Well done Britain ! Now you are truly throwing away our Heritage and History and going down the pan……bye, bye….it was one sided for so long since 1979 it might as well all end by a Russian missile……..

UK Finance Minister Philip Hammond admitted Britain is no longer one the five leading global economies as he delivered a gloomy budget statement in parliament on Wednesday.“Britain is the world’s sixth largest economy,” ha ha  Hammond said in his budget speech to parliament.

The latest numbers, published by the International Monetary Fund, reveal that France will slip ahead of the UK in this year’s ranking of global economies with the gap between the two projected to get significantly wider in 2018. The rating is based on GDP forecasts, with the IMF saying France had outpaced Britain for the first time since 2013.

The US, China, and Japan have been ranked the top three in the IMF 2017 rating with Germany and France in fourth and fifth spots. India follows Britain, which is now number six. The UK may drop further, as India is expected to top both Britain and France in 2019.

Britain’s downgrade is reportedly triggered by slowing consumer spending, spiking prices and a dramatically weaker national currency, which followed the country’s decision to quit the European Union.


Oh and let’s quit Brussels so the foxhunting classes can exploit the locals all tied up in bills just a little bit more….oh and not give a damn dishonouring all obligations on those needing help , shelter, food or supplements of some sort….after all they are not “our people” are they…just a zoo species out on the street


Sterling has declined 12 percent against the dollar since the historic Brexit vote in June 2016. The weaker pound means consumers pay more for imported goods. Inflation currently stands at three percent with wages reportedly not keeping pace with it.

“We understand the frustration of families where real incomes are under pressure,” said Hammond, pledging to cut the delays in receiving benefit payments, many families faced due to changes to the welfare system.


Oh I am sure they understand it, but alleviate it they don’t give a toss



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