What’s this ..Russia has given America an Ultimatum?

What’s this ..Russia has given America an Ultimatum?

WW3 News: Vladimir Putin Gives Obama 24-Hour Ultimatum, Satan 2 Ready For Deployment

Vladimir Putin has finally had enough of America demonizing his country that he has issued a 24-hour ultimatum to Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton as WW3 tensions run high. In his global message, he warned that he will start shooting down US aircraft in the Middle East if the United States continues to slander Russia.

The global announcement was made on Friday, October 21st with the Russian president also warning the US to prepare for the possibility of World War 3. This appears to be no idle threat because as of Sunday, October 23rd, Putin has ordered the Russian Defense Ministry to begin training and managing all local authorities, law enforcement, and state security.

According to the Conservative Daily Post, this is all to prepare Russia for a nuclear war with the United States. However, despite both superpowers teetering over the edge of nuclear Armageddon, Hillary Clinton still spent the last two days blaming Putin and Russia for WikiLeaks and continues to call him a “thug puppet.”

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But perhaps Vladimir Putin unveiling Russia’s most powerful nuclear weapon could make her think twice about bad-mouthing the bear and instigating WW3. Dubbed the “Satan 2” the RS-28 Sarmat is expected to replace the country’s deadly arsenal of SS-18s –better known as Satans. The first of these weapons will be rolling off the production line 2018.

Russia Ready For WW3 With Satan 2 Missile

According to the Daily Star, the RS-28 Sarmat is believed to have enough power to totally destroy an area as big as France or Texas. Appropriate, for a weapon of mass destruction named after the devil himself.

However, even more disturbing is the claims that the nuclear material used to make these weapons were acquired through Russia’s secret deals with the Clinton Foundation. Could the destruction of the United States come from their own undoing?

Russia and the United States were never friends; the only time the two superpowers’ interests ever aligned was during the fight against the Nazis. Now with WW3 looming, the old rivalries between the two countries are once again rearing its ugly head.