German Lufthansa -22,000 extra jobs affected by the pandemic crisis, its one of the biggest in the aviation sector !

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Lufthansa Group Confirms a Surplus of 22,000 Employees

2020-06-16, By Karolina Prokopovič

Photo: Markus Mainka / shutterstock.comReading Time: < 1 minute

The major crisis in aviation has hit the Lufthansa Group hard. The Group has confirmed its personnel overcapacity figures reaching 22,000 full-time positions across its companies.

The Group has already informed the representatives of the trade unions, provided information to Lufthansa works councils and explained in the Group Economic Committee.

The number of 22,000 extra jobs affected by the pandemic crisis is one of the biggest in the aviation sector as for now. Notably, these staff cuts are expected to be permanent even after the crisis.

The Group also warns that if it does not find the effective way to come out of the crisis with competitive personnel costs, this number might increase further.

“According to our current assumptions about the course of business over the next three years, we have no perspective of employing one in seven pilots and one in six flight attendants as well as numerous ground staff at Lufthansa alone,” said Michael Niggemann, Executive Board Member Human Resources and Legal Affairs of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Across Lufthansa Group companies the following staff changes are due to be introduced:

  • Lufthansa Airline: 600 pilots, 2,600 flight attendants, 1,500 ground staff. The 1,400 jobs at headquarters and in administration at other Group companies will also be affected.
  • Lufthansa Cargo: 500 jobs
  • Eurowings: 300 administrative jobs
  • Austrian Airlines: 1,100 jobs
  • Brussels Airlines: 1,000 jobs
  • Germanwings: will not resume flight operations
  • Lufthansa Technik: about 4,500 jobs globally, 2,500 of them in Germany
  • LSG Group’s catering business: 8,300 jobs worldwide, 1,500 of them in Germany

“In the biggest crisis in aviation history, we want to secure over 100,000 jobs in the Lufthansa Group in the long term, despite all the challenges. To achieve this, painful restructuring measures are unavoidable, which we want to implement in a socially responsible manner,” Niggemann added.Austrian airlinesBrussels airlinesEurowingsGermanwingsLufthansaLufthansa GroupLufthansa Technik



BREAKING: EU Countries Impose UK Travel Bans



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Digital Vaccine Passports Being Rolled Out EVERYWHERE

Coming soon, just like when you leave your dog at a kennel, it appears that humans, too, will have to prove they’ve “gotten their shots.” For those of you who thought the pandemic hysteria and the totalitarian results from it would magically disappear after Joe Biden’s inauguration, you were, well… …wrong. As I wrote about […]

Digital Vaccine Passports Being Rolled Out EVERYWHERE

Does our Earth spin backwards?

How fast is the earth moving?

Rhett Herman, a physics professor at Radford University in Virginia, supplies the following answer

  • October 26, 1998
How fast is the earth moving?

Questions about how fast the earth–or anything, for that matter–is moving are incomplete unless they also ask, “Compared to what?” Without a frame of reference, questions about motion cannot be completely answered.

Consider the movement of the earth’s surface with respect to the planet’s center. The earth rotates once every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09053 seconds, called the sidereal period, and its circumference is roughly 40,075 kilometers. Thus, the surface of the earth at the equator moves at a speed of 460 meters per second–or roughly 1,000 miles per hour.

As schoolchildren, we learn that the earth is moving about our sun in a very nearly circular orbit. It covers this route at a speed of nearly 30 kilometers per second, or 67,000 miles per hour. In addition, our solar system–Earth and all–whirls around the center of our galaxy at some 220 kilometers per second, or 490,000 miles per hour. As we consider increasingly large size scales, the speeds involved become absolutely huge!https://05ebb8123cfca392656b87a986e1ee14.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.htmlADVERTISEMENT

The galaxies in our neighborhood are also rushing at a speed of nearly 1,000 kilometers per second towards a structure called the Great Attractor, a region of space roughly 150 million light-years (one light year is about six trillion miles) away from us. This Great Attractor, having a mass 100 quadrillion times greater than our sun and span of 500 million light-years, is made of both the visible matter that we can see along with the so-called dark matter that we cannot see.

Each of the motions described above were given relative to some structure. Our motion about our sun was described relative to our sun, while the motion of our local group of galaxies was described as toward the Great Attractor. The question arises: Is there some universal frame of reference relative to which we can define the motions of all things? The answer may have been provided by the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite.

In 1989, the COBE satellite was placed in orbit about the earth (again, the earth is the frame of reference!) to measure the long-diluted radiation echo of the birth of our universe. This radiation, which remains from the immensely hot and dense primordial fireball that was our early universe, is known as the cosmic microwave background radiation (CBR). The CBR presently pervades all of space. It is the equivalent of the entire universe “glowing with heat.”

One of COBE’s discoveries was that the earth was moving with respect to this CBR with a well-defined speed and direction. Because the CBR permeates all space, we can finally answer the original question fully, using the CBR as the frame of reference.

The earth is moving with respect to the CBR at a speed of 390 kilometers per second. We can also specify the direction relative to the CBR. It is more fun, though, to look up into the night sky and find the constellation known as Leo (the Lion). The earth is moving toward Leo at the dizzying speed of 390 kilometers per second. It is fortunate that we won’t hit anything out there during any of our lifetimes!ADVERTISEMENT


The Future of Pain ReliefBIOLOGY100-Million-Year-Old Seafloor Sediment Bacteria Have Been Resuscitated

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Scientific American is part of Springer Nature, which owns or has commercial relations with thousands of scientific publications (many of them can be found at www.springernature.com/us). Scientific American maintains a strict policy of editorial independence in reporting developments in science to our readers.



Shut Me down! by Hocico

Here’s a song for you…

Shut Me down! by Hocico

Shut Me down! lyrics


[Verse 1]
Blood, sweat, tears, it’s all that you’ve become now
You run away from your own rage
Nothing can stop the hatred that you’re feeling
Revenge is in the mind, revenge is in the mind
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I wish you pain bigger than your faith
I’ll bring you down to your knees right now
So you doubt everything around

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Ask no more questions, i have no answers anymore
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Manipulation, annihilation
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There is no melody to silence these dogs
No place for relief, there’s no place for relief


Alien Vampires

Here’s a song for you…

Hell Descent by Alien Vampires

Италии, образованный в 1998 году и исполняющий свою музыку в жанре Dark Electro . Проект известен своим антицензурным и антиморальным характером лирики и имиджа. После выпуска двух первых альбомов — Evil Generation (2005) и No One Here Gets Out Alive (2007) — проект заслужил популярность в среде любителей экстремальной электронной музыки.


Down the pan!

The Economic Collapse

The Quality Of Life In The United States Is Going Down The Toilet

 by Michael SnyderShareTweetSubscribe

Is the quality of life in America getting better, or is it getting worse?  Americans certainly have a lot more “money” than they did when I was a kid, but that doesn’t mean much because the U.S. dollar has only a fraction of the value that it did back then.  And without a doubt our electronic devices have become much more advanced, but that doesn’t mean that we are happier.  In fact, everywhere I look people seem to be deeply unhappy.  It is rare to see someone actually smiling in public, but of course there is a good reason for that.  If you smile too much, someone might accuse you of being creepy.  As Americans, we are being trained to not express emotions and to keep to ourselves.  Being friendly is considered to be “suspicious”, if you tell a joke there is a very good chance that you will deeply offend someone, and if you express strong opinions you might just get “canceled”.

Even though we are far more “wealthy” than they were, I imagine that our culture is not too different from what East Germans experienced before the Berlin Wall came down.

There is so much hate and division in our society, and everyone seems ready to rat out those around them at the drop of a hat.  So most people are careful to keep to themselves, but at the same time most people are desperately lonely.

These days, most Americans walk around like a bunch of zombies.  In fact, as a result of mental health problems and stress, a majority of Americans are exhibiting at least one of the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome

A survey of more than 31,000 people shows that insufficient sleep, mental health problems, and stress were the causes of a whole host of symptoms doctors are used to seeing in head injury patients. Symptoms of what doctors call post-concussion syndrome (PCS) range from persistent headaches, dizziness and anxiety, to insomnia and loss of concentration and memory.

While 27 percent of people report having several of these symptoms, between one-half and three-quarters say they experience at least one. The most common symptoms are fatigue, low energy and drowsiness. Yet despite their findings, researchers believe the number in the general population could be much higher.

Of course one of the primary reasons why so many people are acting like zombies is because we have been drugged out of our minds.  Americans take more legal drugs than anyone ever has in the entire history of the world, and each year the pharmaceutical companies come up with even more drugs for us to try.

In particular, because we are so deeply unhappy Americans take boatloads of anti-depressants.  More than 50 million Americans are on anti-depressants right now, and it gets worse with each passing year.

But even though we are taking so many “happy pills”, Americans continue to kill themselves at a staggering pace, and this is particularly true for our young people.

In North Carolina, one school superintendent recently shared the fact that “the suicide rate among teens is higher than the COVID rate of death in their county”…

The debate to reopen schools for in-person learning has highlighted an alarming idea – that students are not just falling behind academically, but at a heightened risk of death by suicide.

“One of our local superintendents recently shared with me that the suicide rate among teens is higher than the COVID rate of death in their county,” Sen. Deanna Ballard, a Republican from the 45th district, recently told CBS 17, though she declined to name the superintendent or county. Ballard did not respond to NC Health News’ requests for comment.

Isn’t that insane?

You can’t just blame the pandemic for the rise in suicide either.  In fact, the national suicide rate for teens was skyrocketing before the pandemic ever began

The national rate of suicide in young people increased 57 percent between 2007 and 2018, according to the CDC.

“Even before the pandemic, we’ve been seeing an increase in youth suicides,” said Virginia Hamlet Rodillas, hotline manager for National Alliance on Mental Illness NC, which operates a statewide helpline.

If our society is so wonderful, then why are so many kids killing themselves?

The truth is that our society has become so sick and so twisted that life seems completely empty to so many of these youths.  Life is such a wonderful gift, and every day should be enjoyed to the fullest, but our society has become so evil that many teens are killing themselves rather than live in it one more day.

I once wrote an entire book about why people can have hope in these deeply troubled times, and I really wish that I could get it into the hands of everyone in America.

There is hope even for those that are facing the darkest circumstances, but most people don’t realize that because our society certainly doesn’t offer any.

Overall life expectancy has been dropping in the U.S. as well.  In fact, during the first half of 2020 life expectancy in the United States declined by a full year

It’s already known that 2020 was the deadliest year in US history, with deaths topping 3MM for the first time. But the latest batch of morbid data is in, and they suggest things are about to get worse on average as life expectancy in the US dropped a full year during the first half of the year.

Life expectancy is a statistical measure of the average time a baby born today is expected to live. From January through June of last year, that was 77.8 years for the entire U.S. population, down from 78.8 years in 2019. It’s the lowest level since 2006, the report said.

Our healthcare system has become a complete and utter nightmare, and it is not going to get any better any time soon.

Speaking of nightmares, our system of public education has become a sick joke.  Just look at what has been going on in Baltimore

A shocking discovery out of a Baltimore City high school, where Project Baltimore has found hundreds of students are failing. It’s a school where a student who passed three classes in four years, ranks near the top half of his class with a 0.13 grade point average.

Tiffany France thought her son would receive his diploma this coming June. But after four years of high school, France just learned, her 17-year-old must start over. He’s been moved back to ninth grade.

Millions upon millions of young people graduate from high school each year, but many of them can barely read, write or speak in public.

I could go on and on.  Just about every system that you could possibly name is in the process of failing, and that is probably why our satisfaction with the way our country is functioning is at the lowest level ever measured.  The following comes from Gallup

Americans’ satisfaction with seven broad aspects of the way the country functions is collectively at its lowest in two decades of Gallup measurement. This includes satisfaction with the overall quality of life in the U.S., assessments of government, corporate and religious influence, and perceptions of the economic and moral climates.

The average percentage satisfied with these seven dimensions has plunged to 39% at the start of 2021. That compares with 53% a year ago, the highest average in more than a decade amid strong economic confidence and before the coronavirus pandemic took hold in the U.S.

So once again I wish to pose a question to you.

Is the quality of life in America getting better, or is it getting worse?

The answer is quite obvious, and the rest of the world is laughing at us as our once great nation steadily deteriorates.

***Michael’s new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.***

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Ryanair are keeping the wheels turning by flying empty planes about….🙄

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Ryanair, Ghost Flights, COVID-195′  Ryanair is still operating ghost flights to keep its crew and fleet current. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Why Ryanair Continues To Operate Ghost Flights

Ryanair is continuing to operate ghost flights to cope with the impact of COVID-19 schedules. Such flights see the airline’s planes flying with no passengers, often landing back from where they departed. The airline has been operating such flights to keep its fleet operationally ready during COVID-related quiet periods.

Ghost flights are nothing new. Many airlines have operated such flights to protect precious slots during quieter months or to move an aircraft between A and B. However, the COVID-19 crisis has led to a new type of ghost flight. They are keeping both aircraft and pilots current.

Nothing new for Ryanair

Ryanair has been operating ghost flights during the pandemic. However, according to an analysis by our friends over at RadarBox.com, they have grown in frequency due to the COVID-19 crisis. This was especially true during April and May when the airline was reduced to operating a skeleton service.

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The graph below shows the number of ghost flights operated by Ryanair in 2019 and 2020. The criteria for a flight being counted was that it arrived at the same airport that it departed from and that it was under 25 minutes in duration. The data is displayed as a seven-day average to make it easier to read.

 Ryanair’s ghost flights spiked between April and June. Photo: RadarBox.com


As you can see from the data, the airline operates an average of between three and 15 so-called ghost flights each week. However, in the last week of March 2020, the number of such flights spiked for the first time. This was as the airline sought to keep its fleet and pilots current amid a colossal lull in scheduled services caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Before this, such flights could be attributed to training and maintenance activities.

Why operate flights to nowhere?

During April, May, and June, the airline operated a skeleton service consisting of around 20 routes. However, Ryanair wanted to ensure that its planes were ready to fly at a moment’s notice.https://2f2d2a8715ebb1474115a7fb3159ae16.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html?n=0

Airlines can’t leave aircraft to gather dust at the side of an airport. They must be prepared for storage if the carrier won’t fly them. This meant that many airlines were wrapping their aircraft engines in plastic.

 Ryanair’s ghost flights typically take the shape of a circuit around the airport. Photo: RadarBox.com


However, Ryanair saw a different solution. If it doesn’t stop flying its planes, it doesn’t need to store them. This is behind the airline’s ghost flights to nowhere. However, they also serve another purpose. Pilots must complete a certain number of take-offs and landings within a specific time frame to remain current.

Such flights to nowhere help to achieve this. Given the lockdowns driven by Europe’s second COVID-19 wave, the airline’s schedule has once again been decimated, especially to the UK and Ireland.https://2f2d2a8715ebb1474115a7fb3159ae16.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html?n=0

Commenting on ghost flights previously, a Ryanair spokesperson told Simple Flying,

“In order to ensure our aircraft are serviceable for both passenger repatriation flights and essential flights for the transportation of urgent medical supplies, some of our crew and aircraft must remain available and serviceable in line with Boeing requirements and EASA regulations.”

Have you seen a Ryanair ghost flight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Tom Boon

Content Manager – Degree educated in Aerospace Technology, this certified pilot is a passionate specialist in European aviation. Working closely with British Airways, Lufthansa and others, Tom provides commentary on topical issues for outlets including the BBC. Based in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Czech Republic may become the second EU nation to embrace Sputnik V. Earlier this month, Hungary began to vaccinate its citizens with the Russian-made vaccine

HomeWorld News

‘It’s not about geopolitics, but human health’: Czech PM signals country could use Russian Sputnik V vaccine without EU approval

28 Feb, 2021 15:09

‘It’s not about geopolitics, but human health’: Czech PM signals country could use Russian Sputnik V vaccine without EU approval

FILE PHOTO. Medical staff transfer a coronavirus patient from a fully occupied Intensive Care Unit of the Nachod hospital, Czech Republic. © Reuters / David W Cerny

Follow RT onLocal approval of the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine would be enough for the Czech Republic to begin using it, PM Andrej Babis has said, signaling that the country would not wait for a green light from EU health regulators.

Speaking to CNN Prima News on Saturday, Babis confirmed that Prague will not wait for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to approve Sputnik V and that an approval from the country’s State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL) would be enough to begin the vaccine’s rollout.

“We cannot wait for EMA, when Russia has not applied [for approval],” Babis stated. “SUKL must examine the documentation and if they approve it, the Health Ministry has to issue an exemption… and then, whoever is interested can get inoculated.”ALSO ON RT.COMCzech president Zeman reveals Prague has asked Putin to supply Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine without EU drug watchdog certification

Earlier in the day, the PM talked about the option to use Sputnik V without the EMA’s approval with the iDNES.cz outlet reporting a similar statement.

It is not a question of geopolitics, but of human health and our efforts to protect our nation as much as possible.

The remarks follow revelations made by President Milos Zeman, who said he sent a letter to his Russian counterpart, President Vladimir Putin, asking for a Sputnik V vaccine shipment. Zeman said he expected Putin to approve the request shortly.

“If I am properly informed, this request will be granted,” he stated.

The remarks by top Czech officials apparently constitute Prague’s change of heart on how the Russian-made vaccine may be used in the country. Earlier this month, Babis said it would be only possible when the EU regulators approve it.

Now, the Czech Republic may become the second EU nation to embrace Sputnik V. Earlier this month, Hungary began to vaccinate its citizens with the Russian-made vaccine, dismissing the need for the bloc’s approval as being purely political.

“The pandemic must be fought with as much vaccine as possible – that we can acquire as quickly as possible,” Hungarian PM Viktor Orban told Berlin-based Focus earlier this week. “There is no Eastern or Western vaccine – there are only the good ones and bad ones. The Hungarian health authorities have run their tests and guarantee the effectiveness of the vaccine.”ALSO ON RT.COMCzech Republic scraps plans to reopen shops, mandates DOUBLE masking in public

The Czech Republic has been heavily hit by the pandemic, showing one of the worst infection and death rates in the world. Around one tenth of its population of some 10.7 million has been infected, with more than 1.2 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus reported, while more than 20,000 have succumbed to the disease.

Restrictive measures, including the closure of most public places, and even such extremes as mandatory double masking on public transport seem to have failed to slow down the spread, and the country’s officials have repeatedly warned about a potentially impending collapse of its entire healthcare system.

The authorities now are expected to tighten curbs on the freedom of movement, including the imposition of bans on non-essential travel to other countries. Interior Minister Jan Hamacek said the sweeping travel ban will be enforced by the military and the police.

The restrictions will also see nurseries and schools for disabled children shut their doors, and people will be banned from leaving their municipalities other than for essential purposes.

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Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, directed the operation that ended with the grisly murder of U.S.-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to an unclassified U.S. intelligence report released today.

This comes as no surprise

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince directed the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, U.S. report reveals
Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, directed the operation that ended with the grisly murder of U.S.-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to an unclassified U.S. intelligence report released today.

The report said the goal of the mission in 2018, which included seven members of the crown prince’s “elite personal protective detail,” was to capture or kill Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist and prominent critic of the kingdom’s rulers.
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Edelweiss plans record summer with 72 bookable routes from Zurich

anna.aero - airline network news and analysis

23 Feb 2021 // Airline Analysis // No Comments »

Edelweiss plans record summer with 72 bookable routes from Zurich

Edelweiss plans record summer with 72 bookable routes from Zurich

Despite almost all of Edelweiss’ routes being holiday-orientated, it has VFR markets* too. These include Pristina – its top route this summer – along with Skopje and Tirana.

Edelweiss has nearly 2.3 million seats scheduled for this summer, its highest to date and up by nearly 6% over S19.

This is based on 72 routes – all bookable – an increase from 68 over pre-coronavirus S19. Figari starts on 29 March.

Another route – Newquay – is filed in OAG but not yet bookable, so it hasn’t been counted.  It is scheduled to operate once-weekly for 11 weeks between July and September.

Edelweiss’ network is solely from Zurich, at which it has a 10% share of seats this summer, up from 9% in S19.

Widebodies – A330-300s and A340-300s – play an important role in Edelweiss’ network, with an almost one-quarter share of capacity this summer.  Montego Bay, its next long-haul destination, begins on 29 March.Edelweiss plans record summer with 72 bookable routes from Zurich

The leisure operator is, of course, enormously about the summer.  Since 2011, this season has had an average of 133% more capacity than winter, although S18 versus W18 was just 97%. Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.

Pristina leads routes, but Spain top country

Of its 32 served countries, Spain and Greece are naturally by far the most significant, with 17% and 16% of seats respectively. 

Its network to Spain comprises 11 routes, led by some margin by Palma, its second-thickest route.  Greece also has 11, with Heraklion, its fourth-largest route overall, top.

Bulgaria, meanwhile, is Edelweiss’ least-served country, with just a once-weekly operation to Varna lasting for eight weeks in July and August. Next is Norway, with Tromso served once-weekly for nine peak-season weeks.

Edelweiss’ widebody network comprises 19 destinations, or just over one-quarter of its total.  Punta Cana is top; it’ll have three-weekly non-stop services, of which one will continue to Montego Bay.

Seven of its widebody destinations are in North America, which – in order of capacity – are Las Vegas, Vancouver, Tampa, Calgary, DenverOrlando, and San Diego.  This region has over one-third (33%) of its widebody capacity.

An interesting addition is Muscat.  Edelweiss will serve it once-weekly using A340s from 2 April, doubling from the end of May, and rising to three-weekly from September.Edelweiss plans record summer with 72 bookable routes from Zurich

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.

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* Visiting friends and relatives – WikipediaVisiting friends and relatives (VFR tourism / VFR travel) is a substantial form of travel worldwide. … and unreachable: An analysis of the outbound, long haul German and British Visiting Friends and Relatives Market.

Air Arabia 60 routes across 26 countries from Sharjah this summer

Ryanair expects to operate 1,615 routes this summer

Fast-growing JetSMART Chile has 52 routes this summer

Tel Aviv to North America record year – 2.6 million seats

Aegean Airlines reveals 33 routes for summer 2021

easyJet summer bookings jump 250%; expects 836 routes

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Star system located where planets ‘spin backwards’

Unique star system where exoplanets orbit their star backwards located by researchers.
Our Earth with Earthlings
Astrophysicists discovered a very rare planetary system 897 light years away which features two exoplanets orbiting their star backwards. This unexpected arrangement is due to the tilting of the protoplanetary disk in which the planets were formed.The researchers found that the two planets in the K2-290 system orbit around the star in almost the opposite direction as the star’s rotation around its own axis. In our Solar System, by comparison, all the planets revolve in the same direction as the rotation of the Sun. K2-290 A’s rotational axis is tilted by approximately 124 degrees in contrast to the orbits of the planets.

Why didn’t the fascist government of Franco in Spain join the Nazis in World War 2?

Why didn’t the fascist government of Franco in Spain join the Nazis in World War 2?

Robert Maxwell, lives in Hong Kong

Answered September 11, 2017

Spain was economically devastated by in the wake of the Spanish Civil War, and the Spanish government was didn’t have a whole lot to gain from a potential Axis victory except for some colonies. They preferred a sort of “Axis-friendly neutrality,” and hedged their bets.

All other things being equal, Spain favored the Axis powers, but had little interest in joining the war in Europe in full—they were too wrecked by the Civil War to engage in real fighting. Franco did offer to join the war after the fall of France, since the war looked basically done, but they demanded French Cameroon (formerly a German colony) for their trouble. That annoyed Hitler, who figured he didn’t need them anymore, and he rejected their offer. Hitler preferred, instead, for them to stay out of the war, but to allow Germany the use of naval and air bases within Spain. Franco didn’t like this side of the deal, so Spain’s relation to the war remained a sort of informal cheering from the sidelines.

Eventually, they made an attempt to sit down and force through some sort of alliance. Franco said he’d be willing to enter—but only after a massive economic investment in foodstuffs, raw materials, trucks, aircraft, and weapons. Franco’s demand was prima facie unreasonable and Hitler countered that, if Franco didn’t join, he’d give away Catalonia and the Basque Country to Vichy France. Eventually, no deal was signed and Hitler came away with a loathing for Franco.

It’s open to debate whether Franco proposed an intentionally impossible deal—so he could stay out of the Axis side while simultaneously saying “no, we were friendly and were going to have an alliance!” if things kept on going Germany’s way.

Another major issue was that Spain was reliant on oil imports for its industry and, at the time, the oil was supplied from the United States, and the UK advised the United States on the political implications of oil exports in the context of the war. If Spain joined the Axis, Germany and the other Axis nations—who were not doing extremely well on the oil front—would have to supply Spain and make up the shortfall in American oil. Germany certainly didn’t want that.

Franco’s Foreign Ministry was, meanwhile, split into two camps (as his government was). One side was pro-British and one side was pro-German. Franco generally made a habit of switching out ministers to hedge his bets: when things were going well for Germany, he installed the pro-German minister; when things were going well for the Allies, he installed the pro-English minister.

Eventually, when things began to swing in the Allies’ direction, Franco basically told Germany that their agreements were obsolete. He had previously said that he was going to wait until a British collapse to seize Gibraltar—when the Germans and Italians ended up routing across Africa, more or less wished the Germans good night and good luck.

A good example of the Spanish balancing act was the Tangier International Zone—an international concession not unlike Shanghai or Tianjin. When Paris fell to the Germans in 1940, Franco occupied Tangier (largely dominated by the British) in a show of support—and out of pure opportunism. When the British protested to the Spanish, Spain didn’t want Britain to shut off their oil, so Spain said it was an emergency measure for the period of the war, not an annexation, agreed not to fortify the area, and extended a guarantee of British rights in the zone. When the war was irrevocably against Germany in 1944, Franco expelled all German diplomats from the Zone.

