In an exclusive to Now This, Hillary Clinton has announced that she is resigning … as Fox News’s president of the United States. Even the popular vote winner has noticed that the channel can’t seem to keep her name out of their mouths, with Sean Hannity even letting a “President Clinton” slip through those things he calls lips.

Anything Hillary continues to lead Fox News stories even though the election was over a year ago. It’s not like there’s a million Dumpster fires to cover, including Paul Manafort under house arrest, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III lying to Congress, Don. Jr. playing footsie with Wikileaks, Jared Kushner caught omitting information from the Senate, and Mueller interviewing basically everyone except Omarosa (give it a few weeks), just to mention a few.

Then that whole thing about Trump refusing to disavow an alleged child molester after being caught himself bragging on tape about committing sexual assault. Oh wait, that’s exactly why they can’t stop talking about Hillary.


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