Coleen Rooney ‘urges husband Wayne to ditch close friend and ex-team mate Wes Brown’ in order to save their marriage

Coleen believes Brown ‘leads Rooney astray’ and is a bad influence.

Brown was also present when Rooney unfortunately lost £500,000 at a casino in May.


Rooney and Brown in  Vegas

Coleen has also reportedly told her husband he must stop gambling if they are to stay together.

It is suggested his betting ‘gets out of controlling’ when out with his former teammate – claiming the ex-Sunderland and Manchester United defender ‘leads Rooney astray’.


Coleen Rooney has reportedly told her husband  to end his nights out with former teammate Wes Brown – saying he is a bad influence.

Rooney is battling to save his marriage following his drink-driving conviction.

The Everton striker was arrested at the wheel of a VW beetle belonging to Laura Simpson earlier this month.

Rooney is believed to have been with Brown, who he played with during his time at Manchester United, on the night of his arrest.


Coleen has issued an ultimatum to the striker, demanding he ends the nights out with his former teammate,if they are to stay wedded.

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