Either a Rothschild was in the air or a very close family friend.

says a leading London nightly

A plume of smoke was seen over the woodland shortly after the two aircraft came down

A plume of smoke was seen over the woodland shortly after the two aircraft came down


https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/buckinghamshire-air-accident-plane-and-helicopter-crash-in-midair-near-village-a3694211.html …


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Waddesdon Manor, a marvellous residence for the Rothschild’s ill~gotten gains?

Emergency services raced to the scene near to the village of Waddesdon after a light aircraft collided with the helicopter mid-flight.

There were “a number of casualties”, South Central Ambulance Service said.

It was not immediately clear how many people were on-board at the time of the crash but it has been confirmed both aircraft involved were from Wycombe Air Park, near High Wycombe.

Some vicious people have even distastefully said they hoped and prayed Lord Rothschild was on board, or directly beneath the smash.


Jacob Rothschild and at least four other people are feared dead after a plane and helicopter crashed in his estate in Buckinghamshire this afternoonThe wreckage from the aircraft is believed to have fallen from the sky following reports from locals who said they heard a loud bang after midday.A local resident told MailOnline:

“My father heard a loud bang. My mother said a man, who I think was someone who had been out walking nearby, then went running up to the manor to say there had been a crash.”It didn’t happen directly over the grounds, but in woodland nearby. My father ran up to the scene. Everyone is helping the emergency services.’Both aircraft involved had taken off from Wycombe Air Park, near High Wycombe, and were flying at low altitude.”It is not yet known is Jacob Rothschild was in the estate at the time of the crash or whether he survived the incident.

At least seven fire engines are now attending the scene searching for survivors.


Incident near Aylesbury.’The Air Accidents Investigation Branch has been informed, and the staff is en-route to the scene. Fire and ambulance services are also in attendance and preservation of life is the first priority.’In consequence of this incident, it is expected that there will be some disruption to the road network around Waddesdon for the rest of the day.


Daily Prayers and nightly vigils could be seen and heard across the land,infact across Europe, lest we should lose a man who had done a great disservice to humanity and lined his own pockets, and those of his family his entire life, at the expense of others of course.






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