Pick-Your-Poll Poison – Mainstream Media Lying Right To The End

Pick-Your-Poll Poison – Mainstream Media Lying Right To The End

Demographic biases, 'shy' Trump supporters, and 'tweaks' have turned this election cycle's poll trends into farce and propaganda. Once again, as the news gets worse by the hour for Hillary Clinton, The Burning Platform's Jim Quinn notes that the mainstream media polls over the last few days have again reverted to Clinton with a comfortable lead.

Really?? She's one email away from prison!


Her minions are talking.


The FBI is preparing to pounce.

But the Clinton News Network and the rest of the “in the bag for Hillary” press have the balls to publish polls showing her gaining ground.


The LA Times poll begs to differ.

It predicted Obama would win by over 3% in 2012 when the rest of the MSM polls had Romney winning.

As of a couple weeks ago this poll had Clinton in the lead. Things looked bleak after the audiotape. But, as of this morning it shows Trump with his biggest lead yet, 5.4%. That’s outside the margin of error.

He is picking up momentum as we approach the finish line. We’ll see who will be eating crow in in a few short days.

Source: The Burning Platform



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