiable source of energy. The Orbo Powercube is the first ever commercially available product that has these characteristics.

Where is the energy coming from?

So far there has been no identifiable source for the energy, but this has not stopped speculation.  The favourites seem to be the zero-point energy field (see casimir effect), dark energy, or some as yet unknown quantumn vacuum effect. The energy is not coming from the degradation of the magnets or component parts.