Situation (in Syria) worsening, says Russian general

Situation (in Syria) worsening, says Russian general

Russian military officials meanwhile lashed out at both the United States and mainstream rebels over the ceasefire struck last week in Geneva.

“The situation in Syria is worsening,” said Russian General Vladimir Savchenko in a briefing.

The ceasefire has so far lasted five days.

Under the US-Russia deal, if the truce lasts seven days and humanitarian access is granted, Moscow and Washington are to work together to target jihadists including IS.

“Russia is exerting all possible effort to restrain (Syrian) government troops from returning fire,” Senior Army General Viktor Poznikhir said.

“If the American side does not take the necessary measures to carry out its obligations… a breakdown of the ceasefire will be on the United States.”

In a statement, the Russian defence ministry accused what it termed “moderate rebels” of causing the ceasefire to fail.