So, largely, Spain was engaged in a balancing act that kept it friendly to an ideologically-similar Germany while simultaneously not bogging it down in a war it couldn’t afford and risking a shut-down of its oil supplies. Hence, after 1945, Fascist Spain was noxious enough to undergo a period of international pariahdom, but, to Franco’s relief, not noxious enough to be the subject of an anti-Fascist invasion on the part of the Allies.


West Ham are Top Cat in London

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How David Moyes transformed West Ham into top-four challengers

West Ham have been the surprise package of the Premier League season so far – here’s how they turned their fortunes aroundByJJ Bull29 January 2021 • 9:59am

David Moyes has transformed West Ham

West Ham’s 3-2 win over Crystal Palace on Tuesday night pushed them into fourth place in the table, David Moyes’ side quietly sneaking their way into the Champions League spots despite nobody being aware they were that good.

But are they? How has Moyes done it?

Getting the balance right

Moyes swiftly set about addressing the problems that plagued Manuel Pellegrini’s West Ham teams soon after rejoining the club, reverting to a more defensive style of play and switching focus from a system built on possession.

By getting bodies behind the ball out-of-possession and attacking quickly on the counter – with direct passes, rather than short – they are much harder to break down than in previous seasons, more dangerous in transition, and uglier to play against as a result. It suits them.

Declan Rice and Tomas Soucek are key to it all. Rice links defence with midfield and has the vision to find teammates higher up the pitch with clever passes, making more interceptions and tackles than any other West Ham player, as well as making the second-most passes into the final third. He has formed one of the most balanced midfield duos in the league alongside Soucek, working in tandem as though connected by an invisible string. One holds, one supports the attack.

Soucek’s late runs


The manager has switched between a 5-4-1, a 4-1-4-1, and a 4-2-3-1 at West Ham but seems to have settled on the latter during their recent run of good form, with Soucek’s late runs from deep a vital part of how they attack.https://cf-particle-html.eip.telegraph.co.uk/7d077431-973b-4dee-b502-f906110d4fa7.html?i=0&ref=www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/01/29/david-moyes-transformed-west-ham-top-four-challengers/&channel=sport&id=7d077431-973b-4dee-b502-f906110d4fa7&isapp=false&isregistered=false&issubscribed=false

Despite being a defensive midfielder, Soucek is West Ham’s top scorer this season with seven goals.

As with any system, different players make it function in different ways. Mark Noble occasionally plays as a 10 against strong opponents to help with the forward press, Said Benrahma operates as a floating second striker, and Manuel Lanzini is more of a string-puller. Moyes selects his team based on the tactical requirements of the match.

Clever signings

Jarrod Bowen was signed in January 2020 and has become one of the club’s most important players since, scoring five goals and providing three assists this season. His defensive output is a significant upgrade on Andriy Yarmolenko and Felipe Anderson, the sort of improvement Moyes has tried to make across the team.

Rather than bring in a creative number 10 or prolific goalscorer in the summer, Moyes signed Vladimir Coufal and Soucek from Slavia Prague for a joint fee of under £20million. The first seemed a fairly unremarkable, reliable, no-nonsense right-back but has proven to be the product of excellent scouting, creating more chances from open play than anyone at West Ham this season. This is how his statistics compare to another Premier League right-back, with Coufal showing a similar defensive output to Manchester United’s Aaron Wan-Bissaka but offering far more going forward. https://cf-particle-html.eip.telegraph.co.uk/9c4152fc-b60f-44a0-afbd-7b0d29892935.html?i=1&ref=www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/01/29/david-moyes-transformed-west-ham-top-four-challengers/&channel=sport&id=9c4152fc-b60f-44a0-afbd-7b0d29892935&isapp=false&isregistered=false&issubscribed=false

It’s precisely what Moyes wants of his full-backs. With Coufal, Cresswell and two wide forwards providing ammunition from wide areas, Soucek can profit from any loose balls in the box, the kind of opportunies which arise when a team bases much of its chance creation on crosses.

Crosses into the box

Moyes was criticised for his Manchester United team’s reliance on crossing the ball into the box, even breaking the record for the most made in a single game, with 81 against Fulham in 2014. West Ham do something similar and have made the second-most crosses in open play of any side this season, with a total of 318 working out at 15.9 per match.

This number might not be so reasonable were West Ham able to dominate possession as United did, but getting the ball into the box from wide areas suits the players Moyes has to choose from. A high volume of crosses necessitates individuals who can win aerial battles, and with the likes of Tomas Soucek and Michail Antonio contesting headers, West Ham have had more headed shots on goal than anyone:https://cf-particle-html.eip.telegraph.co.uk/383c6018-cd57-4394-bbb2-2d13fd31ec11.html?i=2&ref=www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/01/29/david-moyes-transformed-west-ham-top-four-challengers/&channel=sport&id=383c6018-cd57-4394-bbb2-2d13fd31ec11&isapp=false&isregistered=false&issubscribed=false

… and have scored more headed goals too. https://cf-particle-html.eip.telegraph.co.uk/344abd6a-d8b0-489b-9639-05ee05389a65.html?i=3&ref=www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/01/29/david-moyes-transformed-west-ham-top-four-challengers/&channel=sport&id=344abd6a-d8b0-489b-9639-05ee05389a65&isapp=false&isregistered=false&issubscribed=false

Direct style of play suits players

Physically commanding players like Antonio and Soucek allow West Ham to progress play in the Moyes way. Although they are capable of playing some lovely, quick football in the final third, West Ham are 15th in the table for average possession share at 44.3 per cent, and with the 13th fewest passes made in total but the sixth-highest number of passes made into the final third, we can deduce that they aren’t playing tiki-taka. They are built to absorb pressure, deny space for through-balls and when they have the ball, the passing style is direct. 

Below is how that manifests on the pitch.

In the 17th minute of a 4-0 win over Wolves, West Ham win possession on the edge of their box. Rice immediately looks for Antonio.

Antonio has the anticipation, balance, strength and skill to hold off Adama Traore, who fouls the striker to prevent the attack progressing.

Pablo Fornals reacts instantly and takes a quick free-kick, threading a pass through to Bowen on the right.

Bowen controls while running, takes on the defence, and cuts inside onto his left foot.

Wolves’ defence cannot reorganise quickly enough and Bowen tucks a lovely finish into the far corner.

West Ham take the lead. Minimal passes, quick in transition.

Another example is below from the 3-0 win over Leicester. As is normal, West Ham defend deep in numbers and Rice wins the ball, before immediately looking to make a forward pass. This time he finds Fornals on the left.

Fornals carries the ball inside the pitch as Antonio moves wide to vacate the space, swapping positions with the runner (Fornals).

Fornals waits for Bowen to make a run beyond the last man and threads a pass between Leicester’s centre-backs (the blue arrowheads below show the space between them).

Bowen sprints in behind, gets to the box and finishes to make it 3-0.

Maximising set pieces

A big, if not the biggest, reason for West Ham’s ascent to the top four is their clinical execution of set pieces. 10 of their 17 league goals scored have come from dead ball situations, with Aaron Cresswell creating the third-most chances of any player from set pieces in the league, resulting in three assists. Bowen’s delivery is of a high quality too, having also provided three assists from set-pieces. Only Southampton’s James Ward-Prowse has assisted more. 

West Ham are in excellent form but should be wary that their six-game Premier League unbeaten run has included a draw with an out-of-form Brighton and narrow wins over relegation-threatened West Brom and Burnley. 

Of their next seven games, five aren’t so favourable. Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham and Aston Villa will tell us far more about how good Moyes’ team really are and if they have any realistic chance of staying in the top four a bit longer.Back to homepageThe Football Nerd newsletterDelivering facts, stats and match previews to your inbox every Friday during the league season.Sign upBy creating a Telegraph account, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.Related Topics

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As international travel restrictions continue to suppress demand,Airlines have their worst January EVER!

MoreAirline industry

Aircraft orders dry up as industry records worst ever January

Sector recorded no new orders for passenger aircraft at all, with only four cargo planes booked

The only planes ordered in January were Boeing 747-8s cargo planes.

Graeme WeardenMon 22 Feb 2021 06.00 GMT

Orders for new aircraft all but dried up in January as the airline industry continued to be buffeted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Just four commercial aircraft orders were placed last month, according to ADS, the UK trade organisation. That’s the worst January on record for orders, down from 296 in January 2020.

These orders were all for widebody aircraft – four 747-8 freighters produced by Boeing, with no new orders of passenger aircraft. No orders for single-aisle aircraft were placed, for the first January on record, with the global pandemic and international travel restrictions continuing to suppress demand.

ADS said the figures provided a “stark comparison” with January 2020, when orders of single-aisle planes hit a record high of 285, before the Covid-19 crisis struck.

ADS’s chief executive, Paul Everitt, said the UK government should ensure financial support reaches airlines, airports and aerospace companies to help them survive the crisis.

“We are almost a year into the global pandemic and the UK’s aerospace sector continues to struggle with draconian travel restrictions,” said Everitt.

“Whilst I am confident travel demand will return, the timing of the recovery is now more difficult to predict. Co-ordinated international action is necessary to reopen borders and allow consumers to travel with confidence.”

Aircraft orders, to January 2021
Aircraft orders, to January 2021 Photograph: ADS

Aircraft deliveries in January 2021 rose by 7% year on year, with 47 deliveries made – 26 by US manufacturer Boeing and 21 by Europe’s Airbus. Boeing’s delivery total included 21 737 Max jets, which were recently given approval to fly again after a 20-month ban.Advertisementhttps://131c742c1ba14e0fa3a9044ff6e02687.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

But the backlog of aircraft orders fell last month to 12,989, 8% lower than a year ago, and the first time since July 2015 that manufacturers have had fewer than 13,000 orders on their books.

ADS blamed the decline on a combination of too few new orders coming in, and a rise in cancellations in recent months as airlines cut back due to weak demand. Six plane orders, all at Boeing, were cancelled last January.

During 2020 as a whole, aircraft orders tumbled by 59%, with no new planes ordered in September.https://www.theguardian.com/email/form/plaintone/business-todaySign up to the daily Business Today email

Last week Airbus reported a loss of more than €1bn (£860m) for last year, after deliveries of commercial aircraft fell by a third to 566, down sharply from 863 in 2019, amid a flurry of cancelled orders.

The group, which operates factories in Filton, near Bristol, and Broughton, north Wales, also warned that deliveries are unlikely to improve this year.

ADS also reported that orders for new jet engines fell 97% in January. Just 16 were ordered – all for widebody planes – down from a total of 552 in January 2020.

Comments? Are the lockdowns economically constructive?


Your religion and their desire to vaccinate you

Croatian Medical JournalMedicinska Naklada

Religious exception for vaccination or religious excuses for avoiding vaccination

Gordana Pelčić, Silvana Karačić, […], and Luka Tomašević

Additional article information

Vaccination is considered to be one of the greatest public health achievements in the 20th century, which has helped to build a society free of vaccine preventable diseases and save lives of millions children across the globe (1). However, in the 21st century, pediatric practice in the western world witnesses an era of vaccination refusal (2). Pediatricians, infectious disease experts, and public health professionals ask themselves why and how “the greatest achievement of public health” became a medical procedure that frightens parents across the globe. Many parents are seeking a legal way to avoid vaccinating their children. The legal systems of some countries predict legal vaccination exemptions. One of the most usual reasons for exemption are medical reasons, followed by the religious, social, and philosophical reasons (personal belief, conscience objection) (37).

2013 and 2015 were marked by an outbreak of vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles and pertussis (2,811). These events triggered a worldwide debate regarding vaccination and legal exemption of vaccination and its possible consequences such as social distancing, exclusion from school during a disease outbreak, absence from work, etc (12,13).

Religion influences decisions on vaccination (1416), and religious objection is often used by parents as an excuse to avoid the vaccination of their children (5,17). Some studies show that the number religious exemptions has been increasing (18), leading to vaccine preventable disease outbreaks (10) such as mumps outbreak in a protestant orthodox group in The Netherlands. Shrivastwa et al (19) found religion as predictive factor of children’s vaccination status in India. Compared to Hindus, Muslim children had greater chance of being under-vaccinated or unvaccinated compared with the vaccinated children.

In this article we would like to explore whether different religious beliefs are, in itself, real exception for vaccination or they are just a parents’ excuse to avoid vaccination.

The view of Catholicism

The most morally questionable issue regarding vaccination in Catholicism is using cell lines derived from a voluntary aborted fetus. The Moral Reflection On Vaccines published by the Pontifical Academy for Life (20) suggests that these vaccines should be avoided and proposes a search for alternatives. The examples of such vaccines are cell lines WI-38 (Winstar Institute 38) and MRC-5 (Medical Research council 5), several live vaccines against rubella (Meruvax, Rudivax, M-R-VAX), and vaccines against hepatitis (A-VAQTA and HAVRIX), chicken pox (Varivax), smallpox (AC AM 1000), and poliomyelitis (Polivax) (20,21). In the case where no alternative vaccine is available, the use of the existing vaccine is morally acceptable in order to avoid serious risks for children and for the whole population (especially pregnant women). The moral acceptability of using this vaccine should be comprehended as “passive material cooperation” and “active material cooperation” too, which is cooperation with immoral action without evil intention, permitted only in the case of “extrema ratio,” that is in the case of extreme situations such as saving the lives of children. The document also suggests to parents to oppose participation in such medical procedures by their appeal by “objection of conscience” or to seek alternative sources of effective vaccines. Besides this document, the Catholic Church’s Magisterium discusses bioethical issues with respect to forbidden sources of human biological materials in two further documents. Dignitas personae (22), n. 34-35 speaks of the illicit origin of human sources of biological material, founding its opinions on the dignity of the person, emphasized in the documents Donum vitae (23) (I, 4) and Evangelium Vitae (24). In the case where ethically acceptable sources of vaccines are not available, it is necessary to weigh the vital importance and the risk of no vaccination. In these cases it becomes also allowed to use, even the, “morally inadvisable” vaccines (21).

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (25) does not cover the topic of vaccination directly. Indirectly, there are a few canons that could be applied to vaccination issue. The Church recognizes the ability of human intellect to meet the God (canon 39), which is the foundation for the dialog with other religions, philosophy, and science. The canons 1939-1943 emphasize the virtue of solidarity in the world. By spreading spiritual values, the Church has throughout the centuries helped to create better social and cultural conditions for living among different nations. Catholicism should emphasize the importance of taking the risk of side effects of vaccination to strengthen solidarity with other humans. By taking this risk, people participate in the protection of the entire society, including those who cannot be vaccinated because of medical contraindications or have been vaccinated but without adequate immunogenic response (20).

Orthodox view

To clarify the Orthodox view on the vaccination process, we chose the example of Russia, a country where the orthodox religion is the leading religion and where historical perspective plays a special role in public, social, and cultural life. The Russian Orthodox Church absolutely acknowledges that vaccination is the main way to achieve progress. However, according to official statistics in Russia, annually 3%-5% of the population refuse to be vaccinated.

Refusal of vaccination and its causes cannot be clear without being familiar with the history of the anti-vaccination lobby. This history begins in 1988 with the article “Well, You Will Think, That It Is Only a Prick?” (26). This article claims that vaccination is not just a prick and that it causes serious complications. at present, the tribune of the anti-vaccination movement is the internet, which can provide access to the general population without demanding a true scientific assessment of efficiency and risks of vaccination. One of the motives used by opponents of vaccination is speculation in religious beliefs. Recently the anti-vaccination movement began to spread actively in monasteries, churches, and through a video production. An essentially medical question became “a bone of contention” among the believing people.

This all prompted the official Russian Church to issue an opinion about the topic of vaccination. In September 2008, the department of church charity and social service, the Synod organized a round table “Vaccine’s Prevention of Paediatric Problems and Ways of Making the Decision” (27,28). The Synod’s final document states: “Vaccination is a powerful tool of prevention of infectious diseases, some of which are extremely dangerous. In some cases inoculations really cause complications that are most often connected with violation of the rules of vaccination, such as its use on weakened children.” The Russian Orthodox Church condemned anti-vaccination promotion and forbade the distribution of anti-vaccination literature and audio-video material in its monasteries and temples (29).

The position of orthodox doctors and philosophers was reflected in the statement of Church Public Council on Biomedical Ethics of the Moscow Patriarchy and in the statement of the Department of Church Charity and social service of the Moscow Patriarchy and the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation (30). These documents unambiguously state that vaccination is a necessary modern measure of infectious diseases prevention, the refusal of which can lead to serious consequences.

At the same time it was noted that some aspects of vaccination demand additional attention. The Russian public has shown concern regarding vaccines against rubella, hepatitis A, and chicken pox, which are produced from the diploidic cells from aborted embryos. There are alternative (so-called “ethical”) rubella vaccines received from the cellular line of a rabbit (Japan), hepatitis A vaccines, made from the cellular culture of the monkey (Vero, Japan). However, application of these vaccines is only beginning and it is not widely available, so the diploidic vaccines against these diseases are mostly used.

Protestant view

In Protestantism, there are various denominations without a supreme leading moral figure, such as the Pope in the Catholic Church. Protestantism accentuates individual freedom and gives parents the right to decide whether to vaccinate their children or not. According to Ruijs (16,17), Orthodox Protestant parents who refuse vaccination on religious grounds (17) claim that vaccination is an act of interfering with divine providence. Those who actually vaccinated their children consider the side-effects of vaccination as a God’s sign that they made a wrong decision. On the other hand, pro-vaccine parents believe vaccination to be a gift of God (17). Rujis also found that the religious leaders from the same denomination had different standpoints on vaccination: some do not address the topic of vaccination because it is generally accepted, the others deliberately leave the choice to the members of their congregation, and the third address the negative connotation regarding vaccination in their religious work (16).

Jewish view

Israeli legislation has been traditionally influenced by religious law in the matters of birth, marriage, and death. However, Jewish theology tells us nothing explicit about today’s medicine. Vaccination was unknown in Biblical and Talmudic times, but methods for preserving health and life, particularly cleanliness, were known. God made the man not only to His physical image and likeness, but to His mental image and likeness. When God commanded mankind to “be fruitful and multiply,” He left it up to people to decide how to do this. It is clear, however, that we cannot be fruitful and multiply unless we are healthy. We must use our minds, our power of thinking to decide how to preserve our health. These were the seeds of preventive medicine. We use the intelligence that God gave us to go beyond the raw nature which God created, and to preserve the health which we need to obey His commandments. Vaccination is one of the practices we developed from these seeds. It should be considered in the sense of Pikuakh nefesh – the act that saves lives (31), or the protection of the children and neighbors.

The distinguished religious Jewish organization, the Orthodox Union “strongly urges all parents to vaccinate their healthy children on the timetable recommended by their pediatricians” (32).

Although the Israeli law does not require vaccination, the government is trying to exercise pressure by denying child allowance payments to parents who do not vaccinate their children. This step has attracted opposition on the grounds of interference with individual rights. It is, however, not a matter of parents’ rights, but of the children’s right to health. The controversy has not yet been settled (33). When children are concerned, and serious risks to health or life are involved, it is irresponsible to ignore the almost universal weight of medical opinion. Children should be vaccinated, as almost all Israeli parents agree with it (34).

Islamic view

The Qur’ān and the Islamic tradition forbid the use of certain food – haram (pig flesh). Other animals are licit – halal – depending on how they die (31). This problem is reflected in medicine regarding the use of gelatin in medical products. If gelatin is derived from halal animal it is permissible to use it. If someone finds him or herself in a situation where there is no halal alternative, the person is not guilty of using no-halal option based on the “law of necessity.” The vaccines are important for medical purpose, not for diet, therefore haram ingredients could be permitted (transformation of haram components to halal products). According to Islamic tradition, vaccination serves to protect life, to respect the principle of preventing harm (izalat aldharar), and public interest (maslahat al ummah). Vaccination protects others, which is why the law of necessity should be considered. It has a purpose in prevention, therefore its components cannot be judged as a diet (31).

Buddhist view

Buddhism claims that life is one, which means that all forms of life are essentially related to one another and share a common essence. Even though there are different expressions of life, their lives are basically the same and they only differ in their external forms of being. Buddhism also believes in the Wheel of Rebirth, meaning that all forms of life will be reincarnated according to the karma they accumulated while living. Someday, in the process of reincarnation when all karma has been completely exhausted, the wheel of rebirth can be stopped. In order to reach this Nirvana, every Buddhist must carefully observe the 8-fold Path and the Ten Precepts that help prevent any accumulation of karma. These precepts include: not taking life, not stealing, being chaste, not lying, not drinking intoxicants, etc (35). The first of the five precepts in Pali reads as Panatipata veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami meaning that “I undertake the training rule to abstain from taking life.” Here the word pana refers to any living being that has breath and consciousness.

The Mahayana Brahajala Sutra explains the first precept in this way: “A disciple of the Buddha shall not himself kill, encourage others to kill, kill by expedient means, praise killing, rejoice at witnessing killing, or kill through incantation or deviant mantras. He must not create the causes, conditions, methods, or karma of killing, and shall not intentionally kill any living creature” (36,37).

Modern Buddhists will generally use vaccines to make sure their health is protected. But according to the essential teaching of Buddhism, if the vaccine is derived from any life form its use is debatable. The first of the Ten Buddhist Precepts is “not taking life.” However, early Buddhism was never confronted with the question whether a fetus is a life form. Buddhism basically forbids any act that will lead to the destruction of any potential life. Therefore, Buddhism requires its followers to treat all life kindly (38).

On the other hand, Buddhist biomedical researchers who experiment on life forms believe that the purpose of biomedical research is to save rather than to sacrifice life. Buddhist biomedical researchers do the experiments for the love of life, for instance, they experiment on the donated tissues or samples, thereby accumulating no bad karma. The modern view of Buddhism will stress the importance of saving life rather than taking life (39). Generally speaking, Buddhist teaching is rather conservative in terms of using any life form to create vaccine.

Japanese view

There have been many religious forms in Japan. However, Japanese people do not have a clear belief system called “religion.” So that “Japanese religion” means “Japanese metaphysical common sense.” This metaphysical sense has been formed by integrating and mixing Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, based on the indigenous Shinto (4042). Here “metaphysical” means “a way of seeing or thinking of the universe or the total reality,” which is the core of religion. Religious forms are various, but their metaphysical core is consistent.

The universe for Japanese people is a moving network of various relations of things and actions, like an infinite living system. They believe in an unknowable and willful entity reflecting the universe like a virtual focus in a mirror, which has been called Kami (gods), Hotoke (Buddha), or Ten (Heaven). This mysterious entity orders and gives people the whole necessary connections of universe, which is called Michi (Tao or Way) or Ri (Logos or Ratio). Based on their religious common sense background, Japanese people accept all relations of things and actions as they are and feel very familiar with everything relating to them. Moreover, with gratitude, they hold memorial services for used tools or for sacrificed laboratory animals (43). Therefore, they tend to reject all biomedical practices, technologies, or effects considered as unnatural. This is very obvious in the case of organ-transplant and vaccination. This “unnatural” implies the complex feelings of certain deviation or excess from the standard course of things.

Since Meiji Revolution (1868), Japanese people have basically acknowledged modern biomedicine, and they have gradually accepted vaccination as its symbol. In 1948, new Japanese government made vaccination mandatory. Thus, after 1962, vaccination has been practiced collectively and compulsory. But, in 1994, it was suddenly proclaimed optional under the pressure of the public taking side effects as dangerous.

Concluding remarks

Vaccination refusal among the parents of pediatric population is emerging globally, regardless of religious or political background or geographical location. In many countries legal systems advise how to react to vaccination refusal (44). For example, in Croatia vaccination is mandatory, the law is clear, but the practice of vaccination and the court judgments are not standardized. The legislators are unlikely to enact legal limitations of religious or philosophical exemption (4,5).

The number of vaccination refusals based on religious exemption is increasing. The question is whether religious freedom is a threat to public health, in this case to the vaccination system (45).

There are many publications regarding the religious exception of vaccination (6,14,15) based on the rights of religious freedom. Most of these publications refer to religious exemption for immunization. However, religion can provide perspectives on vaccination that are rarely used in debates on this topic. For example, the notions of solidarity, risk sharing, or taking the risk of vaccination for those who cannot be vaccinated because of medical contraindication or because of their conditions.

Although in this paper the authors did not cover all religions, they reflect on religions and social environment of the society which they come from. The majority of religions respect life as a basic value and therefore oppose the use of vaccines derived from aborted human fetuses (Catholicism) or any form of life (Buddhism). But if these vaccines serve to protect many more lives they are permitted. Regarding this, we should not consider vaccination opposed to the theological base and values. Following this idea, religion is not in contradiction with vaccination and public health. It is only individual parents or religious leaders and their questionable interpretation of religious practices that are opposed to vaccination, no religion as such. In order to protect vaccination from the questionable religious interpretation we should bring closer to the public the basic theological perspective. The society of the 21st century, just as many societies and cultures in the history of human civilization, use religion as an excuse for wars, discrimination, and now for vaccination refusal. The question is whether the public is aware of the teachings of their religion on these issues. One of the first steps in resolving the situation should be the appropriate communication (4648) to illuminate the essence of theological perspectives regarding vaccination.

