Syracuse University students without submitted vaccination records to be ‘excluded’ from campus

Syracuse University announced students that have not submitted vaccination records would be “excluded” from campus a week after two students were diagnosed with mumps.


Syracuse University students who have not submitted vaccination records to the university will be “excluded” from SU’s campus starting Monday, in response to a recent mumps outbreak.

Four students have contracted mumps, the university’s Office of Health Services confirmed Friday.

“This action is in accordance with New York State law and is designed to protect the health of all members of our campus community,” said Karen Nardella, medical director of health services, in a notice sent to the campus community via email on Thursday.

Seventeen SU students who have not submitted vaccination records, including those with religious and medical waivers, will be “excluded,” per the notice, starting Monday at 8 a.m. The Onondaga County Health Department ordered the exclusion, Nardella said.

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Melanie Drotar, a public information specialist, said in an email on Sunday all inquires regarding the issue should be directed toward the SU administration.

Mumps outbreaks are known to occasionally occur at colleges. Symptoms can include a fever, headaches, muscle aches, puffy cheeks and a swollen jaw. Most people diagnosed with mumps recover in a few weeks, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Excluding students from campus is not ideal, and it’s important to us that all our students are positioned for success,” Nardella said. “Several campus offices, including Academic Affairs and the Office of Student Assistance, are working to identify academic accommodations that could allow our students to continue their studies.”

SU students diagnosed with mumps have been “isolated,” according to the university. Officials have advised students to wash their hands, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and avoid sharing cups and other utensils.


The university first announced two confirmed mumps cases late last week.




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