Iraqi forces inch closer to  Mosul

Iraqi forces inch closer to Mosul

Iraqi government soldiers, backed by allied fighters from the Popular Mobilization Units and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, have recaptured more areas and villages around the strategic northern city of Mosul in a large-scale offensive aimed at ending the control of Daesh militants there.

On Saturday, the media bureau of Iraq’s Badr Organization announced that the Popular Mobilization Units had liberated the region of Ayn Nasir southwest of Mosul, located some 400 kilometers north of the capital Baghdad, from the grip of Daesh terrorists.

The pro-government forces also established control over the road linking Hammam al-Alil region to Albu Hammad village.

Additionally, Iraq’s Joint Operations Command (JOC) announced that the 9th Division of the Army and units from Nineveh Liberation Operations Command had taken control of the villages of al-Hamidiyah, al-Shorouq, al-Mokhlat and Jayaf southwest of Mosul, and raised the national Iraqi flags over a number of buildings there.

Iraqi security personnel also freed al-Dawajel region and nearby villages on Saturday.

Moreover, Iraqi fighter jets carried out a precision airstrike against an area in Ta’an region, east of Mosul, and destroyed an arms depot and a bomb-making workshop belonging to Daesh terrorists.