Article information

Croat Med J. 2016 Oct; 57(5): 516–521.doi: 10.3325/cmj.2016.57.516PMCID: PMC5141457PMID: 27815943Gordana Pelčić,1,2Silvana Karačić,3Galina L. Mikirtichan,4Olga I. Kubar,5Frank J. Leavitt,6Michael Cheng-tek Tai,7Naoki Morishita,8Suzana Vuletić,9 and Luka Tomašević101Healh Care Center of Primorsko-Goranska County, Rijeka, Croatia2Department of Social Sciences and Medical Humanities, University of Rijeka School of Medicine, Rijeka, Croatia3Hotel Sveti Križ, Čiovo, Croatia4Saint-Petersburg State Paediatric Medical University of Healthcare Ministry of the Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation5Saint-Petersburg Pasteur Institute, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation6Kushiro International Summer School and Conference in Bioethics, Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan7Chair professor, Medical Humanities/Bioethics, Chungshan Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan8Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Hamamatsu, Japan9Department of Moral Theology, University of Osijek, Catholic Faculty of Theology, Osijek, Croatia10Department of Moral Theology, University of Split, Catholic Faculty of Theology, Split CroatiaEmail: rh.irinu.irdem@ciclep.anadrogCopyright © 2016 by the Croatian Medical Journal. All rights reserved.This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.Articles from Croatian Medical Journal are provided here courtesy of Medicinska Naklada


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India will soon end China’s long run as the world’s most populous country.

The government could do much more to help women find work

Feb 20th 2021

India will soon end China’s long run as the world’s most populous country. But by some projections its workforce will not exceed China’s until mid-century, even though Indians are much younger. One reason is that so few women in India are in paid work (see article). The International Labour Organisation says that only a fifth of adult women had a job or sought one in 2019, compared with three-fifths in China. The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, a local research firm, put the share of urban women in or looking for work at just 7% in November.

During the pandemic, women have typically been the first in India to lose their jobs and the last to regain them. School shutdowns have forced some to drop out of the labour force to look after children who would normally be in class. Young women who have been unable to study, train or work during the pandemic are being married off instead. That is a worrying development. Whereas women in other countries often withdraw from the workforce when burdened with a child, women in India drop out when burdened with a husband.

Some would say that nothing should, or can, be done about this. If Indian women choose not to work outside the home, the argument runs, that is their business. Dropping out of the labour force is a status symbol for upwardly mobile households, showing they are able to get by on the husband’s earnings alone.

But the dearth of working women in India is not simply a reflection of cultural preferences. Many women on the sidelines of the economy are not there by choice. They say they would like to work if they could. Were they all to get their wish, it would add over 100m women to the workforce, by one calculation. That is more than the total number of workers, male and female, in France, Germany and Italy combined.

Moreover, Indians are not as hostile to women in work as the employment numbers suggest. Their answers to questions like “Should men have more right to a job than women?” are more egalitarian than poll responses in Indonesia, where fully 53% of women pursue work outside the home. Despite that, the share of Indian women who actually find a perch in the workforce is a shade lower than in Saudi Arabia, where 22% do. And in so far as social attitudes do hold women back, they are not immutable. Indeed, employing women is often a catalyst for social enlightenment, rather than a consequence of it.

The best thing the government can do to increase the supply of female workers is to increase the demand for labour in general. If growth is quick, hiring strong and labour scarce, then employers will have a powerful incentive to attract more women into the workforce by offering higher pay and safer, more convenient jobs. Alas, India’s notorious red tape has restricted the growth of labour-intensive, female-friendly industries such as the garment trade, which has prospered next door in Bangladesh. To the extent that India’s government does try to foster private employment, it coddles pet industries, especially it, that are prestigious but unlikely to employ the masses. And the state is extremely sexist in its own hiring: only 11% of the central government’s employees are women.

The government has adopted some helpful reforms. Factory rules that are soon to come into effect will ease restrictions on women’s working hours, which should make them more appealing recruits. But it could do more. India’s rural workfare scheme provides flexible employment to many women. But work is not always available and pay often arrives late. The scheme should also pay wages directly to women rather than to households. A study by Erica Field of Duke University and her colleagues showed that giving women control over their wages increased their bargaining power with their husbands, which in turn won them more freedom to work. There is the potential to initiate a virtuous cycle. As more women in a district take jobs, their husbands feel less shame about their wives’ departures from home and hearth.

Despite the many obstacles they face, Indian women already make striking contributions in many fields, including retail, management, media and politics. India’s finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, has herself worked in all four. Her government should try harder to clear a path for more women like her. ■

This article appeared in the Leaders


Second Pfizer COVID Shot Halted in Spain After 46 Deaths in One Nursing Home Following the First Shot

by The COVID Blog LOS BARRIOS, SPAIN — The Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary) nursing home is reeling due to mass deaths after mRNA inoculations. All residents and workers at the facility received the first dose of Pfizer mRNA in early January, according to Spain mainstream media outlet ABC de Sevilla. Most […]

Second Pfizer COVID Shot Halted in Spain After 46 Deaths in One Nursing Home Following the First Shot

by The COVID Blog

LOS BARRIOS, SPAIN — The Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary) nursing home is reeling due to mass deaths after mRNA inoculations.

All residents and workers at the facility received the first dose of Pfizer mRNA in early January, according to Spain mainstream media outlet ABC de Sevilla. Most residents became extremely ill shortly after the shots.

It is believed many came down with COVID-19, despite being “vaccinated against it.”

The Andalusian Health Service reported that at least 46 residents have died since January. For perspective, Our Lady has a maximum capacity of 145 residents.

The Junta de Andalucía (regional government) intervened in early February to curtail the death count. But people continued dying. Spain’s Ministry of Health is now in charge of mitigation.

The situation remains dire, as at least 28 residents and 12 staff members were COVID-19 positive last week. Health officials halted all further mRNA shots as a result. The Federation of Public Services criticized Our Lady for not taking action sooner. The workers’ union said the response was inadequate after eight people died by January 18. The death count grew to 30 by January 28.



Photo: Pixabay.com


Hard-hit L.A. County, where experts estimate that up to 50% of residents have been infected with the virus at some point

Optimism grows for a COVID-19 decline as L.A. starts to gain some herd immunity
As coronavirus cases plummet nationwide and vaccinations total 1.7 million Americans a day and rising, health experts are increasingly striking a new tone in their pandemic assessments: optimism. This is particularly true in hard-hit L.A. County, where experts estimate that up to 50% of residents have been infected with the virus at some point.
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From the Monarchy point of view,Harry is out in the doghouse

The Queen pushed to breaking point: Her Majesty has showered Harry with affection and indulgence in a bid for harmony. Yesterday, that was thrown back in her face with outrageous peevishness. And, writes RICHARD KAY, the worst may yet lie ahead 

By Richard Kay for the Daily Mail22:01 19 Feb 2021, updated 01:06 20 Feb 2021


  • Duke of Sussex called The Queen at Windsor Castle from his home in California
  • The hour-long conversion took Harry one step further outside the Royal Family
  • Queen saddened her ‘affection and indulgence’ shown to him has been ignored

Evening shadows were falling across the Long Walk at Windsor Castle when the call came through.

From her desk at the window of her private sitting room, the Queen could look up the broad avenue towards Frogmore where, less than two years ago, she had chuckled at the stream of lorries bringing the paraphernalia of Prince Harry’s life to his new home in her back garden.ADVERTISEMENThttps://4fc0954a973795594d9846b036002358.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html?n=0

Now Harry was calling from his hideaway in faraway California. For an hour, the monarch and her grandson talked on the phone, and by the time it was over the Duke of Sussex was one step further outside the Royal Family.https://www.oo-syringe.com/prod/AMP/minute-media-player.html?content_type=specific&content_id=01ev70mdf0ek75pyv5%2301esryb7r7vba1k4sj

Over the past year, Harry has had more private conversations with the Queen than at any other time in his life. But none was more difficult than the one this week.

Both were said to be saddened at its conclusion. For the Queen the sadness was, perhaps, even deeper. It was not just that so much promise was unfulfilled, but that all the affection and indulgence shown to Harry had been so spectacularly ignored — or even thrown back in her face.

The Duke of Sussex called The Queen at Windsor Castle from his home in California but the hour-long conversion took Harry one step further outside the Royal Family. Pictured: Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and his grandmother in 2018


No wonder the talk inside Windsor Castle all week has been about winding the clock back 25 years.

Then, the drama was about Princess Diana. This time it was about her younger son. And in both cases it concerned a television programme.

Diana’s choice of medium was the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme, Panorama, which was epic enough.

By choosing to sit down with Oprah Winfrey, Harry and Meghan have detonated a bombshell of their own by placing themselves in the hands of probably the most famous broadcaster on the planet.


To the royals and their advisers, TV confessionals of the kind presided over by Ms Winfrey are not compatible with royal life and the privileges that go with it.

Yet that was not the worst of it. The peevish disrespect Harry and Meghan showed the Queen yesterday — in a statement in which they appeared to lecture on the meaning of duty and service — sent shock waves throughout the Palace and beyond.

‘Outrageous,’ said one source.

To another, it was ‘unconscionable’ of the couple to have had the last word. ‘It showed such disrespect,’ he said.


Adding to this sense of anger and exasperation is Prince Philip’s absence as he remains in hospital in London. 

RICHARD KAY: ‘By choosing to sit down with Oprah Winfrey, Harry and Meghan have detonated a bombshell of their own by placing themselves in the hands of probably the most famous broadcaster on the planet’ (Queen pictured looking on as Meghan joins Royal Family)

For almost a year there had been a gloomy sense of inevitability inside Buckingham Palace about the future of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, whom courtiers have increasingly come to see as tone deaf in their public utterances.

First, there was the Netflix mega-deal announced last September, followed by those stage-managed photographs of the couple laying flowers at a Los Angeles cemetery to mark Remembrance Sunday — after Harry’s request to have a wreath laid at the Cenotaph on his behalf was refused. Both sent shudders through the Royal Household.ADVERTISEMENThttps://4fc0954a973795594d9846b036002358.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html?n=0

‘Even after almost a year’s absence there was a sense they had not grasped the central issue that they could not be part-time royals, with one foot in and one foot out,’ says a long-time Palace adviser.

Even so, the Queen was determined her offer of a year ago — that the door should not be closed to the couple until there had been a review of the first 12 months — should stand.

The Sussex view was that they could still contribute in a meaningful way, despite moving their lives to southern California.

But if the door remained ajar — just — it clanged shut when news of Oprah broke.

Weeks before Harry made that call to his grandmother to tell her about the forthcoming interview, the Queen’s views about what it means to be a working royal had not changed. The costumes and privileges that go with it — such as laying a Cenotaph wreath, even remotely — can be available only to those who do the job on a full-time basis.

She fervently hoped that the pull of those patronages he held, particularly the military ones, such as his figurehead role as Captain General of the Royal Marines, would be a compellingly strong draw for Harry to reconsider.

In the end, he still thought he could have it both ways. Yesterday, the decisiveness of the Palace showed, finally, that he cannot.

Stripping him — and Meghan — of their remaining honorary patronages would have happened anyway when the so-called ‘Megxit’ deadline expired next month.

If moving it forward suggests a royal ruthlessness, I understand it was a decision reached more in sorrow than anger. It also showed that the Queen’s legendary patience has a breaking point. And that her sense of duty is more important even than her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

In short, she loves to keep them all close as a family — but there is a limit.

All the same, the speed with which organisations such as the National Theatre (of which the duchess was royal patron) and the Rugby Football Union (for which Harry had been a tireless champion) issued statements yesterday demonstrated that they had been prepared for the changes. Pointedly, the Palace statement referred only to Harry — indicating perhaps that the duchess had no formal role in the talks that have been ongoing. No wonder, when many inside royal circles refer icily to Meghan as ‘The American’.ADVERTISEMENThttps://4fc0954a973795594d9846b036002358.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html?n=0

When news of the Oprah interview emerged, it meant negotiations between the two sides, involving officials as well as the royals, had to be completed in a more tense atmosphere than they’d anticipated.

Even so, there was still room for discord.

The haste of Harry and Meghan’s own statement — issued at 4.30am Los Angeles time yesterday, in response to the one that had been released on behalf of the Queen — illustrated an astonishing lack of awareness by someone who is sixth in line to the throne and steeped in the royal tradition of service.

What had seemingly infuriated the Sussexes the most was this line in the middle of the pre-prepared Palace statement: ‘In stepping away from the work of the Royal Family, it is not possible to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service.’

Unspoken in all of this, and perhaps the hidden message behind the words, was that the exemplary life of public service that the Queen and the 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh have led.

Over at Sussex headquarters, however, they hit the roof.

Harry and Meghan believe they are committed to public service, but they simply want to do it from outside the Royal Family and from outside Britain.

And given Harry’s closeness to his grandmother, he will have been angered at the way he felt he was being treated by the Queen’s most senior aides.

That is what triggered the couple’s extraordinary sharp response: ‘We can all live a life of service. Service is universal.’

Whatever pretence there had been until this point — that both sides were happy with the outcome — went up in a puff of smoke.

Last night aides spoke of their shock at the tone of the couple’s response, viewing it as a rebuke to the Queen, even an insult.

‘They didn’t think to let the Queen have the last word,’ says one insider. ‘They didn’t think that with Prince Philip in hospital, she might have enough on her plate.

‘And they didn’t think that there is a difference between charity and philanthropy and commitment to public duty. There is a world of difference: one is playing at it and one is doing it day after day, come rain or shine.

‘By responding as they did, the duke and duchess are thumbing their noses. I think it could turn out to be a strategic mistake.’

Palace aides had concluded that a non-working royal living in California couldn’t give the level of commitment to the military, the Commonwealth and charitable organisations, which all mean so much to the Queen, that might reasonably be expected.

The patronages will be ‘redistributed’ among those members of the Queen’s family who remain full-time working royals.

Buckingham Palace did try to hold out an olive branch at the end of their statement by saying that Harry and Meghan remained ‘much loved members of the family’. It echoed the statement they made in January 2020 when Harry and Meghan first announced they wanted out. But that is not how they see it in California.

The Sussexes believe other members of the Royal Family with HRH titles have the freedom to earn a private income — a thinly veiled reference to Harry’s first cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

Anxious not to alienate the couple further, aides are at pains to insist there is little prospect of further attempts to downgrade them by removing their HRH style or even the Sussex title, as some commentators have suggested.

The removal of Princess Diana’s HRH after her divorce from Prince Charles rebounded on the royals with the public, who viewed it as an act of spite.

There is also the fact that however dismayed they are by Harry, he remains a uniquely important figure to the future of the monarchy.

In the event of Charles and William both losing their lives — and, remember, they have both contracted Covid-19 — Harry would become regent to a young Prince George.

Throughout the saga, Palace officials have been playing close attention to public reaction.

A recent poll about royal popularity, still on the YouGov site, has been monitored. It shows Meghan languishing below both the Duchess of Cornwall and the Countess of Wessex, while Harry was outpolled by both Prince Charles and his non-royal cousin Zara Tindall.

There will be more twists and turns to come in this unedifying domestic drama.

The date of March 7, when Harry and Meghan genuflect before TV queen Oprah, is likely to be engraved in the royal memory just like Diana’s Panorama appearance on November 20, 1995.

The very real concern is that it will reopen other wounds, such as the rift between Harry and his brother — and between their wives. There is the fear of a repeat of the froideur that once existed between two other royal sisters-in-law — the Queen Mother and the Duchess of Windsor.ADVERTISEMENThttps://4fc0954a973795594d9846b036002358.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html?n=0

By striking as she has, the Queen hopes she will mitigate the need for further action. Only time will tell if that has been successful.

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The Queen at breaking point: The worst may lie ahead, writes RICHARD KAY

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German scientist says he is ‘99.9 per cent sure’ that coronavirus leaked from Wuhan lab !!

German scientist says he is ‘99.9 per cent sure’ that coronavirus leaked from Wuhan lab after WHO dismissed the theory

  • German physicist says he is ‘99.9 per cent sure’ coronavirus leaked from a lab 
  • Dr Roland Wiesendanger says failure of scientists to discover a host animal, along with safety deficiencies at lab have convinced him of the leak theory 
  • But others have slammed his ‘research’, saying it has no scientific basis
  • Comes after WHO dismissed the possibility, saying it is ‘extremely unlikely’ 


PUBLISHED: 10:37, 19 February 2021 | UPDATED: 13:09, 19 February 2021

A German scientist says he is ‘99.9 per cent sure’ that coronavirus leaked from a Wuhan research lab.

Dr Roland Wiesendanger, a physicist from the University of Hamburg, has published a 100-page paper laying out what he claims is evidence pointing to a leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in the city where the pandemic began.

The professor says the fact that no animal host has been found, safety concerns about the lab, and the fact that researchers were involved in controversial ‘gain-of-function’ research to make viruses more infectious to humans all confirm his view.Read More

But others have slammed his ‘research’ – saying it is unscientific, relies on newspaper reports and YouTube videos as sources, and point out that he is not a virus expert.

His paper was published just 10 days after WHO scientists probing the origins of Covid in Wuhan urged scientists to dismiss lab leak theories, saying the possibility is ‘extremely unlikely’.Dr Roland Wiesendanger, a physicist from the University of Hamburg, insists he is '99.9 per cent sure' coronavirus leaked from a lab and has published a 100-page paper on it+3

Dr Roland Wiesendanger, a physicist from the University of Hamburg, insists he is ‘99.9 per cent sure’ coronavirus leaked from a lab and has published a 100-page paper on itDr Wiesendanger argues the fact that no natural host for Covid has been found and safety concerns about the Wuhan Institute for Virology (picture) suggest the virus leaked from there+3

Dr Wiesendanger argues the fact that no natural host for Covid has been found and safety concerns about the Wuhan Institute for Virology (picture) suggest the virus leaked from thereWHO investigator: ‘We need to look beyond China’s borders’ for originLoaded: 0%Progress: 0%0:00PreviousPlaySkipMuteCurrent Time0:00/Duration Time0:46FullscreenNeed Text

Dr Wiesendanger openly admitted to German media that he has no ‘scientific basis’ for believing the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab.

But he insisted that there is plenty of ‘circumstantial evidence’ that suggests a lab leak is the most likely explanation.

‘I am 99.9 percent certain that the coronavirus came from the laboratory,’ he told German newspaper ZDF.

Among the evidence that Dr Wiesendanger puts forward is the fact that, despite China’s insistence that thorough searches have been carried out, no natural host for the virus has yet been found.

The closest relative of Covid to be found in nature is a coronavirus found in bats living in a mine in Mojiang in 2012 – labelled RaTG13 by researchers.

Dr Wiesendanger points out that these bats live some 1,200 miles from Wuhan, meaning it is unlikely they carried the virus to the city.

WHO scientists also pointed out in their own report that contact between citizens of Wuhan and bats is uncommon.

But while WHO researchers conclude that the virus must therefore have jumped to a secondary host which does come into contact with humans before making the jump, Dr Wiesendanger goes a different route.


ShareWHO scientists led by Peter Embarek insist that lab leak theories are 'extremely unlikely' and have called for no further study into them+3

WHO scientists led by Peter Embarek insist that lab leak theories are ‘extremely unlikely’ and have called for no further study into them

He argues the most logical way for the coronavirus to have reached Wuhan was via samples collected at the Wuhan Institute of Virology for research.

He says the virus was then adapted by humans in so-called ‘gain-of-function’ research, designed to make it more infectious and potentially more deadly. 

Dr Wiesendanger points to evidence showing that Covid is well-adapted to infecting human cells and multiplying as his reason for believing this.

He says safety concerns raised about the lab before the start of the pandemic show that a leak would have been possible, and further claims that scientists working at the institute were among some of the first infections.

He argues that his paper is not intended for the scientific community, but to spark public debate – particularly around ‘gain-of-function’ research, which some scientists believe should be banned due to the risks involved.

Dr Wiesendanger’s conclusions agree with some US officials, who have argued that a laboratory leak is the ‘most credible’ explanation for the pandemic.

But WHO researchers led by Dr Peter Embarek, an expert in how viruses jump from animals to humans, disagree.

Having visited the Wuhan Institute at the centre of leak theories, Dr Embarek said it is ‘extremely unlikely’ the virus leaked and called for no further study of the theory.

That stance has since been walked back by WHO chief Dr Tedros who insisted that all theories remain on the table, though it is unclear if or how he proposes to study laboratory leaks further. Read more:

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Coronavirus: German scientist says he is ‘99.9 per cent sure’ it leaked from Wuhan lab


GOOD NEWS Lockdown-weary Britons can expect the warmest weekend in three months

Tiny taste of the SAHARA! Lockdown-weary Britons can expect the warmest weekend in three months with 61F highs… just as ‘substantial’ dust cloud is due to drift north from Africa desert

  • South East and East of England likely to reach 59F (15C) tomorrow before nudging up to 61F (16C) on Sunday
  • Last time temperatures got above 61F in Britain was November 18 last year when London hit 61.9F (16.6C) 
  • But sunshine will be in short supply with widespread cloudy skies – and heavy rain expected in the West


PUBLISHED: 08:21, 19 February 2021 | UPDATED: 13:32, 19 February 2021

1.2kshares192View commentshttps://81677a8920a13dff05bc604c4b88cd5a.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

Holidays to the South of France, Spain or Italy may still be a distant dream – but Mediterranean temperatures of up to 61F are forecast for parts of Britain this weekend as a ‘substantial’ plume of Saharan dust travels towards the country.

The South East and East of England are likely to reach 59F (15C) tomorrow, on a par with Rome and Nice, before nudging up to 61F (16C) on Sunday – but sunshine will be in short supply with widespread cloudy skies.

And scientists say Saharan dust is now moving towards central Europe, with Defra expecting it to arrive across South East England by Sunday – although it is not expected to impact UK pollution levels which will remain low. Read More

The last time the mercury got to that level was November 18 last year when London hit 61.9F (16.6C). The highest reading so far in 2021 was 57.6F (14.2C) – recorded both on February 2 in Cardiff and January 28 in Worcestershire. 

But not everywhere in Britain will enjoy pleasant conditions this weekend – with the Met Office warning of heavy rain and gales which are expected to arrive in western England and Wales today and continue into tomorrow. Early morning swimmers enjoy a prime view of a glorious sunrise over the North Sea today at Cullercoats in North Tyneside+12

Early morning swimmers enjoy a prime view of a glorious sunrise over the North Sea today at Cullercoats in North Tyneside+12

People go for a walk or run on Hampstead Heath in North London this morning as the sun rises over the capitalDust from the Sahara is moving towards central Europe, with Defra expecting it to arrive across South East England by Sunday - although it is not expected to impact UK pollution levels which will remain low+12

Dust from the Sahara is moving towards central Europe, with Defra expecting it to arrive across South East England by Sunday – although it is not expected to impact UK pollution levels which will remain lowThe sun rises over St Mary's Lighthouse in Northumberland, just north of Whitley Bay, this morning+12

The sun rises over St Mary’s Lighthouse in Northumberland, just north of Whitley Bay, this morning The sun rises over the countryside at Dunsden Green in Oxfordshire this morning+12

The sun rises over the countryside at Dunsden Green in Oxfordshire this morning

Nearly 100 flood alerts or warnings are in place – and beneath the rain, temperatures will be between 50F (10C) to 55F (13C). Some places will see more than the usual amount of rain for the entire month in the next 48 hours.


Between 2.8in (7cm) and 4in (10cm) and even highs of 6in (15cm) of rain is expected – with 40mph and 50mph winds forecast in western coastal areas. The UK average for the whole of February is 3.46in (88mm).Heavy rain is forecast for western England and Wales today+12

Heavy rain is forecast for western England and Wales today 

The Met Office issued a rain warning for Devon, Cornwall and South Wales between 9am today and noon on Sunday. Forecasters warn flooding is ‘likely’ and that heavy rain could cause travel disruption. 

A separate rain warning is in place for areas of Scotland from 6am today until 9pm tomorrow, with forecasters warning that spray and flooding on roads are likely to extend journey times.  

The Environment Agency has 61 flood alerts and five flood warnings in place for England this morning, while the Scottish Environment Protection Agency has issued 12 alerts and 19 warnings.

The alerts come as the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) forecasts a ‘substantial plume’ of Saharan dust traveling towards the North, which could reach parts of Britain and Scandinavia.

Most of the dust is expected to settle over Spain and France, though Mark Parrington, Senior Scientist at the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service said: ‘It is not yet certain to what extent the plume will be visible to the naked eye. 

‘Dust plumes from the desert can cause red skies, limited visibility or stains on cars and windows from dust deposition, but these impacts are difficult to predict quantitatively as far as 4 or 5 days in advance.”

‘What we can predict with our forecasts, however, is that the plumes will likely reach from Southern Europe up to Scandinavia and significantly affect air quality in Spain, France and possibly the UK and Benelux countries. 

Bournemouth yesterday (joke)

‘The high concentrations of dust can have health impacts on the respiratory systems of all people in the affected regions and add to particulate matter air pollution from local sources.’ 

But the high temperatures in southern England are predicted only a week after much of the country was gripped by sub-zero conditions and heavy snow. 

Tomorrow, the Met Office predicts an east-west split, with ‘wet and windy’ conditions in the west and drier weather in the east.

Occasional sunny breaks are predicted tomorrow, most likely in south east England and East Anglia, but some patchy downpours could arrive in central and eastern areas later.  Britain looks set to avoid most of the Saharan dust being blown north, with the majority expected to settle over Spain and France,as seen in the bottom two graphs above+12

Britain looks set to avoid most of the Saharan dust being blown north, with the majority expected to settle over Spain and France,as seen in the bottom two graphs above


CDC caught massively inflating coronavirus cases, deaths in violation of federal law

CDC caught massively inflating coronavirus cases, deaths in violation of federal lawA new study found that the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been massively inflating its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “case” and death counts to make the “pandemic” appear far worse than it actually is. Entitled, “COVID-19 Data Collection,…By Ethan Huff | Read the full story

The final reckoning


Socialist Party logo


2 June 2010


Margaret Thatcher: Why workers cannot forget

Mad Axe Woman Margaret Thatcher. Cartoon by Alan Hardman

Mad Axe Woman Margaret Thatcher. Cartoon by Alan Hardman

The new Tory-Lib Dem coalition government claims to be heralding in a ‘new politics’. But a large layer of workers throughout Britain have recoiled in horror at the prospect of a Tory-dominated government, because of the vivid memories of the devastation caused in the years when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister. Here Robin Clapp, south west Socialist Party secretary, assesses Thatcher’s legacy.

