General Joseph Aoun warns the Jewish state has ‘hostile intentions’ towards Lebanon, as tensions rise in the region


Lebanese army, shows soldiers holding a position in a mountainous area near the eastern town of Ras Baalbek during an operation against jihadist fighters.

The commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces, General Joseph Aoun, on Tuesday urged his troops to be “fully prepared”  to confront Israel amid spiraling tensions in the area.

“I call upon you… to be fully prepared on the southern border to confront the Israeli enemy’s threats and violations,” Aoun said in a speech marking the 74th anniversary of Lebanon’s independence.

The general also warned that Israel has “hostile intentions against Lebanon, its people, and army.”

Aoun also called on his soldiers to ensure the implementation of United Nations Resolution 1701, with the help of the UN, and “preserve stability.”

Resolution 1701 ended the 2006 war between Israel and the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah. It called for both sides to respect the UN designated borders and buffer zones and for the disarmament of armed groups in Lebanon.