5 thoughts on “Dr Helen Caldicott reveals the extent of the damage by the Fukushima explosion and meltdown and its effects on marine life and humans

    1. Owen, I believe it is a map modeling the likely spread of radioactive Cesium in the ocean currents. From what I have read, radioactive iodine and cesium are spread both on land and in the water. The only recent article I can find on the impact is in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
      Volume 157, June 2016, Pages 113-130. I have only read the summary.
      Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant accident: Atmospheric and oceanic impacts over the five years, Katsumi Hirose


  1. We have wounded our Mother Earth.

    Our only true salvation now, is to build a “New Earth” as specified in the Bible’s book of REVELATION Chapter 21. “And I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth: for the first Heaven and the first Earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.


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