She stood in Downing Street after her first election victory in May 1979 and spoke the soothing words of St. Francis of Assisi: “Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. Where there is despair, may we bring hope.”

Nine years later, after a ferocious assault upon the living standards and democratic rights of the working class, the mask of healer had slipped revealing the real face of Margaret Thatcher. Once again she sought religious guidance, but this time the words came from St Paul: “If a man will not work he shall not eat.”

Thatcher’s reign was a nightmare for workers. Even before she became leader of the Tory Party in 1975 she earned the title ‘milk snatcher’ for withdrawing free school milk from school students when she was minister for education.

To those women who thought a female prime minister might be a step forward in the battle for equality, her anti-working class actions quickly shattered their illusions. Over half of Britain’s working women were denied the right to maternity benefits, paid maternity leave and shorter working hours. Publicly funded childcare fell to the lowest level in western Europe.

Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, cartoon by Alan Hardman

Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, cartoon by Alan Hardman   (Click to enlarge)

Thatcher’s legacy was industrial devastation and increased poverty. Between 1979 and 1981 manufacturing output fell by a staggering 15%. The country was convulsed by rioting in 1980 and 1981, triggered by poverty, police repression and a widespread feeling that the government was hostile to ordinary people. Thatcher’s comment after the Liverpool Toxteth riot was confined to “oh those poor shopkeepers”.

Unemployment rose from 1.09 million in May 1979 to 2.13 million two years later and peaked at 3.13 million in 1986. Welfare rights and benefits were slashed, while the real scale of joblessness was hidden, with 28 changes in the way unemployment was calculated during the Thatcher years.

“Victorian values were the values when our country became great” she thundered in 1982 and in order to demonstrate her commitment to the social policies of the regressive 19th century, she presided over a bulging prison population, which by 1988 was the highest in the EU both relatively and absolutely.

The first Thatcher-led government was elected in May 1979. Britain had the lowest growth of productivity of any major industrial economy, falling profits, and an eight-fold increase of strikes compared to the 1930s.

With the Tory Heath government of 1970-1974 having been bloodied and eventually brought down by the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and other trade union struggles, Thatcher’s coterie decided that they needed to launch a major offensive against the working class and its organisations.

The Labour government of 1974-1979 had faced both economic and political crises, being forced to call in the International Monetary Fund for financial help in 1976 and then embarking upon the first sustained cutbacks to public expenditure witnessed since 1945. Forcing a rigid incomes policy upon the unions had resulted in growing industrial unrest, culminating in a series of public sector stoppages in 1978-1979.


The National Health Service under Thatcher:

The National Health Service under Thatcher: cartoon by Alan Hardman

As early as 1977 the seeds of what became known as Thatcherism were sprouting. In a pamphlet called The Right Approach to the Economy, controlling money supply was emphasised, alongside lowering taxes, loosening pay differentials and removing ‘unnecessary’ restrictions on business expansion.

Monetarism, or supply-side economics, argues that inflation results when the government pumps money into the economy at a rate higher than the nation’s economic growth rate. Thus, government should keep a tight rein on the money supply and cut public expenditure. Supply-side economists maintain that this permits the economy as a whole to grow with business prosperity allowing a ‘trickle down’ effect throughout society.

Resorting very selectively to her bible, again she justified this stance in 1980 with her infamous comment that: “No one would have remembered the Good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions. He had money as well”.

Thatcher’s government intended to abandon the post-war consensus of commitment to full employment, stating this was the responsibility of employers and employees. The government would no longer be a universal provider of services. This would be done by the market, the voluntary sector and self-help.

The Tories’ 1979 victory was a day of jubilation for the rich. On polling day the stock exchange enjoyed a record day as £1,000 million was added to the share index.

Alongside her Tory colleague Sir Keith Joseph who was a convert to the monetarist, pro-free market ideology of Friedrich von Hayek and Milton Friedman, Thatcher identified her mission as weaning Conservatives away from the corporate state and Keynesian panaceas, which she believed had helped bring about Heath’s downfall.

Attacking the unions

Thatcher and her Hells Angels gang, cartoon by Alan Hardman

Thatcher and her Hells Angels gang, cartoon by Alan Hardman

Hayek argued that liberty under a minimalist state was the ideal and that trade unions were the enemy of the free market. Thatcher echoed this prejudice in 1984 when she commented to the Financial Times: “I don’t believe that people who go on strike in this country have legitimate cause”. Neutering the unions became an obsession for the Tories. She was later to smear the heroic miners as ‘the enemy within’.

The crude application of monetarism was a disaster for the British economy. Manufacturing output fell sharply in 1980 and unemployment rose by more than any year since the 1930s. By 1981 output had fallen by 5.5% in two years. Crazily Thatcher forced through a budget that decreased taxes further while reducing public spending, precipitating an even deeper slowdown.

Most world leaders today have studied this period closely over the last two years and have learned that applying voodoo supply-side policies in a slump massively exacerbates its depth and longevity.

Entire areas of British manufacturing went to the wall in this period. The steelworkers fought a valiant battle to secure better wages and conditions but were betrayed by their leaders in 1980, only to see a massive closure programme unleashed upon their industry in preparation for privatisation.

Reiterating her mantra that ‘the way to recovery is through profits’ the British economy ground virtually to a halt, with imports of manufactured goods exceeding exports for the first time since the industrial revolution in Britain, the former ‘workshop of the world’.

Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, cartoon by Alan Hardman

Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, cartoon by Alan Hardman   (Click to enlarge)

According to Thatcher, the combination of Britain’s North Sea oil receipts and the expertise of the service sector, led by the banks and the City, was the answer to the discredited theory of needing a manufacturing base.

The sale of council houses, combined with the privatisation of profitable sections of state industry gave a big boost to the stock exchange. The City was freed from its ‘fetters’ in the ‘Big Bang’ of 1986, allowing an orgy of financialisation and profiteering to follow.

Big battles broke out between the classes as Thatcher sought to rip up the post-war consensus. By the end of 1981 her government was the most unpopular ever and her personal approval rating slumped to just 23%.

It was an accidental factor of history that saved the Tories’ bacon. Always a crude jingoist, whose conference speeches to the Tory faithful conjured up the image of an imperial Britain, Thatcher, in an interview with the Times, had talked of her belief in “freedom of choice and the British Empire, which took freedom and the rule of law to countries which would never have known it otherwise.”

In 1982 the Argentinean military junta invaded the British-owned Falkland Islands/Malvinas. This was a desperate diversion in order to quell a growing radical social movement across Argentina which could overthrow the right-wing dictatorship.

The invasion gave Thatcher, already delighting in the title of Iron Lady given to her ironically by a Soviet army newspaper, an opportunity to clothe herself in the armour of Boudicea. A vicious two month war left 255 British and 650 Argentineans dead, but her approval rating leapt to 51% as she unashamedly played the patriotic card, infamously justifying the sinking of the Argentinean ship Belgrano with great loss of life even as it was retreating from the battle zone.

US support was crucial in assisting the Tories in defeating the junta in Buenos Aires. In her years as premier Thatcher was always at pains to talk up the Anglo-US relationship.

Right-wing US Republican President Reagan and Thatcher were drawn together by a shared belief in the moral superiority of societies founded on free enterprise and the imperative which followed from that – confronting internationally the menace of Soviet ‘communism’.

The Falklands victory was the platform for the Tories’ victory in 1983, even though their vote fell 2% compared to 1979.

It was time to tackle the unions. Already the Tories had bared their teeth in encouraging Eddie Shah, the anti-union owner of the Stockport Messenger, who sought to break the National Graphical Association (NGA). This dispute presaged a national print workers’ struggle when Rupert Murdoch set out to smash union membership and agreed practices by moving his presses to Wapping. Fines were levied against the unions and the police used brutal force to attack picket lines in scenes that would become commonplace in the great miners’ strike of 1984-1985.

The trade union leaderships retreated in the face of these attacks and the strike was defeated. Thatcher became emboldened, egged on by siren voices from the Neanderthal parliamentary back benches, with Ronald Bell MP shrieking that “strike-breaking must become the most honourable profession of all.”

Extreme Thatcherite Norman Tebbit became employment secretary and started to put the boot into the unions. Eleven separate anti-union measures were unveiled in a decade. First union officials had their immunity removed from legal action by an employer not party to a dispute and secondary picketing was made unlawful.

Later the immunity of the national union was withdrawn too. Secret ballots were introduced for union elections and the minimum period of work after in which an employee could claim unfair dismissal was extended from one to two years.

Next came the removal of statutory support for the closed shop and protection was introduced against dismissal of non-union members. Wages acts were passed which abolished minimum wages for under-21s and added restrictions were placed on the use of union funds.

The big showdown came in 1984 when the announcement of the pit closure programme led to strikes across the British coalfield. The Tories had learned from the 1972 and 1974 miners’ strikes and had drawn up contingency plans to defeat the strike. This involved the building up of maximum coal stocks at power stations and contingency plans to import coal. Non-union lorry drivers were to be used to help move coal and dual coal/oil firing in all power stations was to be rushed forward.

Thatcher had stepped back from confrontation with the NUM in 1981, but by 1984 felt ready. At a cost of £500,000 a day, 20,000 police were employed across the coalfields to break the strike, organised through a central police coordination authority.

Thatcher hoped for an industrial Falklands, a short, sharp victory. In fact the strike lasted for over a year, opening up a chasm between the classes. It also revealed once again the cowardice at the top of the trade union movement as leader after leader squandered opportunities to assist the miners with industrial action, or like the shameful right-wing leadership of the electricians’ union, openly aided the Tories.

Nevertheless, Thatcher’s government came perilously close to being defeated as dockers, rail workers and other battalions stepped into the breach to defend their comrades. At the end, the strike had cost the economy £2 billion, a figure that Thatcher’s chancellor argued was “even in narrow terms a worthwhile investment for the nation”.

Privatisations were now stepped up with gas, electricity, water and BT being sold. Despite the claim that this was creating a share-owning democracy, only 300,000 people ended up owning a portfolio of over ten shares.

Council homes were sold off too. Between 1979 and 1988 home ownership increased by three million with Thatcher explaining: “I want a capital-earning democracy. Every man a capitalist. Housing is the start.”


Thatcher was defeated on the issue of the poll tax, photo Militant

Thatcher was defeated on the issue of the poll tax, photo Militant

Liverpool City Council became a big thorn in her side in this period, because it actually built 5,000 council houses, leisure centres, etc, but mainly because the councillors under the political leadership of the Socialist Party’s predecessor Militant, refused to carry through cuts. They stayed loyal to the socialist convictions upon which they had been elected. “These people have no respect for my office”, she spat in parliament, for once speaking the truth.

Despite claims by historians that it was policy divisions over Britain’s further integration into the EU that were responsible for her removal in 1990, it was the mighty anti-poll tax rebellion that reduced the Iron Lady to iron filings. 18 million men and women, marshalled in the Anti-Poll Tax Unions with Militant supporters playing the key role, refused to pay the tax and defied all the venom that she threw at us.

In taking on everyone at once she had made a decisive error. Tory back benchers went into panic as the shires revolted and the cities became no-go areas. The Sunday Times’ Robert Harris thundered in 1991 that the Poll Tax fiasco was “a fatheaded, boneheaded, dunderheaded, blunderheaded, muttonheaded, knuckleheaded, chuckleheaded, puddingheaded, jobbernowled wash-out of a cock up…”

Thatcher famously once said: “the lady’s not for turning” but we turned her out. She left in tears, stabbed like Caesar by her panic-stricken Tory friends. But in truth destroyed by the fury of non-paying working class people.

She had closed 286 NHS hospitals and allowed poverty levels to rise to over 9.5 million. Under her watch the richest 1% had grabbed over one fifth of the total marketable wealth of the country.

On one level she was just another provincial Tory, narrow-minded, racist and xenophobic, a barely disguised bigot who once praised a chief police officer for linking the AIDS virus with God’s retribution upon gays.

Every era, however, calls for personalities required by concrete circumstances. If they do not exist in a rounded-out form, it invents them. Thatcher was required by capitalism to put the hatchet into the post-war welfare state and in her the bosses found an eminently suitable candidate. However, she polarised society and the Tory party itself, damaging it for a decade.

Completely blind to the workings of their system the economic experts were almost euphoric throughout the 1990s. Now the revenge of recession has devastated Thatcher’s legacy. The Anglo-American model of free markets has failed, as have all capitalist economic models.

The myth that minimally managed markets are more dynamic than those subject to extensive government has been crushed. In Greece and elsewhere workers and young people are taking action to fight back against the implications of the failure of the market system.

As Thatcher nears the end of her life, the ideology she saw as her worst enemy – socialism – is being looked to with increasing interest by workers and young people moving into struggle to defend their living standards.

New Labour inheritance

Thatcher was to be eventually removed in a Tory coup in 1990, following the poll tax debacle, yet her policies of curbing the trade unions, privatising state resources and deregulating the City of London, intimidated and then entranced the emerging New Labour leadership around Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

In 2001 Labour’s Peter Mandelson tellingly said: “we are all Thatcherites now”, before enthusing that he was “intensely relaxed about people becoming filthy rich”.

Essentially New Labour represented a complete capitulation to the worst excesses of the capitalist market. Not for nothing did Thatcher praise Blair during his disastrous premiership, while Brown invited her to Downing Street for tea, praising her as a ‘conviction politician’ like himself. He even considered a £3 million state funeral for her, though millions would be happy to bury her for free – anytime.

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The coronavirus crisis has laid bare the class character of society in numerous ways. It is making clear to many that it is the working class that keeps society running, not the CEOs of major corporations.

The results of austerity have been graphically demonstrated as public services strain to cope with the crisis.

The government has now ripped up its ‘austerity’ mantra and turned to policies that not long ago were denounced as socialist. But after the corona crisis, it will try to make the working class pay for it, by trying to claw back what has been given.

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Another whistleblower this time Berlin,deaths after vaccination


Search for:HomeHEALTHWhistleblower from Berlin Nursing Home: the Terrible Death after Vaccination

Whistleblower from Berlin Nursing Home: the Terrible Death after Vaccination

February 17, 2021 TLB Staff HEALTHTyrannyWORLD 0

Whistleblower from Berlin nursing home: the terrible dying after vaccination



For the first time, there is an eyewitness report from a Berlin nursing home on the situation after the vaccination. It comes from the AGAPLESION Bethanien Havelgarten retirement home in Berlin-Spandau. There, within four weeks after the first vaccination with the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine Comirnaty, eight of 31 seniors, who suffered from dementia but were in good physical condition according to their age before the vaccination, died. The first death occurred after only six days, and five other seniors died approximately 14 days after vaccination. The first symptoms of the disease had already appeared shortly after the vaccination. From information available to 2020News, the patients had not been duly informed about the risks of this vaccine. One reason being that no detailed information about the novelty of this mRNA vaccine, which has only conditionally been certified in the European Union, has been provided.

Attorney at Law Viviane Fischer and Attorney at Law Dr. Reiner Füllmich of the Corona Committee spoke in a video interview with the whistleblower about the closer circumstances of the vaccination, the symptoms that occurred and the different nature of the deaths in temporal connection with the vaccination. (ER: Alas, the video is not subtitled into English.)

On January 3, 2021, 31 female and male residents of the dementia ward “ground floor/protected area” had been vaccinated with Comirnaty. Relatives of another three seniors had objected to vaccination, and two residents were in terminal care, so no vaccination was given.

The residents of this ward are very active, “self defending” dementia patients who are physically in good condition. They are allowed to move around the ward all day without restriction. The day before the vaccination, the 31 vaccinated persons were all in good health. A few days earlier, all had tested negative for Corona, according to the whistleblower report.

According to the whistleblower, the first vaccination event with Comirnaty on January 3, 2021, took place in such a way that all residents were gathered in the recreation room of the first floor area. A vaccination team consisting of an aged vaccinator, three aides and two federal soldiers in camouflage uniforms performed the vaccinations. The home staff as well as the home physician assisted in the process. The role of the soldiers, who at no time moved away from the vaccine, has not been conclusively determined.

What the whistleblower was able to establish, however, was that the presence of the uniformed men greatly intimidated the seniors. The group, which normally shows a “strong defensive behavior” in the case of unfamiliar treatments, was hardly recognizable, so predominantly “lamblike” they had let the vaccination with Comirnaty pass over them. The whistleblower suspects that this could also be related to the fact that the elderly seniors, who had experienced the war, could not properly assess the role of the soldiers and possibly felt reminded of war-traumatic circumstances.

During the first vaccination, a resisting senior citizen was detained by a nurse under the watchful eyes of the German soldiers, the eyewitness reported. A judicial decision for the detention, which as such represents a coercion and therefore requires in principle a judicial evaluation in the individual case, had not been issued.

According to the whistleblower’s account, the administration of the second vaccination dose took place without warning, always on the spot where the person to be vaccinated was found. For example, an elderly lady lying unsuspectingly in bed, who began to resist the second dose, was restrained by two members of the nursing staff in order to overcome her resistance – again without the necessary court order. The swabbing for the PCR test, which some seniors tried to resist, is also regularly done with the use of physical force against the seniors resisting the unwanted treatment, the whistleblower said.

According to the whistleblower, the vaccination education of the caregivers and relatives – the seniors are unable to effectively consent to vaccination due to their dementia – was based on outdated information sheets from the RKI/Grünes Kreuze. In particular, the information required by Regulation (EC) No. 507/2006 on the fact the vaccine Comirnaty has only been granted conditional marketing authorization and why this is the case is missing. In particular, the information should have been provided that from the point of view of the regulatory authority EMA, the data situation still needs to be improved with regard to various aspects, e.g. the interaction of Comirnaty with other drugs.

Already on the day of vaccination, four of the vaccinated seniors began to show unusual symptoms. In the evening of that day they were fatigued and extremely tired, some of them fell asleep at the table during dinner. A sharp drop in blood oxygen saturation was noted. In the further course, the leaden fatigue continued, the oxygen saturation in the blood remained insufficient, in some cases gasping breathing occurred, and fever, edema, skin rash, a yellowish-gray discoloration of the skin, and a (characteristic) muscle tremor of the upper body and arms occurred.

The seniors also showed a change in demeanor, were partially unresponsive, and refused to eat or drink. One vaccinated senior, who had previously been “in great shape” for her age and suffered from no serious previous illnesses, died as early as January 9, 2021, just six days after vaccination. Deaths among vaccinated seniors and senior citizens occurred on January 15, January 16, January 19 (2 deaths), January 20, February 2, and February 8, 2021. The most recently deceased senior citizen was a former opera singer who had been playing the piano the day before vaccination. The whistleblower reports on the state of health that the old gentleman regularly went jogging, danced, played music and was otherwise very dynamic and active.

Of the seniors who tested negative before vaccination, various suddenly showed a positive test result after vaccination. However, all of these seniors did not show any of the known COVID-19 symptoms, i.e., symptoms of colds such as cough, cold, loss of sense of smell and taste, etc.

On January 24, 2021, the second dose of Comirnaty was applied to 21 seniors. After this vaccination, according to the whistleblower, eleven seniors are now showing persistent extreme fatigue, partially gasping for breath, partially edema, skin rash, and the yellowish-grayish skin discoloration. As of February 10, 2021, none of the seniors who received the second dose of Comirnaty has died, but the health of some of the seniors in this group is steadily deteriorating.

The whistleblower impressively describes the different nature of the dying process of the vaccinated. Normally, the person dying would eventually accept their approaching death and – perhaps after seeing a loved one for the last time – go in peace. Dying as after vaccination, however, was different, he said. It is “inhumane.” The old people he had seen dying had breathed heavily, trembled strongly, and seemed as if inwardly they had passed away already. It seemed to him like a lonely, futile struggle against death, as if “the people knew that their time had not yet come, and therefore they had not yet been able to let go.”

The AGAPLESION Bethanien Havelgarten senior citizens’ residential home was requested to comment on the events on February 3, 2021 by Attorney at Law Viviane Fischer, in the name and on behalf of two journalists researching the topic, but has still not received a response.

Attorney at Law Viviane Fischer filed a criminal complaint with the public prosecutor’s office on February 3, 2021, 12:04 a.m., and informed the police, as well as Prof. Klaus Cichutek, the head of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, which is responsible for recording vaccination side effects, and the Senator for Health of Berlin, Dilek Kalayci, about the events. The health department was also informed, as well as the office of the senate administration responsible for nursing homes.

Lawyer Fischer requested the public prosecutor’s office to secure the body of the last deceased old gentleman, She alerted the officials to the imminent death of the eighth death victim, which was to be feared at that time promptly. In the meantime he succumbed to his illness.

Upon telephone inquiry on February 8, 2021, the file could not be found in the registry at the public prosecutor’s office. Such a registration, so it was communicated, can in Corona times take up to six weeks.

On February 8, 2021 Attorney a Law Fischer has therefore additionally filed a criminal complaint via the Internet guard of the Berlin police.

A press inquiry with view of initiated investigations, seizure of the corpses and possible similar occurrences in the past examined by the authorities, which Attorney at Law Fischer had placed again in agency of the two journalists on February 8, 2021, answered the police on the evening of February 9, 2021, as follows:

“So far the Berlin police has led no investigations in connection with the deaths described by you. Such investigations are always initiated when a doctor certifies a non-natural cause of death when issuing the death certificate. The two deaths you mentioned are also not known to the Berlin police. In this respect, no investigations were conducted nor has the body of the deceased been seized. The criminal charges filed by you are available to the Berlin police and are currently being investigated by a specialist department of the criminal police or by the Berlin public prosecutor’s office. Information for this can be received from the press office of the public prosecutor’s office in Berlin.”

The investigative behavior of the police presenting itself at present as little engaged stands in contrast to the legality principle and pursuit obligation for criminal offences, to which police and public prosecutor are subject, Attorney at Law Dr. Fuellmich states. A violation of this could justify the reproach of an obstruction of justice in the office pursuant to § 258 a StGB.§ Section 160 (I) sentence of the Code of Criminal Procedure stipulates: “As soon as the public prosecutor’s office becomes aware of the suspicion of a criminal offense through a report or by other means, it must investigate the facts of the case in order to decide whether to file a public complaint.” Section 163 (I) sentence 1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure stipulates: “The authorities and officers of the police service must investigate criminal offenses and issue all orders that do not permit any delay in order to prevent the case from becoming obscure.

It would therefore be contrary to current law for the police to take action only when the family doctor, emergency physician or even the vaccinator himself filling out the death certificate confirmed an unnatural cause of death. It was already questionable whether an external physician, who in case of doubt could not know the medical history in detail, would at all be able to assess the situation and the dying process correctly. According to Dr. Fuellmich, the lawyer, there is undoubtedly a considerable initial suspicion that the extraordinary accumulation of deaths – otherwise only one or two seniors die per month in the respective department of the nursing home – was not due to natural causes.

With regard to the eleven seniors whose health condition had deteriorated after administration of the second dose of Comirnaty, there was also imminent danger.

The police, the health offices and the senate administration have a guarantor position to avert danger for the population. If the persons installed to fend off danger from the public do not follow their obligation, a punishability of the acting persons because of active assistance and/or assistance by omission to the body injury (possibly even with death consequence) – committed while in office – comes into consideration, Attorney at Law Fischer states. Also a negligent act participation must be examined. In order to avoid dangers for possible future victims, the police are obligated to immediately start professional investigations. Post-mortem examinations must be carried out. A retreat to a possible theoretical assessment of police experts, as this was indicated to Attorney at Law Fischer by the police department in charge (LKA 115, offenses against humans), could not be accepted. The question of which symptoms develop after a vaccination and possibly cause the death of the patient cannot at present be answered by any expert simply because no up-to-date study exists for instance regarding the endangerment of old humans by the vaccine. In particular, no interaction studies regarding other medicines have been performed. After deaths in Norway following the Corona vaccination, the vaccination of very old, fragile people is no longer recommended in Norway.

The causal relationship between vaccination and the accumulation of deaths, especially among the elderly, is such that government action is urgently needed to protect the health and lives of all those willing to be vaccinated and those who have already received a dose of Comirnaty. The precautionary principle may include temporarily suspending the use of this vaccine for the duration of a full and transparent investigation into any role it may have played in the deaths of the elderly whose fates are the subject of this article.

These governmental measures should also be taken, in particular, for the benefit of those who wish to visit vaccination centers, are residents of retirement or nursing homes, or have a job in health care with contact with patients.

Comirnaty seems by no means as safe as one might think based on the government’s vaccination campaign and the many public statements by politicians and experts who support the government’s lockdown course.

Comirnaty is a so-called mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) vaccine. The mRNA contains the “blueprint” for a protein on the surface of SARS-CoV-2. Through vaccination, this blueprint enters the body cells of the vaccinated person via tiny fat particles (fat nanobodies). These are then supposed to produce a protein that is found on the surface of the virus. This is intended to induce a response in the immune system that will in turn cause an appropriate immune response to occur in the event of subsequent infection with SARS-CoV-2.

Because of the unusually short duration of clinical testing on humans, it is obvious from the point of view of 2020news.de that not all possible negative effects of this vaccine could be researched. In particular, experts believe there is a risk of the formation of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). This is the term used to describe antibodies that bind to the surface of viruses but do not neutralize them, instead leading to enhanced uptake of the virus into a cell and thus promoting the spread and multiplication of the virus. Infection-enhancing antibodies promote immunopathogenesis and constitute a long-known potential hazard of certain vaccines.

