How very convenient for Israel, its not so far off Suez, and their ISIS killers having been eliminated in Syria and Iraq are now turning up in Egypt, while their cohorts in the American-British Zion controlled governments and media offer their two faced comments of condolence. But the main thing for Israel is this….Arabs are being killed and killed….so much better for the Jews…..and their evil “greater Israel” Yinon plans.

We make no bones it here about supported evil or deceivers…the Godless……satanists…..we will not!!!! And these guys turned up in SUV’s probably hired hitmen, to shoot you in cold blood, evil in their heart and mind, gone beyond being a human…just like at Vegas, just like at Bataclan, just like at Manchester Arena, just like 911 and the killing of jFK. Killing is their speciality…..but it goes against God’s Commandment

“Thou shalt not kill”

But these evil guys are far beyond normal and adhering to all that……Einsatzkommando life would have suited them far better whilst on Earth and hopefully after their end they can rot for eternity in Hell. The Hell which they brought to others.



just over the border from Israel?


My prayer is one day not just these evil murderers but their whole massive organized and orchestrated group , which the Russians and Chinese have the names of,will be standing at the gallows…formerly famous , powerful or not…….let them swing, for they are rotten evil murdering bastards.

Executed Jews on the gallws in teh Podqorze section of Krakow.jpg

Militants detonated a bomb inside a crowded mosque in the Sinai Peninsula on Friday and then sprayed gunfire on panicked worshipers as they fled, killing at least 305 people and wounding at least 128 others. Officials called it the deadliest terrorist attack in Egypt’s modern history.

The scale and ruthlessness of the assault, in an area racked by an Islamist insurgency, sent shock waves across the nation — not just for the number of deaths but also for the choice of target. Attacks on mosques are rare in Egypt, where the Islamic State has targeted Coptic Christian churches and pilgrims but avoided Muslim places of worship.

The attack injected a new element into Egypt’s struggle with militants because most of the victims were Sufi Muslims, who practice a mystical form of Islam that the Islamic State and other Sunni extremist groups deem heretical. And it underscored the failure of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who has justified his harsh crackdown on political freedom in the name of crushing Islamic militancy, to deliver on his promises of security.

“The scene was horrific,” said Ibrahim Sheteewi, a resident of Bir al-Abed, the small north Sinai town where the attack took place. “The bodies were scattered on the ground outside the mosque. I hope God punishes them for this.”

al rawdah mosque bir al-abed egypt.jpg

Hours later, the Egyptian military carried out several airstrikes near Bir al-Abed targeting militants fleeing in four-wheel-drive vehicles, an Egyptian military official said.

Egypt’s air force has conducted air strikes against suspected terrorists after the country’s president vowed to respond with the “utmost force” against militants who killed 305 worshippers at a mosque in the Sinai village of Bir al-Abed.

A military source told The Independent that the air strikes had destroyed vehicles linked to the attackers who used machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades to mow down worshippers in the packed mosque during Friday noon prayers.

“Egypt’s air force is following the trail of the terrorists and has destroyed two or three of their vehicles,” the military source said.

Other Egyptian military sources later reported that the air strikes had killed everyone inside the vehicles, although it has not yet been possible to independently verify this claim.

At about the same time, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi gave a televised address to the nation in which he vowed: “The armed forces and the police will avenge our martyrs and restore security and stability with the utmost force.

“What is happening is an attempt to stop us from our efforts in the fight against terrorism, to destroy our efforts to stop the terrible criminal plan that aims to destroy what is left of our region.”

As the official death toll rose to 305 on Saturday morning, more details emerged of the attack, the deadliest by Islamist extremists in Egypt’s modern history.

The attack began when five off-road vehicles carrying bwteeen 25 and 30 armed men arrived at the al-Rawdah mosque just as the noon sermon and Imran was about to start.

The main cleric at the mosque, Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Fatah Zowraiq said at least a dozen attackers charged in, opening fire randomly.

He said there were also explosions. Officials cited by the state news agency MENA said the attackers fired rocket-propelled grenades as well as machine guns, and shot people as they tried to run from the building.


Witnesses speaking to The Associated Press (AP) in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia where some of the wounded were taken, told how the attackers spent about 20 minutes killing and maiming worshippers.

They spoke of worshippers jumping out of windows, of a stampede in a corridor leading to the washrooms and of children screaming in horror.

Some spoke of their narrow escape from a certain death, others of families that lost all or most of their male members.


mosque carpet

Mansour, a 38-year-old worker in a nearby salt factory, told AP: “Everyone lay down on the floor and kept their heads down. If you raised your head you get shot.

“The shooting was random and hysterical at the beginning and then became more deliberate: Whoever they weren’t sure was dead or still breathing was shot dead.”


Mansour, who suffered two gunshot wounds in the legs, said that as children screamed in terror, the militants shouted Allahu Akbar, God is great.


Panicked worshippers hid behind concrete columns or whatever shelter they could find.

“I knew I was injured,” said Mansour, “But I was in a situation that was much scarier than being wounded. I was only seconds away from a certain death.

Mansour, who said he had settled in Bir al-Abed three years ago in the hope of escaping the violence elsewhere in northern Sinai, added that as the shooting continued, many of the worshippers recited their final prayers.

Abdullah Abdel-Nasser, 14, who was attending prayers with his father, said that at one point, a militant shouted for children to leave.


The teenager rushed out, despite being wounded in the shoulder by shrapnel and a bullet.

“I saw many people on the floor, many dead,” he said.  “I don’t think anyone survived.”


Three police officers on the scene said the militants also used burning cars to block roads, effectively cutting off escape routes and impeding the progress of anyone trying to get into Bir al-Abed to stop the attack.


Despite the attackers’ call for children to leave, 27 children are among the dead.  Egypt’s chief prosecutor Nabil Sadeq said the total death toll currently stood at 305, with 126 people wounded.

It is believed that many of the victims were workers at the salt factory who had come for Friday services at the mosque, which practises Sufi, a mystical form of Islam that extremist radicals regard as heretical.


Just cause people impersonate Muslims cry out “Allah Akbar” it doesn’t mean THEY ARE Muslim, these people are trained special forces CIA-Mossad-MI6 killers…kicked out of Syria and Iraq by the Russian Air Force, Hezbollah,Iranian guards, the Syrian and Iraqi army.,…….now they transfer “fronts ” to do their evil work of murdering the innocent, while at prayer.


just remember who you are dealing with here



forces of darkness

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness in this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places








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