It killed about 400 people and injured 7,000.


unnamed (7).png

Though the epicentre was in Iraq, most casualties were in Iran’s Kurdish heartland. As older buildings stayed standing, many newer blocks collapsed. Some locals blame poor construction and government corruption, writes a Middle Eastern correspondent.

It was not just a natural disaster,the 7.3-magnitude earthquake that struck the Iran-Iraq border last night was the deadliest of the year


An eye witness said

“Terrible… Extremely horrible”

“The swaying was significant, I stood up and tried to get to a doorway and stumbled a little bit. It lasted nearly 5 minutes with the first 2 minutes being the strongest.”




A woman mourns loved ones who died in an earthquake, in Sarpol-e-Zahab, western Iran, Monday, Nov. 13, 2017. Authorities reported that a powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the Iraq-Iran border region on Monday and killed more than three hundred people in both countries, sent people fleeing their homes into the night and was felt as far west as the Mediterranean coast.


Everyone is standing outside , even down in Kuwait.



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