Neonazi Golden Dawns sets up franchise in Spain

Neonazi Golden Dawns sets up franchise in Spain


Greece’s Golden Dawn seizes on the similarities between Spain and Greece to set up offices in Spain.The Greek neonazi Golden Dawn party has registered as an official political party in the Spanish city of Alicante and seeks to expand to Spain, where it is known by its Spanish translation “Amanecer Dorado”. All those on its official paperwork have a history of working with fascist groups, whereas Amanecer Dorado’s leader Antonio Vicedo previously ran for office with National Alliance, a group that has declared itself the ideological heir to European fascism.

There appears to be a resurgence in fascist ideology in Alicante with Neo-Nazi groups organizing a march in Valencia in October and nationalist groups organizing food distributions for the poor Spanish nationals.

Though Spain’s economic crisis is not as severe as Greece’s, it too, has been forced to follow the path of austerity and has noted a surge in popularity for a radical leftist party.