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On November 11, the Bahraini Ministry of Interior officially accused Iran of standing behind an explosion, which targeted a crude oil pipeline in Buri village in northern Bahrein on November 10.

According to the Bahraini News Agency (BHA), Bahraini Minister of Interior Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa said that the investigation results proved that the explosion was a result of a planned attack, and not an accident. The minister went futher and accused Iran of organising “terrorist acts” in Bahrain previously.

“The incident was an act of sabotage and a dangerous act of terrorism aimed at harming the higher interests of the nation and the safety of the people … Terrorist acts witnessed by the country in the recent period are carried out through direct contacts and instructions from Iran,” BHA quoted the statement.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) said in an official statement the crude oil pipe line was a subject of a terrorist attack. Saudi Aramco said that the pipeline is currently out of service due to the attack.

This pipeline it is the only one that links Bahrain and Saudi Arabia currently. The pipeline is operated by Saudi Aramco and the Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco). Another pipeline between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain is currently under construction.

The Bahraini Ministry of Interior accusations could be a part of the ongoing propaganda war against Iran, especially that the Ministry didn’t provide any evidence to support its claims yet. The accusations against Iran are similar to the ones made by Saudi Arabia against Iran in Yemen, and against Hezbollah in Lebanon lately.

Bahrain Officially Accuses Iran Of Blowing Up Strategic Oil Pipeline In Its Territory



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