The occurrence of this hazard has been well documented for previous unsuccessful attempts to develop vaccines against coronaviruses (such as SARS-CoV). In some preclinical animal studies, test animals became severely ill or even died after encountering the wild virus because of the appearance of infection-boosting antibodies.

Experts also fear that the occurrence of autoimmune diseases and an impairment or endangerment of fertility, pregnancy, unborn life, breastfeeding with breast milk and children whose mothers were vaccinated during pregnancy cannot be ruled out. In their view the probability of the occurrence of these negative consequences could not – or not sufficiently – be investigated due to the design of the clinical trials in humans, which BioNTech/Pfizer conducted before the conditional approval of Comirnaty.

According to the assessment of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, the polyethylene glycol (PEG)-containing lipid nanoparticles contained in Comirnaty may, too, be possible triggers of observed serious reactions in connection with the vaccination. This is also troubling because in numerous preclinical studies, PEG liposomes have been shown to transport substances across the blood-brain barrier. Certain liposomes have also been linked to the death of specific cells in the liver and lungs in animal studies. For more details, see the recording of Corona Committee Meeting #37 (starting at 03:55:00).

According to the EMA Dashboard, as of February 12, 2021, 54,828 adverse vaccine reactions have already been reported. As of January 31, 2021, there were 26,849.

Because of the multiple concerns about the vaccine, a withdrawal request against the approval has already been submitted to the EMA. According to lawyer Fischer, Attorney at Law Dr. Renate Holzeisen will file an action against this approval, including summary proceedings, with the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in due time on behalf of clients residing in Italy. Such an action and such an application is possible within a period of two months after the conditional approval of Cominarty had been granted. According to lawyer Fischer, these proceedings will now also be accompanied by an international network of lawyers and scientists, to which the members of the Corona Committee also belong. The judgment in the main proceedings and the decision in the summary proceedings will have an impact in all member states of the EU for which the conditional approval of Comirnaty has effect.

On February 12, 2021, the public prosecutor informed attorney Viviane Fischer in writing: “Your criminal complaint is already known here, but not yet recorded in our system, so I cannot provide you with any further information on this at present. However, within the scope of the permissible investigations, everything necessary will be arranged with the necessary acceleration.”

Because of the unusually short duration of clinical testing on humans, it is obvious from the point of view of 2020news.de that not all possible negative effects of this vaccine could be researched. In particular, experts believe there is a risk of the formation of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). This is the term used to describe antibodies that bind to the surface of viruses but do not neutralize them, instead leading to enhanced uptake of the virus into a cell and thus promoting the spread and multiplication of the virus. Infection-enhancing antibodies promote immunopathogenesis and constitute a long-known potential hazard of certain vaccines.

The occurrence of this hazard has been well documented for previous unsuccessful attempts to develop vaccines against coronaviruses (such as SARS-CoV). In some preclinical animal studies, test animals became severely ill or even died after encountering the wild virus because of the appearance of infection-boosting antibodies.

Experts also fear that the occurrence of autoimmune diseases and an impairment or endangerment of fertility, pregnancy, unborn life, breastfeeding with breast milk and children whose mothers were vaccinated during pregnancy cannot be ruled out – in particular because the probability of the occurrence of these negative consequences could not be investigated or not sufficiently investigated due to the design of the clinical trials in humans, which BioNTech/Pfizer conducted before the conditional approval of Comirnaty.

According to the assessment of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, the polyethylene glycol (PEG)-containing lipid nanoparticles contained in Comirnaty may also be possible triggers of observed serious reactions in connection with the vaccination. This is also troubling because in numerous preclinical studies, PEG liposomes have been shown to transport substances across the blood-brain barrier. Certain liposomes have also been linked to the death of specific cells in the liver and lungs in animal studies. For more details, see the recording of Corona Committee Meeting #37 (starting at 03:55:00).

According to the EMA Dashboard, as of February 4, 2021, 41,140 adverse vaccine reactions have already been reported. As of January 31, 2021, there were 26,849.

2020News will report on further developments.



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So what now for Britain’s & Europe’s enterprise sector?

Why is SME important?

The small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an essential role in the economy of a country. They represent a source of entrepreneurship abilities, innovation and creation of new jobs. Their capacity to apply, adapt and disseminate new technology is unique.

SMEs  are generally thought to be the backbone of any healthy economy; they drive growth, provide employment opportunities and open new markets. According to one study, which was carried out by Santander, SMEs contributed to 51% of all turnover generated by the private sector in 2018.

The Tories found enterprises so inspiring under Thatcher many were pursuaded into it,all that sacrifice and slaving many of them killed off killed off like That (click fingers) now they are all made bankrupt by another Tory leader who appears to lack any accuracy of thought.Sod him!May his armpits be ingested with fleas,may he be pitched into Hell.

Our economy is dead.


If I live to be 75 ..

the viewpoint that follows is not necessarily held by blogfactory,it’s directors, editor,staff marketing and distribution.affiliated agents…we do not necessarily hold or gel with this view but present it as a rather seedy concept of our time.

American democracy is younger, and more fragile, than we’ve been taught. Listen to the Experiment podcast.

Why I Hope to Die at 75

An argument that society and families—and you—will be better off if nature takes its course swiftly and promptly

Jake Chessum

A new guide to living through climate change. Robinson Meyer brings you the biggest ideas and most vital information to help you flourish on a changing planet.


That’s how long I want to live: 75 years.

This preference drives my daughters crazy. It drives my brothers crazy. My loving friends think I am crazy. They think that I can’t mean what I say; that I haven’t thought clearly about this, because there is so much in the world to see and do. To convince me of my errors, they enumerate the myriad people I know who are over 75 and doing quite well. They are certain that as I get closer to 75, I will push the desired age back to 80, then 85, maybe even 90.

I am sure of my position. Doubtless, death is a loss. It deprives us of experiences and milestones, of time spent with our spouse and children. In short, it deprives us of all the things we value.

But here is a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long is also a loss. It renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining, a state that may not be worse than death but is nonetheless deprived. It robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work, society, the world. It transforms how people experience us, relate to us, and, most important, remember us. We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic.https://1e461bfa6c1f48767b3cc2590b6b7422.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

By the time I reach 75, I will have lived a complete life. I will have loved and been loved. My children will be grown and in the midst of their own rich lives. I will have seen my grandchildren born and beginning their lives. I will have pursued my life’s projects and made whatever contributions, important or not, I am going to make. And hopefully, I will not have too many mental and physical limitations. Dying at 75 will not be a tragedy. Indeed, I plan to have my memorial service before I die. And I don’t want any crying or wailing, but a warm gathering filled with fun reminiscences, stories of my awkwardness, and celebrations of a good life. After I die, my survivors can have their own memorial service if they want—that is not my business.

Let me be clear about my wish. I’m neither asking for more time than is likely nor foreshortening my life. Today I am, as far as my physician and I know, very healthy, with no chronic illness. I just climbed Kilimanjaro with two of my nephews. So I am not talking about bargaining with God to live to 75 because I have a terminal illness. Nor am I talking about waking up one morning 18 years from now and ending my life through euthanasia or suicide. Since the 1990s, I have actively opposed legalizing euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. People who want to die in one of these ways tend to suffer not from unremitting pain but from depression, hopelessness, and fear of losing their dignity and control. The people they leave behind inevitably feel they have somehow failed. The answer to these symptoms is not ending a life but getting help. I have long argued that we should focus on giving all terminally ill people a good, compassionate death—not euthanasia or assisted suicide for a tiny minority.

I am talking about how long I want to live and the kind and amount of health care I will consent to after 75. Americans seem to be obsessed with exercising, doing mental puzzles, consuming various juice and protein concoctions, sticking to strict diets, and popping vitamins and supplements, all in a valiant effort to cheat death and prolong life as long as possible. This has become so pervasive that it now defines a cultural type: what I call the American immortal.

I reject this aspiration. I think this manic desperation to endlessly extend life is misguided and potentially destructive. For many reasons, 75 is a pretty good age to aim to stop.Americans may live longer than their parents, but they are likely to be more incapacitated. Does that sound very desirable? Not to me.

What are those reasons? Let’s begin with demography. We are growing old, and our older years are not of high quality. Since the mid-19th century, Americans have been living longer. In 1900, the life expectancy of an average American at birth was approximately 47 years. By 1930, it was 59.7; by 1960, 69.7; by 1990, 75.4. Today, a newborn can expect to live about 79 years. (On average, women live longer than men. In the United States, the gap is about five years. According to the National Vital Statistics Report, life expectancy for American males born in 2011 is 76.3, and for females it is 81.1.)

In the early part of the 20th century, life expectancy increased as vaccines, antibiotics, and better medical care saved more children from premature death and effectively treated infections. Once cured, people who had been sick largely returned to their normal, healthy lives without residual disabilities. Since 1960, however, increases in longevity have been achieved mainly by extending the lives of people over 60. Rather than saving more young people, we are stretching out old age.

The American immortal desperately wants to believe in the “compression of morbidity.” Developed in 1980 by James F. Fries, now a professor emeritus of medicine at Stanford, this theory postulates that as we extend our life spans into the 80s and 90s, we will be living healthier lives—more time before we have disabilities, and fewer disabilities overall. The claim is that with longer life, an ever smaller proportion of our lives will be spent in a state of decline.

Compression of morbidity is a quintessentially American idea. It tells us exactly what we want to believe: that we will live longer lives and then abruptly die with hardly any aches, pains, or physical deterioration—the morbidity traditionally associated with growing old. It promises a kind of fountain of youth until the ever-receding time of death. It is this dream—or fantasy—that drives the American immortal and has fueled interest and investment in regenerative medicine and replacement organs.

But as life has gotten longer, has it gotten healthier? Is 70 the new 50?

The author at his desk at the University of Pennsylvania. “I think this manic desperation to endlessly extend life is misguided and potentially destructive.”

Not quite. It is true that compared with their counterparts 50 years ago, seniors today are less disabled and more mobile. But over recent decades, increases in longevity seem to have been accompanied by increases in disability—not decreases. For instance, using data from the National Health Interview Survey, Eileen Crimmins, a researcher at the University of Southern California, and a colleague assessed physical functioning in adults, analyzing whether people could walk a quarter of a mile; climb 10 stairs; stand or sit for two hours; and stand up, bend, or kneel without using special equipment. The results show that as people age, there is a progressive erosion of physical functioning. More important, Crimmins found that between 1998 and 2006, the loss of functional mobility in the elderly increased. In 1998, about 28 percent of American men 80 and older had a functional limitation; by 2006, that figure was nearly 42 percent. And for women the result was even worse: more than half of women 80 and older had a functional limitation. Crimmins’s conclusion: There was an “increase in the life expectancy with disease and a decrease in the years without disease. The same is true for functioning loss, an increase in expected years unable to function.”

This was confirmed by a recent worldwide assessment of “healthy life expectancy” conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. The researchers included not just physical but also mental disabilities such as depression and dementia. They found not a compression of morbidity but in fact an expansion—an “increase in the absolute number of years lost to disability as life expectancy rises.”

How can this be? My father illustrates the situation well. About a decade ago, just shy of his 77th birthday, he began having pain in his abdomen. Like every good doctor, he kept denying that it was anything important. But after three weeks with no improvement, he was persuaded to see his physician. He had in fact had a heart attack, which led to a cardiac catheterization and ultimately a bypass. Since then, he has not been the same. Once the prototype of a hyperactive Emanuel, suddenly his walking, his talking, his humor got slower. Today he can swim, read the newspaper, needle his kids on the phone, and still live with my mother in their own house. But everything seems sluggish. Although he didn’t die from the heart attack, no one would say he is living a vibrant life. When he discussed it with me, my father said, “I have slowed down tremendously. That is a fact. I no longer make rounds at the hospital or teach.” Despite this, he also said he was happy.

As Crimmins puts it, over the past 50 years, health care hasn’t slowed the aging process so much as it has slowed the dying process. And, as my father demonstrates, the contemporary dying process has been elongated. Death usually results from the complications of chronic illness—heart disease, cancer, emphysema, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes.

Take the example of stroke. The good news is that we have made major strides in reducing mortality from strokes. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of deaths from stroke declined by more than 20 percent. The bad news is that many of the roughly 6.8 million Americans who have survived a stroke suffer from paralysis or an inability to speak. And many of the estimated 13 million more Americans who have survived a “silent” stroke suffer from more-subtle brain dysfunction such as aberrations in thought processes, mood regulation, and cognitive functioning. Worse, it is projected that over the next 15 years there will be a 50 percent increase in the number of Americans suffering from stroke-induced disabilities. Unfortunately, the same phenomenon is repeated with many other diseases.

So American immortals may live longer than their parents, but they are likely to be more incapacitated. Does that sound very desirable? Not to me.

The situation becomes of even greater concern when we confront the most dreadful of all possibilities: living with dementia and other acquired mental disabilities. Right now approximately 5 million Americans over 65 have Alzheimer’s; one in three Americans 85 and older has Alzheimer’s. And the prospect of that changing in the next few decades is not good. Numerous recent trials of drugs that were supposed to stall Alzheimer’s—much less reverse or prevent it—have failed so miserably that researchers are rethinking the whole disease paradigm that informed much of the research over the past few decades. Instead of predicting a cure in the foreseeable future, many are warning of a tsunami of dementia—a nearly 300 percent increase in the number of older Americans with dementia by 2050.The average age at which Nobel Prize–winning physicists make their discovery is 48.

Half of people 80 and older with functional limitations. A third of people 85 and older with Alzheimer’s. That still leaves many, many elderly people who have escaped physical and mental disability. If we are among the lucky ones, then why stop at 75? Why not live as long as possible?

Even if we aren’t demented, our mental functioning deteriorates as we grow older. Age-associated declines in mental-processing speed, working and long-term memory, and problem-solving are well established. Conversely, distractibility increases. We cannot focus and stay with a project as well as we could when we were young. As we move slower with age, we also think slower.

It is not just mental slowing. We literally lose our creativity. About a decade ago, I began working with a prominent health economist who was about to turn 80. Our collaboration was incredibly productive. We published numerous papers that influenced the evolving debates around health-care reform. My colleague is brilliant and continues to be a major contributor, and he celebrated his 90th birthday this year. But he is an outlier—a very rare individual.

American immortals operate on the assumption that they will be precisely such outliers. But the fact is that by 75, creativity, originality, and productivity are pretty much gone for the vast, vast majority of us. Einstein famously said, “A person who has not made his great contribution to science before the age of 30 will never do so.” He was extreme in his assessment. And wrong. Dean Keith Simonton, at the University of California at Davis, a luminary among researchers on age and creativity, synthesized numerous studies to demonstrate a typical age-creativity curve: creativity rises rapidly as a career commences, peaks about 20 years into the career, at about age 40 or 45, and then enters a slow, age-related decline. There are some, but not huge, variations among disciplines. Currently, the average age at which Nobel Prize–winning physicists make their discovery—not get the prize—is 48. Theoretical chemists and physicists make their major contribution slightly earlier than empirical researchers do. Similarly, poets tend to peak earlier than novelists do. Simonton’s own study of classical composers shows that the typical composer writes his first major work at age 26, peaks at about age 40 with both his best work and maximum output, and then declines, writing his last significant musical composition at 52. (All the composers studied were male.)

This age-creativity relationship is a statistical association, the product of averages; individuals vary from this trajectory. Indeed, everyone in a creative profession thinks they will be, like my collaborator, in the long tail of the curve. There are late bloomers. As my friends who enumerate them do, we hold on to them for hope. It is true, people can continue to be productive past 75—to write and publish, to draw, carve, and sculpt, to compose. But there is no getting around the data. By definition, few of us can be exceptions. Moreover, we need to ask how much of what “Old Thinkers,” as Harvey C. Lehman called them in his 1953 Age and Achievement, produce is novel rather than reiterative and repetitive of previous ideas. The age-creativity curve—especially the decline—endures across cultures and throughout history, suggesting some deep underlying biological determinism probably related to brain plasticity.

We can only speculate about the biology. The connections between neurons are subject to an intense process of natural selection. The neural connections that are most heavily used are reinforced and retained, while those that are rarely, if ever, used atrophy and disappear over time. Although brain plasticity persists throughout life, we do not get totally rewired. As we age, we forge a very extensive network of connections established through a lifetime of experiences, thoughts, feelings, actions, and memories. We are subject to who we have been. It is difficult, if not impossible, to generate new, creative thoughts, because we don’t develop a new set of neural connections that can supersede the existing network. It is much more difficult for older people to learn new languages. All of those mental puzzles are an effort to slow the erosion of the neural connections we have. Once you squeeze the creativity out of the neural networks established over your initial career, they are not likely to develop strong new brain connections to generate innovative ideas—except maybe in those Old Thinkers like my outlier colleague, who happen to be in the minority endowed with superior plasticity.

Maybe mental functions—processing, memory, problem-solving—slow at 75. Maybe creating something novel is very rare after that age. But isn’t this a peculiar obsession? Isn’t there more to life than being totally physically fit and continuing to add to one’s creative legacy?

One university professor told me that as he has aged (he is 70) he has published less frequently, but he now contributes in other ways. He mentors students, helping them translate their passions into research projects and advising them on the balance of career and family. And people in other fields can do the same: mentor the next generation.

Mentorship is hugely important. It lets us transmit our collective memory and draw on the wisdom of elders. It is too often undervalued, dismissed as a way to occupy seniors who refuse to retire and who keep repeating the same stories. But it also illuminates a key issue with aging: the constricting of our ambitions and expectations.

We accommodate our physical and mental limitations. Our expectations shrink. Aware of our diminishing capacities, we choose ever more restricted activities and projects, to ensure we can fulfill them. Indeed, this constriction happens almost imperceptibly. Over time, and without our conscious choice, we transform our lives. We don’t notice that we are aspiring to and doing less and less. And so we remain content, but the canvas is now tiny. The American immortal, once a vital figure in his or her profession and community, is happy to cultivate avocational interests, to take up bird watching, bicycle riding, pottery, and the like. And then, as walking becomes harder and the pain of arthritis limits the fingers’ mobility, life comes to center around sitting in the den reading or listening to books on tape and doing crossword puzzles. And then …

Maybe this is too dismissive. There is more to life than youthful passions focused on career and creating. There is posterity: children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

But here, too, living as long as possible has drawbacks we often won’t admit to ourselves. I will leave aside the very real and oppressive financial and caregiving burdens that many, if not most, adults in the so-called sandwich generation are now experiencing, caught between the care of children and parents. Our living too long places real emotional weights on our progeny.Mentorship is hugely important. But it also illuminates a key issue with aging: the constricting of our ambitions and expectations.

Unless there has been terrible abuse, no child wants his or her parents to die. It is a huge loss at any age. It creates a tremendous, unfillable hole. But parents also cast a big shadow for most children. Whether estranged, disengaged, or deeply loving, they set expectations, render judgments, impose their opinions, interfere, and are generally a looming presence for even adult children. This can be wonderful. It can be annoying. It can be destructive. But it is inescapable as long as the parent is alive. Examples abound in life and literature: Lear, the quintessential Jewish mother, the Tiger Mom. And while children can never fully escape this weight even after a parent dies, there is much less pressure to conform to parental expectations and demands after they are gone.

Living parents also occupy the role of head of the family. They make it hard for grown children to become the patriarch or matriarch. When parents routinely live to 95, children must caretake into their own retirement. That doesn’t leave them much time on their own—and it is all old age. When parents live to 75, children have had the joys of a rich relationship with their parents, but also have enough time for their own lives, out of their parents’ shadows.

But there is something even more important than parental shadowing: memories. How do we want to be remembered by our children and grandchildren? We wish our children to remember us in our prime. Active, vigorous, engaged, animated, astute, enthusiastic, funny, warm, loving. Not stooped and sluggish, forgetful and repetitive, constantly asking “What did she say?” We want to be remembered as independent, not experienced as burdens.

At age 75 we reach that unique, albeit somewhat arbitrarily chosen, moment when we have lived a rich and complete life, and have hopefully imparted the right memories to our children. Living the American immortal’s dream dramatically increases the chances that we will not get our wish—that memories of vitality will be crowded out by the agonies of decline. Yes, with effort our children will be able to recall that great family vacation, that funny scene at Thanksgiving, that embarrassing faux pas at a wedding. But the most-recent years—the years with progressing disabilities and the need to make caregiving arrangements—will inevitably become the predominant and salient memories. The old joys have to be actively conjured up.

Of course, our children won’t admit it. They love us and fear the loss that will be created by our death. And a loss it will be. A huge loss. They don’t want to confront our mortality, and they certainly don’t want to wish for our death. But even if we manage not to become burdens to them, our shadowing them until their old age is also a loss. And leaving them—and our grandchildren—with memories framed not by our vivacity but by our frailty is the ultimate tragedy.

The author at base camp with two nephews this summer, as the three climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (Courtesy of Ezekiel J. Emanuel)

Seventy-five. That is all I want to live. But if I am not going to engage in euthanasia or suicide, and I won’t, is this all just idle chatter? Don’t I lack the courage of my convictions?

No. My view does have important practical implications. One is personal and two involve policy.

Once I have lived to 75, my approach to my health care will completely change. I won’t actively end my life. But I won’t try to prolong it, either. Today, when the doctor recommends a test or treatment, especially one that will extend our lives, it becomes incumbent upon us to give a good reason why we don’t want it. The momentum of medicine and family means we will almost invariably get it.

My attitude flips this default on its head. I take guidance from what Sir William Osler wrote in his classic turn-of-the-century medical textbook, The Principles and Practice of Medicine: “Pneumonia may well be called the friend of the aged. Taken off by it in an acute, short, not often painful illness, the old man escapes those ‘cold gradations of decay’ so distressing to himself and to his friends.”

My Osler-inspired philosophy is this: At 75 and beyond, I will need a good reason to even visit the doctor and take any medical test or treatment, no matter how routine and painless. And that good reason is not “It will prolong your life.” I will stop getting any regular preventive tests, screenings, or interventions. I will accept only palliative—not curative—treatments if I am suffering pain or other disability.Once I have lived to 75, my approach to my health care will completely change. I won’t actively end my life. But I won’t try to prolong it, either.

This means colonoscopies and other cancer-screening tests are out—and before 75. If I were diagnosed with cancer now, at 57, I would probably be treated, unless the prognosis was very poor. But 65 will be my last colonoscopy. No screening for prostate cancer at any age. (When a urologist gave me a PSA test even after I said I wasn’t interested and called me with the results, I hung up before he could tell me. He ordered the test for himself, I told him, not for me.) After 75, if I develop cancer, I will refuse treatment. Similarly, no cardiac stress test. No pacemaker and certainly no implantable defibrillator. No heart-valve replacement or bypass surgery. If I develop emphysema or some similar disease that involves frequent exacerbations that would, normally, land me in the hospital, I will accept treatment to ameliorate the discomfort caused by the feeling of suffocation, but will refuse to be hauled off.

What about simple stuff? Flu shots are out. Certainly if there were to be a flu pandemic, a younger person who has yet to live a complete life ought to get the vaccine or any antiviral drugs. A big challenge is antibiotics for pneumonia or skin and urinary infections. Antibiotics are cheap and largely effective in curing infections. It is really hard for us to say no. Indeed, even people who are sure they don’t want life-extending treatments find it hard to refuse antibiotics. But, as Osler reminds us, unlike the decays associated with chronic conditions, death from these infections is quick and relatively painless. So, no to antibiotics.

Obviously, a do-not-resuscitate order and a complete advance directive indicating no ventilators, dialysis, surgery, antibiotics, or any other medication—nothing except palliative care even if I am conscious but not mentally competent—have been written and recorded. In short, no life-sustaining interventions. I will die when whatever comes first takes me.

As for the two policy implications, one relates to using life expectancy as a measure of the quality of health care. Japan has the third-highest life expectancy, at 84.4 years (behind Monaco and Macau), while the United States is a disappointing No. 42, at 79.5 years. But we should not care about catching up with—or measure ourselves against—Japan. Once a country has a life expectancy past 75 for both men and women, this measure should be ignored. (The one exception is increasing the life expectancy of some subgroups, such as black males, who have a life expectancy of just 72.1 years. That is dreadful, and should be a major focus of attention.) Instead, we should look much more carefully at children’s health measures, where the U.S. lags, and shamefully: in preterm deliveries before 37 weeks (currently one in eight U.S. births), which are correlated with poor outcomes in vision, with cerebral palsy, and with various problems related to brain development; in infant mortality (the U.S. is at 6.17 infant deaths per 1,000 live births, while Japan is at 2.13 and Norway is at 2.48); and in adolescent mortality (where the U.S. has an appalling record—at the bottom among high-income countries).

A second policy implication relates to biomedical research. We need more research on Alzheimer’s, the growing disabilities of old age, and chronic conditions—not on prolonging the dying process.

Many people, especially those sympathetic to the American immortal, will recoil and reject my view. They will think of every exception, as if these prove that the central theory is wrong. Like my friends, they will think me crazy, posturing—or worse. They might condemn me as being against the elderly.

Again, let me be clear: I am not saying that those who want to live as long as possible are unethical or wrong. I am certainly not scorning or dismissing people who want to live on despite their physical and mental limitations. I’m not even trying to convince anyone I’m right. Indeed, I often advise people in this age group on how to get the best medical care available in the United States for their ailments. That is their choice, and I want to support them.We avoid constantly thinking about the purpose of our lives and the mark we will leave. Is making money, chasing the dream, all worth it?

