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  • Suicide Hotlines Get Record Number Of Calls After Trump Win: Quote Phones Have Been Ringing Off The Hook
Suicide Hotlines Get Record Number Of Calls After Trump Win: Quote Phones Have Been Ringing Off The Hook

Suicide Hotlines Get Record Number Of Calls After Trump Win: Quote Phones Have Been Ringing Off The Hook


Submitted by Mac Slacvo via SHTFPlan.com,

Things have gotten steadily worse for Democrats after Donald Trump’s election to the Presidency of the United States. Scores of celebrities are freaking out across social media, Hillary supporters are holding “Cry Ins” to help each other cope, visits to Canada’s immigration website have skyrocketed, and coping videos are starting to make the rounds online.

While many shocked Clinton supporters have found solidarity with thousands of others by protesting and rioting in the streets, some, like movie star Robert DeNiro, have fallen into a depressive state.

And according to The Hill, those overwhelming feelings of depression have led to suicidal thoughts in many. So much so that suicide hotlines across the country are struggling to keep up:

Phones have been ringing off the hook at suicide hotlines since Donald Trump was named president-elect Tuesday.


According to multiple reports, many of those calling or texting into hotlines are members of the LGBTQ community, minorities and victims of sexual assault who are worried about Trump’s victory.


The Suicide Prevention Lifeline told “The Washington Post” it is seeing calls “unmatched in the hotline’s history,” with a response unlike that in 2008 or 2012.



Election stress is nothing new. Psychologists have noted upticks in anxiety and stress during and following contentious election cycles. This specific election, many have observed, is no exception and is exceeding average numbers in those seeking mental care and counseling.

If you are someone you know can’t handle the stress, please share this video.

You’re not alone:

By way of helping, here are 7 things liberals should have learned from this election (but won’t).

1) The Standard Liberal Rhetoric Against Republicans Is Nuts: Last week, Bill Maher said the following, “I know liberals made a big mistake because we attacked your boy [President George W. Bush] like he was the end of the world. He wasn’t. And Mitt Romney, we attacked that way. I gave Obama a million dollars, I was so afraid of Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney wouldn’t have changed my life that much, or yours. Or John McCain. They were honorable men who we disagreed with. And we should have kept it that way. So we cried wolf. And that was wrong.”


Whether you love or hate Trump, you have to agree that his behavior, temperament and style are wildly different than that of George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. Yet, the Left’s charges against Trump seem to be largely identical to the ones it leveled at Bush and Romney. Racist? Check. Sexist? Check. Is a mean, hateful person? Check. Fascist? Check. A Nazi? Check. When you try to paint every person that doesn’t agree with you as the devil, then you’ll soon find you lack the ability to describe someone you truly believe to be the devil if he appears.


2) Smearing People As Racists Has Consequences: A big part of Barack Obama’s initial appeal to many of the Americans who voted for him in 2008 was the unspoken promise that he’d lead us into a post-racial era. How racist could America be if we had a black President, right? Unfortunately, Obama and his allies on the Left took us in exactly the opposite direction. Day in and day out, any white person who didn’t toe the liberal line was called a racist and falsely accused of having white privilege. Anyone who complained about it was told in not so many words, “You’re white; so shut up.” Meanwhile, the clear majority of people being called racists didn’t agree with that assessment. They seethed; they got angry about it and many of them got their revenge by voting for Donald Trump.


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