Endgame in Syria: Turkey declares war – US Congress passed no-fly zone resolution

Endgame in Syria: Turkey declares war – US Congress passed no-fly zone resolution

The US Congress has passed in the media silence a resolution, which promotes the U.S.- imposed “no-fly zone” over Syria. It happened before the Turkish president declared yesterday, that Turkish forces have invaded Syria with only one goal, “to end the rule of president Bashar al-Assad”.

In this editorial news analysis I will give a wide overview from the situation, about the “endgame in Syria”, which causes now us a real threat from the World War 3.


Late in the day, on November 15, only one week after the U.S. elections, the U.S. Congress convened in special session with normal rules suspended, so the House could pass House Resolution HR5732, the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act” calling for intensifying the already harsh sanctions on Syria, assessing the imposition of a “no-fly zone” inside Syria and escalating efforts to press criminal charges against Syrian officials.

“Establishment of a no-fly zone is the next crucial step toward a full-scale war. It would mean Syrian planes could not fly in their own airspace and would bring the disturbing prospect of U.S. planes shooting down Russian planes — which are operating there on invitation from Syria to help battle ISIS”, writes journalist Justin Gardner.

What’s most disturbing, basically it’s impossible to find any mainstream news sources about important information, that USA has already passed no-fly zone decision in Congress.

Next step for the resolution is to pass the US Senate, but with total silence, we just can’t expect any such kind of discussion, which could affect the process. Obviously very powerful media-political order about using the “propaganda of silence” has been given, which has closed mouths in the western mainstream media.


Yesterday on Tuesday 29 November the president of NATO-Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a shocking speech at the first Inter-Parliamentary Jerusalem Platform Symposium in Istanbul. His direct declaration of war against Syria was published in Turkish mainstream media, Hurriyet Daily:

“Why did we enter? We do not have an eye on Syrian soil. The issue is to provide lands to their real owners. That is to say we are there for the establishment of justice. We entered there to end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad who terrorizes with state terror. [We didn’t enter] for any other reason,” Erdogan said.

On August 24 the Turkish Armed Forces launched an operation in Syria, the “Euphrates Shield”. Invasion of the Turkish army has been widely presented as “military operation aimed against ISIS terrorists and Kurds”. President Erdogan has insisted that Turkish military has not entered to counter Syrian army. From the beginning Syrian government has condemned Turkish military operations and Damascus has described invasion as “blatant violation of sovereignty”.

We should keep in mind, that just about a week ago, On 21 November, Turkey pressured U.S. and its allies to implement no-fly zone over Syria.

Almost no attention has get new research and evidence material, which presents Turkey’s secret pact with Islamic State(ISIS), which is exposed by operative behind wave of ISIS attacks. Investigative report findings concludes, that “Turkish government under President Erdogan is covertly providing direct military, financial and logistical support to ISIS, even while claiming to fight the terror network.”

Erdogan’s declaration yesterday in Istanbul has a very interesting time and place, which connects Turkish military actions to other western key player in the region. Turkish president gave his speech in the first “Jerusalem Platform Symposium”, and just hours later Israeli fighter jet has attacked targets inside Syria:

“An Israeli warplane has carried our missile attacks against two targets inside Syria close to the highway connecting the capital Damascus, to the Lebanese capital Beirut”, reports PressTV today, 30 November.


USA keeps only fueling tensions and today Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakhrova commented the situation in Syria – Pentagon’s decision not to jointly identify Daesh targets with Russia despite an “error” resulting in the deadly bombing of the Syrian army. Zakharova said that “there is no logic in Pentagon’s decision not to identify Daesh targets of the U.S.-led coalition in Syria”.

In October it came more than clear, that Russia will not step back in its support for Syria. The two largest ships of Russian Navy are now placed in the coast of Syria with powerful naval task force. As journalist Petri Krohn wrote on 21 October in the DONi editorial article, “Russia’s big guns go to war”:

“Their mission is to stop the planned American war on Syria and to prevent the US Navy from launching airstrikes or  Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Syrian Arab Army or the Russian forces in Syria. This is a repetition of the situation in August 2013, this time with an even larger Russian naval presence.”

I gave my geopolitical analysis from the alarming development 25 October in the DONi editorial article, “March of the clowns: Western peace activists for WW3“:

“Situation in Syria today reminds me directly from the Libya in 2011, from the decisive moment in March, when the Libyan army was on its last steps from the victory against these same foreign backed ”rebels” in their last Aldabia-stronghold. It was acknowledged even that time, that Gaddafi and Libyan army were only 1-2 weeks from its victory against terrorists. But then came the huge western propaganda, the distortion of realities with enormous ”humanitarian brainwashing”, and then came the NATO bombers.”

So, finally yesterday in Tuesday, and just before Turkish undirect declaration of war against Syria was heard, it was widely reported, that “Assad is on the verge of biggest victory since the start of Syrian war with imminent capture of Aleppo”:

“The battle for one of the most contested Syrian cities in the nation’s long-running civil war, Aleppo, is approaching its climax. According to Reuters, the Syrian army and its allies announced the capture of a large swath of eastern Aleppo from rebels on Monday – by some estimates as much as 40% of the militant held part – in an accelerating attack that threatens to crush the opposition in its most important urban stronghold”, wrote the Russia Insider.

It seems, that Russia has been fully aware about the western plans to implement their endgame in Syria, and no matter what would be the outcome of U.S. presidential election. Alarming development reveals also the reason why U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, has been calling to his counterpart in Russia, Sergey Lavrov, in recently more than ever.

Its only obvious, that the West keeps pushing forward anti-Syrian globalist agenda, and Trump’s coming precidency causes just more pressure for globalists in power, with dramatically shortened time frame, to escalate the situation towards “a step too far to return back”.


Because of the “great geopolitical grand chess” over the world politics, Syria has gathered loyal allies to defend itself. It’s all partners know very well the ruling globalist hegemony-agenda, which is behind the events in the region: “Which path to Persia?” The western think tank behind the western policies, The Brookings Institution, published the strategy in 2009. Main point in strategic planing is, that “Syria has to fall first, and only after that Iran can be forced under the rule of western powere structure”.

Knowing to be the next western target, Iran will not give up in Syria. In Lebanon the Hezbollah knows it well too, that if Syria falls to terrorist-globalist hands, they would face soon a crushing attack from Israel. Among the allies its commonly understood, that fight for Syria is fight for Iran and Lebanon as well.

As the second main country in the western global target list, Russia will not take steps back in Syria either. We have to understand the fact, that western ruled hegemony in the Middle-East would turn all globalist hostilities, then with almost unlimited resources, to Russian borders and against all Moscow interests. Globally that would mean a farewell to the challenging idea about worlds multipolarism.

After already planned “fall of Russia”, in effort towards the “One World Government”, the West has planned to conquer the last great opposing force from its way to global hegemony, China, and that is also the reason why Peking is not willing to take steps back in its support for multipolarism in the Middle-East.

Today, in the moment of final liberation in Aleppo, by Syria and its allies, the West is forced to make their final decision. USA and its allies behind the huge campaign of state terrorism in Syria since 2011, and mainly Turkey, should certainly accept their defeat and pull out all of their forces from Syrian soil. And it means, all of them, who are behind the terror, attacks and invasion of Syria against international laws, illegally.

My conclusion is, that if the West and its allies does not take steps back in coming days and weeks, if Turkish president Erdogan does not pull his troops and words back about declaration of war, and the escalation between Turkish and Syrian forces starts to grow, we can soon expect uncontrolled global military escalation – the World War 3.

Editorial article, director, Janus Putkonen

DONi News Agency