And I am not advocating 75 as the official statistic of a complete, good life in order to save resources, ration health care, or address public-policy issues arising from the increases in life expectancy. What I am trying to do is delineate my views for a good life and make my friends and others think about how they want to live as they grow older. I want them to think of an alternative to succumbing to that slow constriction of activities and aspirations imperceptibly imposed by aging. Are we to embrace the “American immortal” or my “75 and no more” view?

I think the rejection of my view is literally natural. After all, evolution has inculcated in us a drive to live as long as possible. We are programmed to struggle to survive. Consequently, most people feel there is something vaguely wrong with saying 75 and no more. We are eternally optimistic Americans who chafe at limits, especially limits imposed on our own lives. We are sure we are exceptional.

I also think my view conjures up spiritual and existential reasons for people to scorn and reject it. Many of us have suppressed, actively or passively, thinking about God, heaven and hell, and whether we return to the worms. We are agnostics or atheists, or just don’t think about whether there is a God and why she should care at all about mere mortals. We also avoid constantly thinking about the purpose of our lives and the mark we will leave. Is making money, chasing the dream, all worth it? Indeed, most of us have found a way to live our lives comfortably without acknowledging, much less answering, these big questions on a regular basis. We have gotten into a productive routine that helps us ignore them. And I don’t purport to have the answers.

But 75 defines a clear point in time: for me, 2032. It removes the fuzziness of trying to live as long as possible. Its specificity forces us to think about the end of our lives and engage with the deepest existential questions and ponder what we want to leave our children and grandchildren, our community, our fellow Americans, the world. The deadline also forces each of us to ask whether our consumption is worth our contribution. As most of us learned in college during late-night bull sessions, these questions foster deep anxiety and discomfort. The specificity of 75 means we can no longer just continue to ignore them and maintain our easy, socially acceptable agnosticism. For me, 18 more years with which to wade through these questions is preferable to years of trying to hang on to every additional day and forget the psychic pain they bring up, while enduring the physical pain of an elongated dying process.

Seventy-five years is all I want to live. I want to celebrate my life while I am still in my prime. My daughters and dear friends will continue to try to convince me that I am wrong and can live a valuable life much longer. And I retain the right to change my mind and offer a vigorous and reasoned defense of living as long as possible. That, after all, would mean still being creative after 75

.EZEKIEL J. EMANUEL is an oncologist, a bioethicist, and a vice provost of the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author or editor of 10 books, including Brothers Emanuel and Reinventing American Health Care.ConnectSubscribe for less than $1 per week


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Conspiracy Theorizing May Soon Get You Labelled a ‘Domestic Terrorist’

The Mad Truther

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How Conspiracy Theorizing May Soon Get You Labelled a ‘Domestic Terrorist’

BY TS on  • ( 0 )

By Matthew Ehret | Strategic Culture

Conspiracies for good and for evil do exist now, as they have from time immemorial, Matthew Ehret writes. The only question is which intention do you want to devote your life towards?

If you are starting to feel like forces controlling the governments of the west are out to get you, then it is likely that you are either a paranoid nut job, or a stubborn realist.

Either way, it means that you have some major problems on your hands.

If you don’t happen to find yourself among the tinfoil hat-wearing strata of conspiracy theorists waiting in a bunker for aliens to either strike down or save society from the shape shifting lizard people, but are rather contemplating how, in the 1960s, a shadow government took control of society over the dead bodies of many assassinated patriots, then certain conclusions tend to arise.

Three Elementary Realizations for Thinking People

The first conclusion you would likely arrive at is that the United States government was just put through the first coup in over 58 years (yes, what happened in 1963 was a coup). Although it is becoming a bit prohibitive to speak such words aloud in polite society, Nancy Pelosi’s official biographer Molly Ball, recently penned a scandalous Time Magazine article entitled ‘The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Elections’ which admitted to this conspiracy saying:

“Even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream- a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.” (Lest you think that this was a subversion of democracy, Ball informs us that “they were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.”)

Another conclusion you might come to is that many of the political figures whom you believed were serving those who elected them into office, actually serve the interests of a clique of technocrats and billionaires lusting over the deconstruction of western civilization under something called “a Great Reset”. Where this was brushed off as an unfounded conspiracy theory not long ago, even Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister (and neo-Nazi supporting Rhodes Scholar) Chrystia Freeland decided to become a Trustee of the World Economic Forum just weeks ago. In this role, Freeland joins fellow Oxford technocrat Mark Carney in their mutual endeavor to be a part of the new movement to decarbonize civilization and make feudalism cool again.

Lastly, you might notice that your having arrived at these conclusions is itself increasingly becoming a form of thought-crime punishable in a variety of distasteful ways elaborated by a series of unprecedented new emergency regulations that propose extending the definition of “terrorism”. Those implicated under the new definition will be those broad swaths of citizens of western nations who don’t agree with the operating beliefs of the ruling oligarchy.

Already a 60 day review of the U.S. military is underway to purge the armed forces of all such “thought criminals” while McCarthyite legislation has been drafted to cleanse all government jobs of “conspiracy theorists”.

Another startling announcement from the National Terrorism Advisory Bulletin that domestic terrorists include: “ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority [and] perceived grievances fueled by false narratives.”

While not yet fully codified into law (though it will be if not nipped in the bud soon), you can be sure that things are certainly moving fast as, before our very eyes, the right to free speech is being torn to shreds by means of censorship across social media and the internet, cancelling all opinions deemed unacceptable to the ruling class.

The Conspiracy to Subvert Conspiracy Theorizing

This should not come as a surprise, as Biden’s new addition to the Department of Homeland Security is a bizarre figure named Cass Sunstein who famously described exactly what this was going to look like in his infamous 2008 report ‘Conspiracy Theories’ (co-authored with Harvard Law School’s Adrien Vermeule). In this under-appreciated study, the duo foresaw the greatest threat to the ruling elite took the form of “conspiracy theorizing” within the American population using as examples of this delusion: the idea that the government had anything to do with the murders of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr, or the planning and execution of 9-11.

Just to be clear, conspiracy literally means ‘two or more people acting together in accord with an agreed upon idea and intention’.

The fact that Vermeule has made a legal career arguing that laws should be interpreted not by the “intentions” of lawgivers, but rather according to cost-benefit analysis gives us a useful insight into the deranged mind of a technocrat and the delusional reasoning that denies the very thing which has shaped literally ALL of human history.

In their “scholarly” essay, the authors wrote “the existence of both domestic and foreign conspiracy theories, we suggest, is no trivial matter, posing real risks to the government’s antiterrorism policies, whatever the latter may be.” After establishing his case for the threat of conspiracies, Sunstein says that “the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups”.

Not one to simply draw criticisms, the pro-active Sunstein laid out five possible strategies which the social engineers managing the population could deploy to defuse this growing threat saying:

“(1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing. (2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories. (3) Government might itself engage in counter speech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories. (4) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counter speech. (5) Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help”.

(I’ll let you think about which of these prescriptions were put into action over the ensuing 12 years.)

Cass Sunstein was particularly sensitive to this danger largely because: 1) he was a part of a very ugly conspiracy himself and 2) he is a world-renowned behaviorist.

The Problem of Reality for Behaviorists

As an economic behaviorist and lawyer arguing that all “human rights” should be extended to animals (blurring the line separating human dynamics from the law of the jungle as any fascist must), Sunstein has spent decades trying to model human behavior with computer simulations in an effort to “scientifically manage” such behavior.

As outlined in his book Nudge (co-authored with Nobel Prize winning behaviorist Richard Thaler), Sunstein “discovered” that people tend to organize their behavioral patterns around certain fundamental drives, such as the pursuit of pleasure, avoidance of pain, and certain Darwinian drives for sex, popularity, desire for conformity, desire for novelty, and greed.

One of the key principles of economic behaviorism which is seen repeated in such popular manuals as Freakonomics, Nudge, Predictably Irrational, The Wisdom of Crowds, and Animal Spirits, is that humans are both biologically determined due to their Darwinian impulses, but, unlike other animals, have the fatal flaw of being fundamentally irrational at their core. Since humans are fundamentally irrational, says the behaviorist, it is requisite that an enlightened elite impose “order” upon society while maintaining the illusion of freedom of choice from below. This is the underlying assumption of Karl Popper’s Open Society doctrine, which was fed to Popper’s protégé George Soros and which animates Soros’ General Theory of Reflexivity and his Oxford-based Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).

This was at the heart of Obama’s science Czar John Holdren’s call for world government in his 1977 Ecoscience (co-written with his mentor Paul Ehrlich) where the young misanthrope envisioned a future utopic world governed by a scientifically managed master-class saying:

“Perhaps those agencies, combined with UNEP and the United Nations population agencies, might eventually be developed into a Planetary Regime- sort of an international superagency for population, resources, and environment. Such a comprehensive Planetary Regime could control the development, administration, conservation, and distribution of all natural resources, renewable or nonrenewable”.

The caveat: If Darwinian impulses mixed with irrational “animal spirits” were truly all that animated those systems which behaviorists wish to map and manipulate (aka: “nudge” with rewards, punishments), then a scientific priesthood would indeed be a viable and perhaps necessary way to organize the world.

Fortunately, reality is a bit more elegant and dignified than behaviorists wish to admit.

Why Computer Modellers Hate Metaphysics

On a closer inspection of history, we find countless instances where people shape their individual and group behavior around sets of ideas that transcend controllable material impulses. When this happens, those individuals or groups tend to resist adapting to environments created for them. This incredible phenomenon is witnessed empirically in the form of the American Revolution, Warsaw Ghetto Uprisings, Civil Rights movements, and even some bold manifestations of anti-lockdown protests now underway around the world.

Among the most troublesome of those variables which upset computer models are: “Conscience”, “Truth”, “Intentions”, “Soul”, “Honor”, “God”, “Justice”, “Patriotism”, “Dignity”, and “Freedom”.

Whenever individuals shape their identities around these very real, though immaterial (aka: “metaphysical”) principles, they cannot be “nudged” towards pre-determined decisions that defy reason and morality. Adherence to these principles also tends to afford thinking people an important additional edge of creative insight necessary to cut through false explanatory narratives that attempt to hide lies behind the appearance of truth (aka: sophistry).

As witnessed on multiple occasions throughout history, such individuals who value the health of their souls over the intimidating (and extremely malleable) force of popular opinion, will often decide to sacrifice personal comfort and even their lives in order to defend those values which their minds and consciences deem important.

These rare, but invaluable outliers will often resist policies that threaten to undo their freedoms or undermine the basis of their society’s capacity to produce food, and energy for their children and grandchildren. What is worse, is that their example is often extremely contagious causing other members of the sheep class to believe that they too are human and endowed with unalienable rights which should be defended.

The Intentions Ordering World History

Perhaps, most “destructive” of all is that these outlier people tend to look for abstract things like “causes” in historical dynamics shaping the context of their present age, as well as their current geopolitical environment.

Whenever this type of thinking is done, carefully crafted narratives fed to the masses by an enlightened elite will often fail in their powers to persuade, since seekers after truth soon come to realize that IDEAS and intentions (aka: conspiracies) shape our past, present and future. When the dominating intentions shaping society’s trajectory is in conformity with Natural Law, humanity tends to improve, freedoms increase, culture matures and evil loses its hold. Inversely, when the intentions animating history are out of conformity with Natural Law, the opposite happens as societies lose their moral and material fitness to survive and slip ever more quickly into dark ages.

While sitting in a jail in Birmingham Alabama in 1963, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. described this reality eloquently when he said:

“A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. Any law that uplifts human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust… One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws”

From Plato’s organization of his Academy and efforts to shape a Philosopher King to beat the forces of the Persian Empire, to Cicero’s efforts to save the Roman Republic, to Augustine’s battles to save the soul of Christianity all the way to our present age, conspiracies for the good and counter-conspiracies for evil have shaped history. If one were to begin an investigation into history without an understanding that ideas and intentions caused the trajectory of history, as is the standard practice among history professors dominant in todays world, then one would become incapable of understanding anything essential about one’s own reality.

It is irrelevant that behaviorists and other fascists wish their victims to believe that history just happens simply because random short-sighted impulses kinetically drive events on a timeline- the truth of my claim exists for any serious truth seeker to discover it for themselves.

Back to our Present Sad State of Affairs

Now we all know that Sunstein spent the following years working as Obama’s Regulatory Czar alongside an army of fellow behaviorists who took control of all levers of policy making as outlined by Time Magazine’s April 13, 2009 article ‘How Obama is Using the Science of Change’. As the fabric of western civilization, and traditional values of family, gender, and even macro economic concepts like “development” were degraded during this period, the military industrial complex had a field day as Sunstein’s wife Samantha Power worked closely with Susan Rice in the promotion of “humanitarian bombings” of small nations under Soros’ Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

After the Great Reset Agenda was announced in June 2020, Sunstein was recruited to head the propaganda wing of the World Health Organization known as the WHO Technical Advisory Group where his skills in mass behavior modification was put to use in order to counteract the dangerous spread of conspiracy theories that persuaded large chunks of the world population that COVID-19 was part of a larger conspiracy to undermine national sovereignty and impose world government.

The head of WHO described Sunstein’s mandate in the following terms:

“In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are using a range of tools to influence behavior: Information campaigns are one tool, but so are laws, regulations, guidelines and even fines…That’s why behavioral science is so important.”

Today, hundreds of Obama-era behaviorists have streamed back into influential positions of government under the new “scientifically managed”, evidence-based governance coming back to life under Biden promising to undo the dark days of President Trump.

Ideologues who have been on record calling for world government, the elimination of the sick and elderly (see Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emmanuel’s Why I Hope to Die At 75), and population control are streaming back into positions of influence. If you think that anything they have done to return to power is unlawful, or antithetical to the principles of the Constitution, then these technocrats want you to know that you are a delusional conspiracy theorist and as such, represent a potential threat to yourself and the society of which you are but a part.

If you question World Health Organization narratives on COVID-19, or doubt the use of vaccines produced by organizations like Astra Zeneca due to their ties to eugenics organizations then you are a delusional conspiracy theorist.

If you doubt that global warming is caused by carbon dioxide or that implementing the Paris Climate accords may cause more damage to humanity than climate change ever could, then you must be a conspiracy theorist.

If you believe that the U.S. government just went through a regime change coordinated by something called “the deep state”, then you run the risk of being labelled a delusional threat to “the general welfare” deserving of the sort of treatment dolled out to any typical terrorist.

It appears that the many comforts we have taken for granted over the past 50-year drunken stupor called “globalization” are quickly coming to an end, and thankfully not one but two opposing intentions for what the new operating system will be are actively vying for control. This clash was witnessed in stark terms during the January 2021 Davos Summit, where Xi Jinping and Putin’s call for a new system of win-win cooperation, multipolarity and long-term development offset the unipolar zero-sum ideologues of the west seeking to undo the foundations of industrial civilization.

Either way you look at it, conspiracies for good and for evil do exist now, as they have from time immemorial. The only question is which intention do you want to devote your life towards?

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Prince Andrew’s ‘gold digger’ ex Koo Stark, 64, is hit with £285,000 court bill

Prince Andrew’s ex Koo Stark, 64, is hit with £285,000 court bill on top of her own six-figure costs after judge rejects ‘meritless’ claim her financier former lover, 61, agreed to pay her £50,000-a-year for life in 1997

By Rory Tingle For Mailonline11:39 16 Feb 2021, updated 13:37 16 Feb 2021

  • 8shares


  • Actress claimed ex promised support in return for stopping newspaper column
  • Denied by financier Warren ‘Robbie’ Walker who said agreement wasn’t binding
  • Judge has found against stark – who famously dated Prince Andrew in the 1980s 

Prince Andrew‘s former girlfriend Koo Stark has been hit with a £285,000 court bill on top of six-figure legal costs after a judge rejected a ‘meritless’ claim her financier former lover had agreed to pay her £50,000 a year for life. 

The actress – who famously dated the royal in the Eighties – was branded a ‘gold digger’ by ex Warren ‘Robbie’ Walker over her claims he promised in 1997 to give her the lump sum every year, plus household expenses, for life.ADVERTISEMENThttps://ca9b134b062762b24105433e08924af0.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html?n=0

The unmarried pair had just had a daughter and Ms Stark, 64, claimed the 61-year-old made the promise in return for her giving up plans to write what he regarded as a ‘distasteful’ newspaper column called ‘Diary of a Single Mother’.https://www.oo-syringe.com/prod/AMP/minute-media-player.html?content_type=specific&content_id=01ev70mdf0ek75pyv5%2301esryb7r7vba1k4sj

Koo Stark, 64, pictured outside the High Court at an earlier court hearing
Warren ‘Robbie’ Walker, 61

However, he only paid about two years’ worth of the £50,000 instalments before the relationship ended and – 20 years later – she took him to court in a fight over the cash.

Ms Stark claimed Mr Walker was in breach of his promise and a later agreement, in which he pledged to give her £200,000 to secure a home.

But Mr Walker insisted he did not owe her anything, claiming the two decades old agreements were not legally binding and in his evidence branding her a ‘gold-digger.’

Her bid was refused by a judge last year, but she took it to Court of Appeal judge Lady Justice Asplin, who has now thrown out her case, which she said was ‘totally without merit.’

The appeal judge said there was no point even allowing Ms Stark’s case to be heard in court because she stood no chance of winning and overturning the earlier decision.

Her appeal bid was based on simple disagreements with the judge’s findings and ‘unsubstantiated new points’ which had ‘no real prospect of success,’ said the judge.


The decision means Ms Stark has been left having to pay her ex’s lawyers’ bills – estimated at up to £285,000 – on top of her own costs, which are likely to also run into six figures.

The High Court heard last year that Ms Stark and Mr Warren met in 1994 and started a relationship, living together in a mews house in Knightsbridge, west London.

Ms Stark had been an actress and photographer, but more famously an ex of Prince Andrew – while Mr Walker was a financier with a guarded private life.

She told the court that, while pregnant with their child in 1996, she had been in negotiations with The Times to write a column called ‘Diary of a Single Mother’.


It did not come to fruition, but while pregnant a second time in 1997, the idea was raised again, she told the judge.

Unhappy with what he viewed as the ‘distasteful and unethical’ idea, Mr Walker made the £50,000 a year promise in a handwritten letter, she said.ADVERTISEMENThttps://ca9b134b062762b24105433e08924af0.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html?n=0

The letter stated that he would ‘guarantee’ her the ‘equivalent of £50,000’ a year out of ‘kindness and love.’

Ms Stark said Mr Walker had repeatedly told her that the promise was in return for her abandoning the ‘Diary of a Single Mother’ column idea.

Ms Stark claimed Mr Walker was in breach of his promise and a later agreement, in which he pledged to give her £200,000 to secure a home

He strongly disliked any form of publicity and was very keen to prevent it from happening, she said.

She claimed he told her his promise was ‘as good as a bank note’ and that he would treat her as a ‘wife or ex-wife.’

And she claimed the reference to ‘the equivalent of £50,000’ meant that the sums due to her should rise with inflation each year.

Relations between the couple broke down at the end of 1999 and a flurry of litigation has ensued in courts on both sides of the Atlantic in the years that followed.

In his ruling last March, Judge David Halpern QC said Ms Stark had been ‘understandably furious’ when, at one point during the second pregnancy, a lawyer of Mr Walker’s had ‘suggested that she had sought to blackmail Mr Walker by threatening to have an abortion.’

‘She was also understandably hurt at this travesty of the facts, given that the second pregnancy was aborted on medical grounds,’ he said.

Mr Walker accepted that the 1997 letter was in his handwriting, but said it was not intended to be a legally binding document.

He said he had made the promise to give Ms Stark some comfort and to smooth the way for him to continue having access to their child.

The court heard Mr Walker paid Ms Stark US$20,000 a quarter – equivalent to £50,000 a year – from September 1997 until the end of 1999.

She claimed that was evidence of him abiding initially by their agreement, whereas Mr Walker said they were voluntary payments to ensure contact with his daughter continued.

Ruling against Ms Stark, who he said had been ‘living beyond her means for many years,’ Judge Halpern said he did not consider the 1997 promise to be a binding agreement.

‘If Mr Walker had indeed made a binding agreement to pay her this sum in return for foregoing the opportunity to write for The Times, I would have expected him to have recorded this in the document,’ he said.ADVERTISEMENThttps://ca9b134b062762b24105433e08924af0.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html?n=0

‘I am not satisfied on the balance of probabilities that the opportunity to write a column for The Times was revived in 1997, nor that it was turned down in consideration of Mr Walker agreeing to pay her the sums set out in the letter.

‘Although it is not necessary for me to reach any firm conclusion as to the meaning and status of the document dated 20th September 1997, I conclude that it is likely that Mr Walker’s evidence is close to the truth.

‘He intended the document to look like a binding agreement in order to ensure that he would continue to have access to [their daughter].

‘He did so using formal language and by including a reference to the term ‘guarantee’ – which was meaningless in this context – but he was careful to add the words ‘love and kindness’ in order to ensure that it would not stand up in a court of law.

‘He intended it to be nothing more than a ‘gentleman’s agreement’, using that term in the ironic sense……’

Prince Andrew and Ms Stark, who dated in the 1980s, at Spencer House in London in 1999

The judge said there were many aspects of the agreement – including how long the payments would continue – that would have been negotiated if the former couple had meant it to be legally binding.

He said there was no evidence of a price being agreed for her to write the column and said he was not convinced that the column idea had been revived in 1997.

As to the 2001 promise to give her £200,000 to secure housing in the UK, the judge said the agreement was made in the context of family court proceedings relating to their then young child and was not intended for Ms Stark’s benefit.

Following the ruling, Ms Stark applied to the Court of Appeal for permission to challenge Judge Halpern’s ruling, but has now seen that application thrown out by Lady Justice Asplin.

The judge said her ‘repetitive and difficult to follow’ appeal grounds amounted to disagreements with findings of fact and new points which had not been put at the trial in the first place.

‘They raise no allegation of an error of law,’ she said.

She added: ‘The grounds of appeal have no real prospect of success and there is no compelling reason why this court should hear the appeal.

‘For all the above reasons, permission to appeal is refused. The grounds are totally without merit.’

The original case was heard in private due to issues surrounding their family court cases being discussed in evidence, although the judgment was delivered in public.

The former couple’s now adult daughter was referred to in Judge Halpern’s judgment as X and so cannot be identified for legal reasons.

Following Judge Halpern’s judgment, Ms Stark was ordered to pay Mr Warren’s lawyers’ bills, which are estimated at up to £285,000, with £150,000 on account pending full assessment.ADVERTISEMENThttps://ca9b134b062762b24105433e08924af0.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html?n=0

Her own legal costs are unknown. 

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Royal sources say there is now ‘no way back to official duties’ for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle…‘Stay at home’ message will be shown the door next month: Boris Johnson prepares to scrap ‘protect…Nicola Sturgeon reveals a roadmap out of restrictions (six days before Boris): First Minister…UK detects another 15 cases of South African Covid variant – while officials spot 42 infections of…Why did COVID fail to take off in India and has now collapsed? Mystery plunge in coronavirus baffles…Imperial College expert warns new coronavirus wave could kill tens of thousands of Britons by late…Next phase of UK’s Covid vaccine roll-out ‘will focus on ethnicity and NOT occupation’ as NHS aims…Britain records another 10,625 Covid cases in 14% week-on-week drop – while daily deaths plunge by a…Government tells 1.7million MORE people to shield in England – nearly doubling the original list -…Welcome to faulty towers, the border scheme that’s a security farce: SIAN BOYLE joins the first…EU vaccine rollout has been ‘a fiasco’ says former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt Boris Johnson ‘moves the goalposts’: Prime Minister says this must be the last lockdown… but warns…‘I’m a hostage’: Haunting videos recorded by Dubai Princess Latifa al Maktoum in ‘villa jail’ after…Two VERY different royal baby announcements: How the Palace told world of Meghan’s first pregnancy…‘Angel of Death’ child-killing nurse Beverley Allitt is given the Covid jab BEFORE now-30-year-old…Four travellers are fined £10,000 each after failing to declare they had arrived in the UK from…



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Not altogether my thoughts or squad,David Luiz could be good if he focused/tighten up a bit more?I wouldn’t sell Elneny,Pepe just never performed might as well spent £85 million on a hot dog vendor

Arsenal keep or sell: How Gunners squad could look in 2021/22 amid big-name exits

Mikel Arteta’s side have endured a season full of ups, downs and injuries – but how could their squad look when the summer transfer market reopens?

ByChris WheatleyArsenal correspondent

  • 17:12, 16 FEB 2021
  • UPDATED17:29, 16 FEB 2021
(R) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang celebrates scoring the 2nd Arsenal goal with (L) Gabriel, (2ndL) Hector Bellerin and (2ndR) Bukayo Saka (Image: Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

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Arsenal continue to look forward after getting a large part of their much-needed business done in January.

Those deals mostly centred around players getting paid off or loaned out and the business this summer is expected take a similar route.Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is key to Arsenal successhttps://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.441.0_en.html#goog_1554126992Play VideoTAP TO PLAYPIERRE-EMERICK AUBAMEYANG IS KEY TO ARSENAL SUCCESS

football.london understands the Gunners will look to sign a reserve left-back, whilst a young attacking talent is likely to be acquired with the futures of several players’ uncertain.

However, how many of the current squad should be kept on for the 201/22 campaign? We take a look at the squad dynamics going into another transfer window and assess which players should stay, be sold or loaned out.


