Justice for monkey  humiliated in public

Justice for monkey humiliated in public

Monkey business

A heartbreaking scene unfolded as a group of local residents admired the scene, while  cheering.

It all started when the macaque monkey pictured above started to cause havoc in the community. The primate begun snatching people’s food, tearing up pillows that were being put up for sale by vendors and was a true headache for everyone around, according to residents. They say the monkey had it coming for a very long time and were extreme pleased that the day had finally arrived.

Residents also argue that they had actually called local authorities, but their problem had been ignored several times. Finally, a professional monkey catcher was sent out to the scene: he managed to lure the animal using a basket of fruit as bait. The catcher then proceeded to inhumanely tie up the primate, to the .. residents, who started to clap in excitement. As if this was not enough, the helpless primate was then paraded around like some sort of trophy, as everyone at the scene were applauding, happy that their troubles were finally over. None of the residents had any problem with the ill-treatment of this poor animal.

Shortly after this public and outrageous humiliation, authorities have announced their plans to ship the monkey back into the wild. If everything goes all right, we will have him released on the outskirts of Thane’

Support this campaign and urge  authorities to draw up rules stating how animals should be (humanely) treated and teach people how to deal with such encounters in a way that doesn’t inflict  suffering to the animals.

Thank you for your consideration.