A review on Germany I enjoyed

A review on Germany I enjoyed


Still too much cigarette smoking.
No air conditioning and a strong prejudice against it. The country is hotter and more humid in spring and summer than many believe.
People are a bit reserved and too private at times, making it hard to break into social circles and make friends.
Since the overall level of education is high, many people succumb to “Besserwisserei” — know-it-all behavior — and it can be hard to disabuse them of incorrect or misguided opinions.
People can be rigid and inflexible at times; still, this is often exaggerated by embittered foreigners.

Basic necessities—food, rent, etc.—are surprisingly affordable, for the most part, for people on average incomes.
Well-constructed homes and apartment buildings: walls are thick, doors and locks are beautifully constructed and solid, windows can either open wide or tilt vertically; they use modern versions of the classic old steam radiators the US has only in old buildings.
Excellent public transportation that is generally punctual, safe, and comfortable. With a bit of planning and willingness to walk some, one can live here beautifully without a car.
Lovely women (sorry, I just had to say that), often but not always blonde and fair, who are capable and self-determined, with beautiful manners and surprisingly soft voices (German is lovely — can be — really!!).
Most people are fairly honest and reliable.
Superb health insurance and health care delivery system. Other comments here regarding this are true.
Art, culture, music, literature, architecture are everywhere.
Laws and government which, despite some unfortunate trends, still aim to make life better for the average person…generous vacation time, sick leave, job security.
Taxes are really no more burdensome than in the US, on the whole.
Very low tolerance of violence and violent behavior. It is illegal to strike children at school—or at home. There is no death penalty and nobody wants it. War is regarded as the scourge it is, not as a jolly adventure. Calling someone “aggressive” is considered to be an insult—it’s not regarded as a positive quality.
Generally, crime isn’t a problem, and the murder rate is very low. After more than a year living here, I suddenly realized that virtually nobody is packing heat. The cops are completely chill compared to American ones—you can approach cops here and talk to them like they are normal human beings.

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