Bernd Leno – Arsenal’s undisputed no.1 and an integral part of the team. – KEEP


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Mat Ryan – His contract expires with Brighton in the summer and it’s likely that Arsenal will sign him on a permanent deal. A good back-up option. – KEEP

Alex Runarsson – Hasn’t looked up to the required standard when he’s played so far and that situation seems unlikely to change. – SELL

Mat Ryan holds a football
Mat Ryan made his debut for Arsenal in the defeat against Aston Villa. (Image: (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images))


Hector Bellerin – A reliable outlet down the right hand side. His desire to return to Barcelona one day is well-known but at 25-years-old there’s plenty of time for that move to happen. – KEEPADVERTISEMENT

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Kieran Tierney – Arteta loves him and he’s a fans’ favourite already. Should be a mainstay at left-back for years to come. – KEEP


Gabriel Magahales – After an impressive start to life in north London, the Brazilian has had moments of uncertainties over the past few weeks. The talent is clear for all to see and he will be the future of the Gunners’ defence. – KEEP

Rob Holding – Recently signed a new long-term contract extension after his improved performances at the heart of defence. Homegrown and one of the club’s longest-serving players. – KEEP

David Luiz after fouling Willian Jose during Arsenal’s defeat to Wolves

Cedric Soares – A good utility player to have as he’s shown with his performances in an unorthodox left-back role recently. – KEEP

Calum Chambers – Returned from a long-term injury but is far down the pecking order and was available for a transfer in January. – SELL138339780121


Pablo Mari – Another experienced centre back option who did well when he came into the squad in late December. – KEEP

David Luiz – Worth keeping if he’s offered a player-coach role but not if he blocks the other young centre backs coming through. – LET CONTRACT EXPIRE


Thomas Partey – Signed for a £45million but has struggled with injuries. The Ghanian midfielder will take centre stage next season. – KEEP

Granit Xhaka – There’s a reason three managers have stuck by the Swiss midfielder. He remains an important part of the team and leads by example. – KEEP

Granit Xhaka has taken on the mantle of Arsenal’s midfield lynchpin in recent games.

Dani Ceballos – The Spaniard has already spoken of his desire to return to Real Madrid so it seems unlikely he will extend his stay at Arsenal. – RETURN

Martin Odegaard – Another player out-of-favour at Madrid but could revitalise his career in north London. If his performances are up to the required level, Arsenal should look to extend the loan deal or sign him permanently. – KEEP

Mohamed Elneny – A utility player who gets few games and could command a decent transfer fee in the summer. – SELL

Emile Smith Rowe – Undoubtedly the breakthrough star of the season after coming into the team against Chelsea in December. A supreme talent. – KEEP


Alexandre Lacazette – Coming into the peak of his career Arsenal have seen the best of Lacazette. The Frenchman will be sought after this summer and the Gunners should sell if the fee is at an acceptable level. – SELL

Willian – Arteta’s willingness to keep trying with the Brazilian is somewhat admirable, but clearly isn’t working. Arsenal should try to offload him in the summer. – SELL

Willian came on as a substitute for Arsenal against Leeds (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Respected by everyone at the club, Arsenal’s captain remains a vital part of the team and still an important player upfront. – KEEP

Nicolas Pepe – Finally showing what he can do. A player worth persisting for at least another season with as Arteta looks to get the best out of him. – KEEP


Reiss Nelson – Has struggled with injuries and found his game time limited. If he accepts it another loan would be beneficial, but the player could feel otherwise. – LOAN

Eddie Nketiah – A good talent who needs games but unlikely to lead the line for Arsenal anytime soon. – SELL

Gabriel Martinelli – One of the most exciting players in the current squad. Continues to improve and his enthusiasm is infectious. – KEEP

Out on loan (selected players)

Lucas Torreira – Never adapted to English football and will probably head to Italy or Spain if a suitable offer comes in this summer. – SELL

Midfielder Lucas Torreira is wanted by French outfit AS Monaco. (Image: David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images).

Ainsley Maitland-Niles – Fallen down the pecking order again and Arsenal will almost certainly get a good fee for him. – SELL

Dinos Mavropanos – At 23-years-old the Greek centre back has drawn plaudits for his solid performances at Stuttgart. Can easily compete for a place in defence – KEEP

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William Saliba – Has shown with his performances at Nice that he’s ready to play for the first team. – KEEP

Joe Willock – A good squad player as he’s currently showing at Newcastle. Worth keeping around if he’s happy to be a bit-part player. – KEEP

Sead Kolasinac – Doesn’t have a future at Arsenal and the club will look to sell him this summer. – SELLhttps://www.facebook.com/v2.8/plugins/like.php?action=like&app_id=&channel=https%3A%2F%2Fstaticxx.facebook.com%2Fx%2Fconnect%2Fxd_arbiter%2F%3Fversion%3D46%23cb%3Df39ff229fe60bb%26domain%3Dwww.football.london%26origin%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.football.london%252Ff25b93b34d85f28%26relation%3Dparent.parent&container_width=0&href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FAFCFootballLondon&layout=button_count&locale=en_GB&sdk=joey&share=false&show_faces=false&size=large&width=300Follow @ArsenalFC_fl


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Timo Werner able to recreate RB Leipzig specialty thanks to Thomas Tuchel’s tactical alterationCHELSEA

What happened to Arsenal’s Champions League heroes that toppled Barcelona a decade onARSENAL

‘Can’t wait!’ – Excited Tottenham fans react to Sergio Reguilon’s major two-word injury updateSERGIO REGUILON

Arsenal to speak with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after alleged Covid-19 lockdown breachPIERRE-EMERICK AUBAMEYANG

The Jose Mourinho decision that he needs to reconsider and it’s not to do with Bale or Dele AlliJAPHET TANGANGA

Julian Nagelsmann has already revealed when he could replace Jose Mourinho at TottenhamJULIAN NAGELSMANN

Thomas Tuchel has discovered his surprise Chelsea undroppable following 2-0 win vs NewcastleMATEO KOVACIC138339779845


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Official history is merely a veil to hide the truth of what really happened. When the veil is lifted, again and again we see that not only is the official version not true, it is often 100% wrong.

Was one of the greatest “criminals” in history ADOLF HITLER a Rothschild ??

by David Icke from DavidIcke Website   

Official history is merely a veil to hide the truth of what really happened. When the veil is lifted, again and again we see that not only is the official version not true, it is often 100% wrong.

Take the Rothschilds, the bloodline formerly known, among other names, as the Bauers, one of the most notorious black occult bloodlines of Middle Ages Germany. It became known as Rothschild (red-shield or rotes-schild in German) in the 18th century when a financial dynasty was founded in Frankfurt by Mayer Amschel Rothschild working in league with the Illuminati House of Hesse and others. They took their name from the red shield or hexagram/Star of David on the front of their house in Frankfurt. The Star of David or Seal of Solomon is an ancient esoteric symbol and only became associated with Jewish people after the Rothschilds adopted it for themselves. It has absolutely no connection to “David” or “Solomon“, as Jewish historical sources confirm. The Rothschilds are one of the top Illuminati bloodlines on the planet and they are shape-shifting reptilians (see The Biggest Secret).

Guy de Rothschild, of the French House, heads this bloodline dynasty today. He is one of the most grotesque exponents of trauma-based mind control, indeed the top man according to many of those who have suffered mercilessly under his torture. I am always loath to use the world evil, but if evil is the reverse of live, Guy de Rothschild is thoroughly evil. He stands for the opposite of life. He has been personally responsible for the torture and death of millions of children and adults, either directly or through those he controls. He conducts satanic rituals, as all these bloodlines have always done, and goodness knows how many human sacrifices he has been involved in.

If what I am saying is wrong, Guy de Rothschild, then take me to court and lets reveal the evidence. You are a multi-billionaire and you control the courts and the media. I have next to nothing. I should, therefore, be a pushover. So come on, Mr. Rothschild, lets have you. Lets take these claims into the public arena and have you and me in the witness box. Make my day.

Already I can hear the clamor gathering to condemn me as “anti-semitic” because the Rothschilds claim to be “Jewish.” Organizations like the Anti-Defamation League and B’nai B’rith have already made strenuous efforts to label me in this way for exposing the Rothschilds and to stop me speaking in public. How funny then that both organizations were created by, and continue to be bankrolled by, the Rothschilds. Just a co-incidence, nothing to worry about. B’nai Brith means, appropriately, “Sons of the Alliance” and was established by the Rothschilds in 1843 as an intelligence arm and to defame and destroy legitimate researchers with the label “anti semitic.” Many of their speakers openly supported slavery during the American Civil War and today they seek to condemn some black leaders as “anti-semitic” or “racist!” Every year, the Anti Defamation League award their “Torch of Liberty” (the classic Illuminati symbol) to the person they believe has served their cause the most. One year they gave it to Morris Dalitz, an intimate of the notorious Meyer Lansky crime syndicate which terrorized America. Perfect choice.

Of course, the strength of feeling that fans the flames of condemnation against anyone dubbed “anti-semitic” today is the sickening persecution of Jewish people by the Nazis of Adolf Hitler. To expose or question the actions of the Rothschilds or any other Jewish person or organization is to be called a “nazi” and “anti-semitic”, that all-encompassing label which has discredited so many researchers and stopped them having the opportunity to speak in public because of protest by unthinking robot radicals and the refusal of venues to host their meetings. I have had this from time to time, not least in eastern Canada thanks to a campaign by B’nai B’rith and the Anti-Defamation League (which spends it’s entire time trying to defame people). Both organizations, I repeat, are Rothschild created and controlled.

How strange then, that as I have documented in And The Truth Shall Set You Free and The Biggest Secret, along with endless other researchers and scholars, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were created and funded by… the Rothschilds. It was they who arranged for Hitler to come to power through the Illuminati secret societies in Germany like the Thule Society and the Vril Society which they created through their German networks; it was the Rothschilds who funded Hitler through the Bank of England and other British and American sources like the Rothschild’s Kuhn, Loeb, bank which also funded the Russian Revolution.

The very heart of Hitler’s war machine was the chemical giant, I.G. Farben, which had an American arm that was controlled by the Rothschilds through their lackeys, the Warburgs. Paul Warburg, who manipulated into existence the privately-owned “central bank” of America, the Federal Reserve, in 1913, was on the board of American I.G. Indeed Hitler’s I.G. Farben, which ran the slave labour camp at Auchwitz, was, in reality, a division of Standard Oil, officially owned by the Rockefellers, but in truth the Rockefeller empire was funded into existence by… the Rothschilds. See And The Truth Shall Set You Free and The Biggest Secret for the detailed background of this and other aspects of this story. The Rothschilds also owned the German news agencies during both World Wars and thus controlled the flow of “information” to Germans and the outside world. Incidentally, when Allied troops entered Germany they found that the I.G. Farben factories, the very core of Hitler’s war operation, had not been hit by the mass bombing and neither had Ford factories – another Illuminati supporter of Hitler. Other factories nearby had been demolished by bombing raids.

So the force behind Adolf Hitler, on behalf of the Illuminati, was the House of Rothschild, this “Jewish” bloodline which claims to support and protect the Jewish faith and people. In fact they use and sickeningly abuse the Jewish people for their own horrific ends. The Rothschilds, like the Illuminati in general, treat the mass of the Jewish people with utter contempt. They are, like the rest of the global population, just cattle to be used to advance the agenda of global control and mastery by a network of interbreeding bloodlines, impregnated with a reptilian genetic code, and known to researchers as the Illuminati.

Indeed, the Illuminati are so utterly obsessed with bloodline, because of this reptilian genetic code, that there was no way that someone like Hitler would come to power in those vital circumstances for the Illuminati, unless he was of the reptilian bloodline. If you look elsewhere on this website you will see how the same bloodline has held the positions of royal, aristocratic, financial, political, military, and media power in the world for literally thousands of years. This is the bloodline that has produced ALL 42 of the Presidents of the United States since and including George Washington in 1789. It is the bloodline of the runaway favorite to win the 2000 election, George W. Bush. The World War Two leaders, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin, were of the bloodline and also Freemasons and Satanists. They were manipulated into office, and their country’s war effort funded, by the Rothschilds and the other Illuminati bloodlines.

So are we to believe, therefore, that although this same group provably funded Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and his war machine, that he would be the odd one out, a leader of crucial importance to the agenda who was NOT bloodline?

But hold on. Hitler couldn’t be the same bloodline as, say, the Rothschilds because, as we all know, the Rothschilds are defenders of Jewish people and Hitler slaughtered them, along with communists and gypsies and others who opposed him or he wanted to eliminate. The Rothschilds are Jewish, they’d never do that.

Oh really.

According to a book by a psychoanalyst, Walter Langer, called The Mind of Hitler, not only was Hitler supported by the Rothschilds, he WAS a Rothschild. This revelation fits like a glove with the actions of the Rothschilds and other Illuminati bloodlines in Germany who brought Hitler to the fore as dictator of that nation. He was also supported by the British Royal Family, the House of Windsor (in truth the German House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha), and these included the British royal “war hero”, Lord Mountbatten, a Rothschild and a Satanist. Their royal relatives in Germany, who you would never have thought would normally support an apparent guy from the street like Hitler, were among his most enthusiastic supporters. But, of course, they knew who he really was. There is no way in the world when you do any study of the Illuminati obsession with bloodline that Hitler would not have been one of them. Langer writes:”Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. It was generally supposed that the father of Alois Hitler (Schicklgruber) was Johann Georg Hiedler. There are some people who seriously doubt that Johann Georg Hiedler was the father of Alois… (an Austrian document was) prepared that proved Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived.At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back home… where Alois was born.”Langer’s information came from the high level Gestapo officer, Hansjurgen Koehler, published in 1940, under the title “Inside the Gestapo“. He writes about the investigations into Hitler’s background carried out by the Austrian Chancellor, Dolfuss, in the family files of Hitler.

Koehler actually viewed a copy of the Dolfuss documents which were given to him by Heydrich, the overlord of the Nazi Secret Service. The file, he wrote, “caused such havoc as no file in the world ever caused before” (Inside the Gestapo, p 143). He also revealed that:”..The second bundle in the blue file contained the documents collected by Dolfuss. The small statured, but big-hearted Austrian Chancellor must have known by such a personal file he might be able to check Hitler…His task was not difficult; as ruler of Austria he could easily find out about the personal data and family of Adolf Hitler, who had been born on Austrian soil…Through the original birth certificates, police registration cards, protocols, etc., all contained in the original file, the Austrian Chancellor succeeded in piecing together the disjointed parts of the puzzle, creating a more or less logical entity.

A little servant girl… (Hitler’s grandmother)… came to Vienna and became a domestic servant, mostly working for rather rich families. But she was unlucky; having been seduced, she was about to bear a child. She went home to her village for her confinement… Where was the little maid serving in Vienna? This was not a very difficult problem.Very early Vienna had instituted the system of compulsory police registration. Both servants and the employers were exposed to heavy fines if they neglected this duty. Chancellor Dolfuss managed to discover the registration card. The little, innocent maid had been a servant at the…Rothschild mansion. ..and Hitler’s unknown grandfather must be probably looked for in this magnificent house. The Dolfuss file stopped at this statement.”Was Hitler’s determination to take over Austria anything to do with his desire to destroy records of his lineage?

A correspondent who has extensively researched this subject writes:”It appears to me that Hitler knew about his connection long before his Chancellorship. Like his father before him, when the going got rough, the Hitlers went to Vienna. Hitler’s father left his home village at an early age to seek his fortune in Vienna. When Hitler was orphaned, after his mother died in December of 1907, he left for Vienna not long after the funeral.There he seemed to drop out of sight for ten months! What happened during this ten-month stay in Vienna is a complete mystery on which history sheds no light. It makes sense, now that it has become established that Hitler was a Rothschild, that he and his cousins were getting acquainted, and his potential for future family endeavors was being sized up”.The Rothschilds and the Illuminati produce many offspring out of wedlock in their secret breeding programs and these children are brought up under other names with other parents. Like Bill Clinton, who is almost certainly a Rockefeller produced in the same way, these “ordinary kids from ordinary backgrounds” go on to be extraordinarily successful in their chosen field. Hitler, too, would have produced unofficial children to maintain his strand of the bloodline and there will obviously be people of his bloodline alive today.

So which Rothschild was the grandfather of Hitler? My thanks to a website correspondent for the additional, updated, information to this article, a man has researched this story in some detail. Alois, Hitler’s father, was born in 1837 in the period when Salomon Mayer was the only Rothschild who lived at the Vienna mansion. Even his wife did not live there because their marriage was so bad that she stayed in Frankfurt. Their son, Anselm Salomon spent most of his working life in Paris and Frankfurt away from Vienna and his father.

Father Salomon Mayer, living alone at the Vienna mansion where Hitler’s grandmother worked, is the prime, most obvious candidate. And Hermann von Goldschmidt, the son of Salomon Mayer’s senior clerk, wrote a book, published in 1917, which said of Salomon:”…by the 1840s he had developed a somewhat reckless enthusiasm for young girls..”


“He had a lecherous passion for very young girls, his adventures with whom had to be hushed up by the police.”And Hitler’s grandmother, a young girl working under the same roof would not have been the subject of Salomon’s desire? And this same girl became pregnant while working there? And her grandson becomes the Chancellor of Germany, funded by the Rothschilds, and he started the Second World War which was so vital to the Rothschild-Illuminati agenda? And the Illuminati are obsessed with putting their bloodlines into power on all “sides” in a conflict? And the Rothschilds are one of their most key bloodlines? And it is all a co-incidence?

The Second World War was incredibly productive for the Illuminati agenda of global control. It led to an explosion of globally-centralized institutions, like the United Nations and the European Community, now Union, and many others in finance, business, and the military. Precisely what they wanted. It also put countries under an enormous burden of debt on loans provided to all sides by… the Rothschilds and the Illuminati.

The Rothschilds had long had a plan to create a personal fiefdom for themselves and the Illuminati in Palestine and that plan involved manipulating Jewish people to settle the area as their “homeland.” Charles Taze Russell, of the Illuminati-reptilian Russell bloodline, was the man who founded the Watchtower Society, better known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He was a Satanist, a pedophile according to his wife, and most certainly Illuminati. His new “religion (mind-control cult) was funded by the Rothschilds and he was a friend of theirs, just like the founders of the Mormons who were also Rothschild-funded through Kuhn, Loeb, and Co. Russell and the Mormon founders were all Freemasons. In 1880, Charles Taze Russell, this friend of the Rothschilds, predicted that the Jews would return to their homeland. It was about the only prediction Russell ever got right. Why? Because he knew that was the plan. He wrote to the Rothschilds praising their efforts to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Then, in 1917, came the famous Balfour Declaration, when the British Foreign Minister, Lord Balfour, stated on behalf of his government that they supported the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Now when you hear that phrase, the Balfour Declaration, you get the feeling that it was some kind of statement or public announcement. But not so.

The Balfour declaration was a letter from Lord Balfour to… Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild. Researchers say that the letter was in fact WRITTEN by Lord Rothschild and his employee, the banker, Alfred Milner. Now get this. One of the most important secret societies of the 20th century is called the Round Table. It is based in Britain with branches across the world. It is the Round Table that ultimately orchestrates the network of the Bilderberg GroupCouncil on Foreign RelationsTrilateral Commission and the Royal Institute of International Affairs. See my books for details. How fascinating then, that Lord Balfour was an inner circle member of the Round Table, Alfred Milner was the Round Table’s official leader after the death of Cecil Rhodes, and the Round Table was funded by… Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild. These were the very three people involved in the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

Two years later, in 1919, came the Versailles Peace Conference near Paris when the elite of the Round Table from Britain and the United States, people like Alfred Milner, Edward Mandel House, and Bernard Baruch, were appointed to represent their countries at the meetings which decided how the world would be changed as a result of the war these same people had created. They decided to impose impossible reparations payments on Germany, so ensuring the collapse of the post-war Weimar Republic amid unbelievable economic collapse and thus create the very circumstances that brought the Rothschild, Hitler, to power. It was while in Paris that these Illuminati, Round Table, members met at the Hotel Majestic to begin the process of creating the Bilderberg-CFR-RIIA-Trilateral Commission network. They also decided at Versailles that they now all supported the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. As I show in my books, EVERY ONE of them was either a Rothschild bloodline or was controlled by them.

The American President, Woodrow Wilson, was “advised” at Versailles by Colonel House and Bernard Baruch, both Rothschild clones and leaders of the Round Table in the United States; The British Prime Minister, Lloyd George, was “advised” by Alfred Milner, Rothschild employee and Round Table leader, and Sir Phillip Sassoon, a direct descendent of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the dynasty; The French leader, Georges Clemenceau, was “advised” by his Minister for the Interior, Georges Mandel, whose real name was Jeroboam Rothschild.

Who do you think was making the decisions here??

But it went further. Also in the American delegation were the Dulles brothers, John Foster Dulles, who would become US Secretary of State, and Allen Dulles, who would become first head of the new CIA after World War Two. The Dulles brothers were bloodline, would later be supporters of Hitler, and were employed by the Rothschilds at Kuhn, Loeb, and Co. They were also involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles would serve on the Warren Commission which investigated the assassination. The American delegation at Versailles was also represented by the Rothschild-controlled, Paul Warburg, of Kuhn, Loeb and the American branch of I.G. Farben, while the German delegation included his brother, Max Warburg, who would become Hitler’s banker!! Their host in France during the “peace” conference was… Baron Edmond de Rothschild, the leading force at the time pressing for the creation of a Jewish homeland in Israel. See my books for fine detail.

The Rothschilds have always been the true force behind the Zionist Movement. Zionism is in fact SIONism, Sion = the Sun, hence the name of the elite secret society behind the Merovingian bloodline, the Priory of Sion. Contrary to most people’s understanding, Zionism is not the Jewish people. Many Jews are not Zionists and many non-Jews are. Zionism is a political movement, not a race. To say Zionism is the Jewish people is like saying the Democratic Party is the American people. Jewish people who oppose Zionism, however, have been given a very hard time.

Now, having manipulated their puppet-governments to support their plan for a personal fiefdom in the Middle East, the Rothschilds began the process of settling Jewish people in Palestine. As always they treated their own people with contempt. Enter Baron Edmond de Rothschild, the “Father of Israel”, who died in 1934, the man who hosted the Versailles “peace” delegations. Edmond was from the French House, like Guy de Rothschild. Edmond, in fact, began to settle Jews in Palestine as far back as the 1880s (when Charles Taze Russell was making his prediction). He financed Russian Jews to establish settlements in Palestine, but it was nothing to do with their freedom or birthright, it was to advance the Rothschild-Illuminati agenda. Edmond financed the creation of farms and factories and ran the whole operation with a rod of iron. The Jewish farmers were told what to grow and they soon found out who was in charge if they questioned his orders. In 1901, these Jewish people complained to Rothschild about this dictatorship over their settlement or “Yishuv”. They asked him:”..if you wish to save the Yishuv, first take your hands from it, and…for once permit the colonists to have the possibility of correcting for themselves whatever needs correcting..”Baron Rothschild replied:”I created the Yishuv, I alone. Therefore no men, neither colonists nor organizations, have the right to interfere in my plans..”In one sentence, you have the true attitude of the Rothschilds to Jewish people, and indeed, the human population in general. These people are NOT Jews, they are a non-human bloodline with a reptilian genetic code who hide behind the Jewish people and use them as a screen and a means to an end. According to Simon Schama’s book, Two Rothschilds and the Land of Israel (Collins, London, 1978), the Rothschilds acquired 80% of the land of Israel.

Edmond de Rothschild worked closely with Theodore Herzl, who just happened to be the founder of Zionism, the political movement created to ensure a “Jewish” homeland in Palestine. Rothschild was also the power behind Chaim Weizmann, another leader of Zionism. As Rothschild told Weizmann:”Without me Zionism would not have succeeded, but without Zionism my work would have been stuck to death.”So now with the Rothschilds increasing their financing of Jewish settlements in Palestine, and with their agents in governments officially supporting their plans for a Rothschild, sorry Jewish, homeland, they needed a catalyst which would demolish Arab protests at the take-over of their country. That catalyst was the horrific treatment of Jews in Germany and the countries they conquered by the Rothschild-funded Nazis and one of their own, a Rothschild called Adolf Hitler.

The wave of revulsion at the Nazi concentration camps gave vital and, in the end, crucial impetus to the Rothschild agenda. It was they who funded the Jewish terrorist operations like the Stern Gang and Irgun, which committed mayhem and murder to bring the State of Rothschild (Israel) into being in 1948. These terrorist groups, who slaughtered Jewish people with equal enthusiasm, were led by the very people who later rose to lead the new Israel… people like Menachem Begin, David Ben-Gurion, Yitzhak Rabin, and Yitzhak Shamir. It was these Rothschild-controlled Zionist gangs who murdered the international mediator Count Bernadotte on September 17, 1948, apparently because he had been intending to present a new partition resolution to the United Nations.

And the Rothschilds were not satisfied with causing the unimaginable suffering of Jewish people under the Nazis, they also stole their wealth when the war was over, just as they stole the Russian wealth during the revolution they had financed.

In early 1998, during a speaking tour of South Africa, I had a personal meeting with P.W. Botha, the apartheid President of South Africa during the 1980s. The invitation came out of the blue when I was speaking a few miles from his home. We spoke for an hour and a half about the manipulation of South Africa and it was not long before names like Henry Kissinger, Lord Carrington, and the Rothschilds came up.”I had some strange dealings with the English Rothschilds in Cape Town when I was president”, he said, and he went on to tell me a story that sums up the Rothschilds so perfectly.He said they had asked for a meeting with him and his foreign minister, the Illuminati operative, Pik Botha (no relation). At that meeting, he said, the Rothschilds told him there was massive wealth in Swiss bank accounts which once belonged to German Jews and it was available for investment in South Africa if they could agree an interest rate. This is the very wealth, stolen from German Jews who suffered under the Nazis, which has come to light amid great scandal in recent years. The Rothschilds have been making a fortune from it since the war!! Botha told me he refused to accept the money, but Pik Botha left the meeting with the Rothschilds and he could not be sure that they did not come to some arrangement.

