Veteran Johnny Bobbitt Jr forked out his last bit of money so Kate McClure could get home safely late at night – now, she’s paying him back in an amazing way.

When Kate McClure ran out of petrol on a highway late at night, she was terrified.

With her heart “beating out of her chest”, she pulled over and got out of her car, intending to walk alone in the darkness to the nearest petrol station.

That’s when she met Johnny Bobbitt Jr.

A homeless man who often sits at the side of Interstate 95 (I-95) in the US, he approached Kate, before telling her to get back into her vehicle and lock the doors.


He then walked off – but appeared several minutes later with a can of petrol. Amazingly, he had forked out his last 20 dollars (£15) so she could get home safely.

And in return, he did not ask for anything.

Kate, 27, says she was unable to repay Johnny at the time of his kind-hearted act because she didn’t have any cash on her.

But in the following weeks, she kept stopping at the side of the highway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the veteran regularly sits with a sign.

She repaid him for the petrol and gave him warm clothing (including a jacket, gloves, a hat and socks), food, and a case of water.

However, she still wanted to help Johnny further. In a bid to do so, she set up a fundraising page, called ‘Paying It Forward’.

She launched the GoFundMe page with the intention of raising enough cash to cover the first and last month’s rent of an apartment.

She also hoped to fund a “reliable vehicle” and four to six months’ worth of expenses.



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