Breathtaking? Of course it is, but the world is not how we think it is.

To this day the Rothschilds continue to control the State that has their family symbol on it’s flag and it is they who use that country and its people to maintain the conflict, both within its borders and with surrounding Arab countries, which has allowed the Illuminati-Rothschilds to control their so called “Arc of Crisis” in the Middle East through divide, rule, and conquer. It has allowed them, not least, to control the oil-producing countries since the war when the oil really came on line.











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Return to The Rothschild 
Hitler receives the salute of the Columns in Adolf Hitler Platz during the Reichs Party Congress in Nuremburg Germany. 9i
Adolf Hitler salutes troops of the Condor Legion who fought alongside Spanish Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, during a rally upon their return to Germany, 1939.
Nazi criminals

New Covid variant found in UK

New Covid variant found in UK | 1.7million more people told to shield | Inside quarantine hotel

the coronavirus briefing header
Mirror    Covid-19    Politics    News    |    Sign In 
More people told to shieldWelcome to today’s briefingThe Government has identified almost two million more people at greater risk from Covid who will be ordered to shield.The NHS will send letters to patients in the coming weeks and allow them to move up their vaccine priority group.Medics and Oxford University researchers have analysed data on those hospitalised or who died during the pandemic so far to calculate those in the population at risk.The new risk assessment computer model will add a further 1.7 million people in England to around two million already on the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ list.Of these an estimated 900,000 have already had the offer of a vaccine because they are aged over 70, the remaining 800,000 will be placed on the vaccine priority list.Advice is currently to shield until at least the end of February. The change is thought to be in England only for now.This new group are deemed vulnerable due to a combination of less serious conditions and risk factors which taken together make them vulnerable.Venues could demand punters show they’ve had the Covid vaccine, the Vaccines Minister said today.Nadhim Zahawi said the government was looking at rapid Covid testing for people before they go to an event.But asked if venues like cinemas could choose to demand people prove their vaccine status, he told BBC Breakfast: “Well, it’s obviously up to businesses what they do.“But at the moment we don’t yet have the evidence of the effect of the vaccines on transmission.“It’s much better, as the Prime Minister quite rightly focused on, that you look at rapid testing. That’s the way forward.”Boris Johnson has suggested mass vaccine coverage and the use of rapid lateral flow testing are the best way to reopen “the toughest nuts to crack” in the hospitality industry.The World Health Organisation’s special envoy on Covid-19, Dr David Nabarro, backed the Prime Minister’s approach.He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “The secret to getting life back to some degree of normality for most of us is going to be the availability of really reliable, super-quick tests.“That will make movement so, so much easier. I think that the certificates for vaccination are likely to be required more for international travel and other such activities where you’re actually going into a different jurisdiction. But for moving around (domestically) it will be rapid tests.”

Watch out Los Angeles!

A strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Vanuatu.

The tremor hit 90 kilometres west of Port-Vila at about 12pm local time on Tuesday, according to the US Geological Survey. 

The earthquake struck at a depth of 10 kilometres.

There are no tsunami warnings following the shock. A strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Port-Vila, Vanuatu (pictured)+2

A strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Port-Vila, Vanuatu (pictured)

It comes less than a week after the area was rocked by a 7.7-magnitude earthquake, which triggered a small tsunami.Read More

The quake struck at just after midnight on Thursday local time about 415 kilometres east of Vao in New Caledonia at a depth of 10 kilometres.

The US government’s NWS Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said ‘hazardous tsunami waves’ were forecast for some coasts.

It said waves reaching between 0.3 and one metre above the tide level were possible for Fiji, New Zealand and Vanuatu.




A wave of 0.3 metres struck Fiji, according to the Twitter feed of the island nation’s seismology department.

However, Fiji Seismology later cancelled its tsunami warning.

‘The seismology observatory upon its assessments has now verified and confirmed the cancellation of the warning and ‘all clear information’ (is) issued to the whole Fiji group,’ it said.The tremor hit 90 kilometres west of Port-Vila at about 12pm local time on Tuesday, at a depth of 10 kilometres, according to the US Geological Survey+2

The tremor hit 90 kilometres west of Port-Vila at about 12pm local time on Tuesday, at a depth of 10 kilometres, according to the US Geological Survey

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology confirmed in a tweet that a tsunami had been generated.

The bureau warned of a threat to Lord Howe Island, which is about 550 kilometres (340 miles) east of Australia’s mainland, but said there was no need for evacuations.

Locals in the Vanuatu capital Port Vila said they felt the quake but there was no damage from either the shake or subsequent waves. 


Line-up for Leeds felt very reminiscent of Wenger

IN ASSOCIATION WITHARSENAL-FOOTBALL.LONDONFor all the latest Arsenal news like us on Facebook

Mikel Arteta has discovered his latest Arsenal undroppables after Leeds United win

The Gunners returned to winning ways with a 4-2 win over Leeds United on Sunday afternoon, and some fans have picked out two impressive performers at the Emiratesfootballlondon

Following the 1-0 defeat against Aston Villa last weekend, the Gunners manager admitted his side’s lack of efficiency and consistent threat in the final third was becoming a big concern for him.

“I’m not really interested in the possession – it’s the positions that we take with that possession, the spaces we attack and how many open situations we create,” Arteta said. “It’s about the final pass, the final move, the one-on-one situations where of course you have to hit the target, the cut-backs, the deliveries into the box.

“All those things we have to improve because with the numbers we produce in the final third, we have to be hitting the target at least 10 or 12 times.


“And then the fact that Villa had more shots on target as well is because we gave them – apart from the goal – another three or four big situations where they were open to shoot on target.”

In an attempt to correct the problem, Arteta named a very attacking line-up for the visit of Leeds.

Arsenal are targeted every week by teams – Arteta

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was restored to his natural centre-forward role with Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard, and Emile Smith Rowe all providing support from midfield.

It’s safe to say the decision paid off as the Gunners scored four goals – three of which came from Aubameyang – and had chances to make the scoreline even more comfortable.

But was that a one-time experiment, or will Arteta stick to this formula in the coming weeks?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang celebrates scoring against Leeds United with Emile Smith Rowe and Cedric Soares (Photo by James Williamson – AMA/Getty Images)

With everyone fit, it can be argued that Bernd Leno, Kieran Tierney, Thomas Partey, Saka, Smith Rowe, and Aubameyang are the automatic starters in Arteta’s strongest team.

And the reaction from many Gunners supporters on Reddit as well as Twitter is that Odegaard’s name should be added to the list.

Furthermore, there have also been a couple of shouts for Gabriel Magalhaes to be installed as the first-choice central defensive option.

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Qtn68 said: “Arteta’s plan to surround Auba with 3 creators was interesting and obviously worked perfectly with the amount of chances created and Auba’s perf.

“The more option we have the more dangerous we will be!

connaught44 said: “If you’re going to play Auba centrally you need a lot of creators around him, which we haven’t had until recently. That line-up yesterday felt very reminiscent of Wenger.”


Madeleine McCann suspect is seen ‘standing in abandoned factory where he stored child porn’

Madeleine McCann suspect is seen ‘standing in abandoned factory where he stored child porn’ in photo taken by girlfriend in 2009

  • Newly-released image showsChristian Brueckner inside a disused box factory in Neuwegersleben, Germany
  • Photo taken by an ex-girlfriend, identified only as M, who lived with him in a nearby motorhome around 2009  
  • Woman said Brueckner encouraged her to take the photo, and wanted her to ‘do the place up’ before they split
  • Police searching the site years later over disappearance of another girl found Brueckner hid child porn there


PUBLISHED: 15:32, 15 February 2021 | UPDATED: 17:00, 15 February 2021

The prime suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has been pictured inside an abandoned box factory where he stored child porn. 

Christian Brueckner, 44, can be seen standing in the rubbish-strewn and graffitied warehouse in Neuwegersleben some time around 2009 – the same site where police would later find USB sticks containing images of child abuse.

The image shows the inside of a concrete building, stood on land that Brueckner had earlier bought at auction. Painted white walls can be seen covered in cobwebs, filled-in holes and snipped wires in the background.Read More

On the floor are what appear to be decorating tools – pots of paint, rolls of paper, loose wiring and an electrical heater. A ladder stands next to Brueckner, while behind it are what appears to be a spare window and a paint roller, alongside other pieces of rubbish.

Danish TV journalists were shown the image by one of Brueckner’s ex-girlfriends, now 62 and identified only as M, who lived with him in a motorhome near the factory for a time around 2009.

An image of Christian Brueckner standing inside an abandoned factory where police later discovered he had buried a stash of child porn has been revealed for the first time+5

An image of Christian Brueckner standing inside an abandoned factory where police later discovered he had buried a stash of child porn has been revealed for the first time

The image will feature in a new documentary, Prime Suspect: The Madeleine McCann Case, which will air on Discovery Plus.

Brueckner’s ex said she met him at an over-30s dating event in 2009 and agreed to go with him after he offered to let her live in the motorhome for free.

He later showed her the inside of the factory where he asked her to take photos of him and said he wanted her to ‘do the place up’. 

‘He then started drinking more and more and he would come home at 2 and 3 in the morning. By this time I had had too much’ and she split up with him, she told the film-makers.

The documentary also features Brueckner’s friends, his defense lawyer, the German prosecutor for the case and former Portuguese investigator Goncalo Amaral. 

German police searched the factory site in 2016 while investigating Brueckner over the disappearance of another girl – Inga Gehricke, known as the ‘German Maddie’.

During the search police uncovered a red and white RV, and inside officers found a stash of girls’ swimming costumes

ShareThe image was revealed by one of Brueckner's ex-girlfriends, who lived with him in a nearby motorhome for a time (pictured, the vehicle where they are thought to have stayed)+5

The image was revealed by one of Brueckner’s ex-girlfriends, who lived with him in a nearby motorhome for a time (pictured, the vehicle where they are thought to have stayed) Police searching the motorhome years later while investigating the disappearance of German girl Inga Gehricke found a stash of girls' swimming costumes inside+5

Police searching the motorhome years later while investigating the disappearance of German girl Inga Gehricke found a stash of girls’ swimming costumes inside 

Those who knew the convicted paedophile said he had previously bragged that he could hide ‘drugs and children’ inside the van.

It is unclear when exactly he bought the vehicle, a 30-year-old Tiffin Allegro, but he was known to drive it between Germany and Portugal, where Maddie vanished.

Police have previously released images and a description of another van – a yellow and white VW camper – which he is thought to have owned around the time that Maddie disappeared, in 2007. 

Also during the factory search, police found USB drives containing 8,000 images – mostly depicting child porn and other abuse – which had been buried.

The drives were wrapped in a plastic bag and were in a shallow grave that also contained the body of Brueckner’s dog, which had died some time earlier.

Brueckner, now 43, was convicted of possessing the child porn but not charged in relation to Inga.

German prosecutors have also said they believe Brueckner kidnapped and killed Madeleine, though have not charged him with the crime. 

German prosecutors have identified Brueckner as the prime suspect in Madeleine's disappearance, but have not yet charged him and are appealing for more information+5

German prosecutors have identified Brueckner as the prime suspect in Madeleine’s disappearance, but have not yet charged him and are appealing for more information Brueckner has a long history of offending including convictions for child abuse that date back as far as 1994, and was known to frequent the Algarve+5

Brueckner has a long history of offending including convictions for child abuse that date back as far as 1994, and was known to frequent the Algarve

They are currently appealing for anyone who knows Brueckner and was around the resort of Praia da Luz on the night of May 3, when Maddie vanished, to contact them.

Prosecutors also claim to be in possession of evidence that Madeleine is dead, but have yet to reveal what it is. 

Brueckner is currently serving a seven-and-a-half year sentence in a German prison for the 2005 rape of an American tourist in the Algarve.

He has previously been convicted of molesting a six-year-old girl in his native Germany, and has convictions for drug smuggling.

Brueckner’s lawyer Friedrich Fulscher says his client has denied any involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance. 


One reason the previous outbreak was so deadly was because the virus wasn’t detected quickly and local authorities and the international community were slow to act when cases first popped up in a rural part of Guinea.

“I confirm it’s Ebola. The results prove it,” Minister of Health told Associated Press by phone.

An Ebola Epidemic Has Been Declared

In this file photo taken on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014, health care workers load a man suspected of suffering from the Ebola virus onto an ambulance in Kenema, Sierra Leone. file photo taken on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014, health care workers load a man suspected of suffering from the Ebola virus onto an ambulance in Kenema, Sierra Leone. (Tanya Bindra / AP)By The Associated Press

Published February 14, 2021 at 7:25am

Health officials in Guinea on Sunday confirmed that at least three people have died from Ebola there, the first cases declared since it was one of three West African nations to fight the world’s deadliest Ebola epidemic that ended five years ago.

An additional four people are confirmed with Ebola, according to a statement from the ministry of health. All seven positive cases attended the funeral of a nurse in Goueke on Feb. 1 and later showed Ebola symptoms including a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, said the ministry statement.

The government has declared an Ebola epidemic and started contact tracing and isolating suspected cases. It’s also sent an emergency team to support local teams in Goueke and has accelerated the procurement of Ebola vaccines from the World Health Organization.

“I confirm it’s Ebola. The results prove it,” Minister of Health Remy Lamah told The Associated Press by phone.

The patients were tested for Ebola after showing symptoms of hemorrhagic fever and those who came in contact with the sick are already in isolation, said officials.

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Guinea’s announcement comes one week after eastern Congo confirmed it also had cases. The cases are not linked.

Health experts in Guinea say these latest cases could be a major setback for the impoverished nation, already battling COVID-19 and which is still recovering from the previous Ebola outbreak, which killed 2,500 in Guinea where it began. More than 11,300 people died in that outbreak which also hit the neighboring countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone between 2014 and 2016.

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“The resurgence of Ebola is very concerning for what it could do for the people, the economy, the health infrastructure,” said Dr. Krutika Kuppalli, assistant professor of medicine for infectious diseases at the Medical University of South Carolina, who was the medical director of an Ebola treatment unit in Sierra Leone during the previous outbreak.

“We’re still understanding the repercussions of the [last] outbreak on the population,” she said.Do you think this Ebola epidemic will be as bad as the one in 2016?Yes No Completing this poll entitles you to The Western Journal news updates free of charge. You may opt out at anytime. You also agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

To contain the spread, the government and international health organizations must respond quickly and educate communities about what’s going on, said Kuppalli.

One reason the previous outbreak was so deadly was because the virus wasn’t detected quickly and local authorities and the international community were slow to act when cases first popped up in a rural part of Guinea.

The epidemic’s initial patient, an 18-month-old boy from a small village, was believed to have been infected by bats, but after the case was reported in December 2013, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it was weeks before a medical alert was issued and by then the virus had already spread and it took years to end it.

The new cases announced Sunday are in the Nzerekore region, the same place where the previous one started.

After hearing the news, locals in the capital, said they worried the country wouldn’t be able to cope with another outbreak.

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“The news about the Ebola outbreak in Guinea is worrying. We already have difficulties dealing with the coronavirus, now, the health system will be overwhelmed by two pandemics,” said Mamadou Kone, a Conakry resident.

“I don’t know what this curse is hitting the Guineans, all the pandemics are falling on us,” said Mariam Konate, a nurse. “It’s like the country has been hit by a curse,” she said.


GE Aviation, an operating unit of GE (NYSE: GE), is a world-leading provider of jet and turboprop engines, as well as integrated systems for commercial, military, business and general aviation aircraft.

Skip to main contentGE AviationToggle navigation

The CF6 Engine

The CF6 engine family is the cornerstone of the widebody engine aircraft business.

For 45 years, the CF6 engine family has established an impressive operational record. CF6 engines have compiled nearly 430 million flight hours since they first entered commercial revenue service in 1971. Certified to power more than 13 different aircraft types, the CF6 has accumulated more than 115 million flight cycles in service.

Long Distance

The Qantas flight from Dallas to Brisbane is one of the world’s longest nonstop commercial flights, and GE’s CF6 engines help make it possible. The flight (Qantas flight QFA8) from Dallas, Texas to Brisbane, Australia uses a Boeing 747-400 aircraft and is powered by four GE CF6 engines. The flight typically lasts over 15 hours and covers nearly 8,500 miles. It means tourists traveling from North America can start their dream vacations in Australia the very next day.

Extended Operations

The CF6-80A and -80C2 engines are known for their high reliability, and this was evident during extended twin operations (ETOPS) testing. Both engines received 180-minute ETOPS approval on the Boeing 767, and the CF6-80C2 engine received 138-minute ETOPS approval on the A300 and A310 aircraft that allowed twin-engine aircraft operations over large bodies of water.


CF6 News 


In the spring of 1968, both United Airlines and American Airlines selected the 40,000 pound thrust GE CF6-6 to power their Douglas DC-10 Series 10 aircraft. As a result, GE began its 45-year legacy in commercial aviation.


Selected to power the DC-10 series 30 aircraft, and later selected to power the new Airbus A300 and Boeing 747, the CF6-50 is a 46,000-54,000 pound thrust derivative of the CF6-6.


In the late 1970s, an advanced model in the CF6 family was introduced for new short-to-medium range commercial jets. The CF6-80A was selected to power two new twinjets, the Boeing 767 and Airbus A310.


Currently certified on 12 widebody aircraft models and with 16 ratings, the CF6-80C2 has accumulated over 200 million flight hours in service.


By designing the CF6-80E1 specifically for the Airbus A330, GE was able to bring together the newest technology, lowest weight, lowest fuel burn, and enable operators to maximize the potential of their A330 aircraft.Comparison

Physical Information
Fan/Compressor Stages1/1/161/3/141/3/141/4/141/4/14
Low-Pressure Turbine / High-Pressure Turbine5/24/24/25/25/2
Maximum Diameter (Inches)5710598-106106106-114
Length (Inches)188183167168168
Power Specifications
Max Power at Sea Level41,50051,500-54,00048,000-50,00052,200-61,96065,800-69,800
Overall Pressure Ratio at Max Power25-25.229.2-31.127.3-28.427.1-31.832.4-34.8
  GE Aviation

GE Aviation, an operating unit of GE (NYSE: GE), is a world-leading provider of jet and turboprop engines, as well as integrated systems for commercial, military, business and general aviation aircraft. GE Aviation has a global service network to support these offerings. Follow GE Aviation onTwitterandYouTube.

Contact Information

How can we help you?


Distrust in what politicians and their academic think tanks have to say, has never been this high.

Dear Reader:

Many fear what the global elite deem as “The Great Reset.” The agenda of globalists has undoubtedly exacerbated the gaps that already existed between rich and poor in the capitalistic system, so that distrust in what politicians and their academic think tanks have to say, has never been this high.

People, in general, have no genuine faith in their elected officials; they’ve just seen so much failure, too many disastrous policies, and impotency in affecting positive change that some feel that to be this screwed up, it must be done by design.

I hear from many people, who believe that globalists are determined to create crises, so that they can introduce solutions to fit their worldviews. For example, the pandemic is actually a pretense for them to structure the new normal, according to their notions of right and wrong; problem-reaction-solution.

If you’re in that camp, which fears that governments are clamping down hard on the liberty, freedoms, rights and privacy of the individual, you’re not alone. This concern is shared by people the world over and I’ve visited over 45 countries in the past decade, so I can personally attest that all countries are suffering from a fractured political landscape.

Information is so readily-accessible to the masses that government can’t control public opinion as easily as it could in the past. People are not as quick to believe the “official story,” that is, the government version of the accounts of any event. We’ve become eternal question marks, permanent doubters and perhaps even cynics. 

 Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

Therefore, the government must become the friend of the average person in the new world. There’s no better way to do that than by giving him free money {even multiple times over}!

In this new economy, families with children are set to receive 4-figures and even 5-figures in government assistance, in order to offset the lost income, suffered due to lockdowns and other restrictions.

Though many did not suffer any financial loss or hardship, did not get their salaries cut or got their hours reduced, they’ll also receive support.

This lack of trust in government officially trickled into the world of central banking and currency-supply-management with the birth of cryptocurrencies in the height of the financial crisis. The people couldn’t remain indifferent to the too-big-to-fail bullshit!

It was grassroots back then, and has endured many bashings by institutional powerhouses over the years, yet it is valued at record highs today. When Wealth Research Group began covering Bitcoin at $450/coin and Ethereum at $12/token, we never thought these would be worth 100x and 150x in just three years!

 Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

JPMorgan is pure evil when it comes to playing mind games, but we have won!

JPMorgan tried to suppress silver prices; it only backfired on them, since now silver has become an important retail story. They attempted to bring down the Bitcoin community and that only served to make it more resilient.

The Great Reset has already occurred and the people have spoken; we are already creating a better future and the new guard is much more thoughtful and inclusive than the old one.

If you globalist control freaks are reading these words, know that we, the people, have rejected your twisted need for dominance!

SHTF Plan Staff


This whole covid saga makes no sense,only when viewed from the perspective of those who no longer value life and see it sacred,then finding a way to kill people it does make sense

When The Cure Is Far Worse Than The Disease

February 15, 2021 This article was posted by TLB Staff AnalysisFREEDOMGOVERNMENTHEALTHTyranny 0

The Pandemic Cure is Far Worse than the Disease

By: Steve Karp, MD

Excessive stress on a bone will often cause it to fracture. Fractures can be the result of acute or chronic stress and can be partial or complete however, once the fracture occurs it’s over in less than a second. Sufficient healing often takes 6-8 weeks.

Similarly, if enough stress is placed on a society, it too can fracture. During the 19th century societal stressors in America built up over years leading to war and the fracturing of society. In that situation secession represented a complete fracture. Though the war formally ended over 150 years ago has there truly been complete healing?

Following the war, societal stress included the Southern reconstruction period policies, and in the 20th century there were the effects of two world wars, FDR’s New Deal, LBJ’s Great Society programs, the Korean and Vietnam War, the 1965 Immigration Act and affirmative action policies. All changed the nature of society and it can be argued not always or completely for the better or without unintended consequences. Though causing partial fractures society remained sufficiently intact to continue functioning.

Advancing to the present, the Coronavirus of 2019, popularly though erroneously called Covid, first impacted us as an acute societal stress then became chronic in nature. Though not alluded to as such in government-speak, the public was drafted into a “War on Covid”. This war has been carried forth in the form of home lockdowns, business closures, mass home schooling, and economic destruction. Trillions of dollars of excess printed money have been required to keep a large percentage of society from becoming completely destitute, and it can be credibly argued it’s been negligibly due to viral action and nearly solely from government reaction.

This description of the “War on Covid” causing societal stress though is incomplete. What has actually been inflicted on Americans and much of the world has been psychological warfare, using distorted statistics, diagnostic manipulations and medical historical amnesia as cover in pursuit of government’s agenda namely, further societal control.

Psychological warfare on the general public has taken the form of messaging, using the relentless repetition of words, phrases and ideas not only daily but hourly. It is transmitted throughout the day on all TV and radio stations, breaking news reports, print journalism whether medically or non-medically related, signage on roadways, business windows, doorways etc.

Think how many times you’ve heard the following over the past year: Covid, Coronavirus, novel virus, pandemic, “vaccine”, masks, social distancing, cases, ventilators, ICU beds, death count, emergency use, “vaccine” passports, immunization, and mandates. Now if you’re not in a medical occupation try to think how often you’ve heard these used in the media over your lifetime.

The purpose of this psychological warfare is to overwhelm our individual psychological state, normally used to cope with our everyday life, and replace it with obsessive thoughts. In the case of Coronavirus it’s to force you to obsess about what essentially boils down to a 1:1000 chance of death. Of course the obsessive thoughts are in turn paired with compulsive behavior either as an inevitable end result or due to government’s helpful suggestions or mandates. The use of Coronavirus in this way is essentially mental abuse and is considered a crime against humanity.

Crimes against humanity have been described in part as including dehumanization such as viewing people as lacking mental capacity. Think of mask mandates, pubic social distancing, superseding parental judgement, and minimizing human interaction without scientific evidence.  Another aspect of the crime is in encouraging acceptance of an unproven “vaccine”, which is consistent with unethical human experimentation. This is borne out through the denying of actual informed consent and promoting widespread use of the “vaccine” in a pseudoscientific framework under the guise of research.

Giving informed consent to receive the current “vaccine” is problematic. First, the CDC defines a “vaccine” as “A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.” The current product uses messenger RNA to command your cells to manufacturer a protein which the immune system is supposed to recognize and thus be primed to fight when it encounters the real virus. However in this situation, it’s not the product that’s injected that stimulates the immune system but what your body is supposed to produce from what’s injected. Therefore, what’s marketed as a “vaccine” is not a “vaccine” by definition. More accurately it’s a medical devise or gene therapy or something else but regardless it becomes part of you. Were you told this?

Second, the pseudoscientific approach revolves around the administration of a product for which there is evolving information regarding the short term side effects and zero on the long term human side effects. Due to the emergency use authorization it has been deemed necessary to continue follow-up on people in order to accumulate data on long term side effects, that is, once the short term effects are fully elucidated.

Though encountering long term effects is not uncommon when a study population involves several thousand people, does it remain a reasonable undisclosed risk when your study a population involves billions? Remember this “vaccine” was touted as warp speed from viral identification, product development, distribution and administration in order to prevent an overall 1:1000 death rate. But it’s essentially a rushed product that needs to be given to find out what it will do either positively and negatively. Sounds like research under a pseudoscientific guise and therefore a crime against humanity.

In summary, our newest societal stressor seems related less to the effects of an actual virus but more to governmental action for reasons known only to them, while using crimes against humanity to achieve that goal.

Due to this virus war, our society finds itself once again partially fractured. Will it completely fracture? Will it heal either way and when? Who will charge and prosecute those responsible for the crimes against humanity that have been inflicted on us?


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