Kensington based spokesman  of Men’s Liberation Front Dietrich Bonner warned London police to keep their officers and Helicopters at a distance.

“Their helmets and strong-arm tactics are not appreciated” he went out to outline details of the coming “burn your pants march” 2018 march.

This is what appeared today on their webpage

“We must redress that post-war balance for the sake of humanity, boxing and the New York Mafia. We will soon meet to publicly burn our underpants on Oxford street and then rapidly disperse in the side streets before “the Old Bill” comes…..come along, it will be fun, and dangerous!” …but it went still further


“some friends called in asking if they could burn their socks on Oxford street too, and dump their kit in side-streets? I can see no perceivable fire hazard that Metropolitan police could object to, so the plan after much discussion and consideration is to march only in our shoes down to Marble Arch,mainly owing to the broken glass and beer bottles, wield left down Park lane and resume,regroup near the Hilton down towards Piccadilly entirely naked, in protest!! We will walk down Haymarket entirely without underwear or any clothing bracing the January weather for the  same “Liberation” women achieved.

Mexiko45.jpgimages (80).jpg

men’s liberation at their training grounds in Latin america…preparing for the European struggle, mens Liberation indicating their desire for freedom and to be free from parking in Lidls carparks being bashed into by women aggressively “get out of my way”, I’m a girl type of personage

Speeches will then be made to the assembled gathering at Trafalgar square near the fountains at 3pm by the leaders of the Men’s Liberation Front, UK branch.”

Where a clause will be discussed about not having to do the washing up everyday, maybe every second day and also that the vacuuming be outsourced. This will be put to our members, who will come from the Home countries and be bussed down from the Northern conurbations. They say the MLF that they want it as big as the pre Iraq demo.

Speeches will also be held later that same day in San Francisco, Amsterdam, Cologne and Cape town…..even across three continents, about the unfairness about how men have been treated.

“We hope to have a protest inside Russia” Dietrich said with a wry smile.


He knew what happened to the camp, of camps, Men’s Lbertaion Front fighting inside Russia .

They feel that men are “enslaved and captured” unable to express their grievances.

The right to legal representation inside Russia is quite minimal, instead you might be asked to “serve” in the Armed forces

“Its definitely a Human rights violation” Herr Bonner said before disappearing back into their carpeted offices on Hans Crescent. Waiting reporters felt slightly cheated by the briefness of the encounter.

“We feel he didn’t explain why,what  or his feelings enough” a crowd member expressed.

“I mean what’s this all about?”

The death of Jeremy Brown in Basildon, Essex had surely triggered the anger, left all day in the garden to tend the plants, whilst those who was in his care watched TV in the warm.

That case with come up in the European courts in 2018, no wonder the Tories are so anxious to get out.


Malnourished and nagged a victim enslaved and captured, pretending to be happy in the garden compound, this guy was found malnourished in Basildon with a mere few weeks left to live.He died shortly after, unable to handle the indignity of his rough treatment by the fairer sex, Apparently his dying wish was “to watch out for the begonias”.

He was a great man and we will sorely miss him Bonner elaborated earlier.


Another MLF candidate lays his cards and CV on the table “enough is enough” is the main thrust of things.

A recent meeting,in Paris under the Hollande government ,of the MLF had  unfortunately turned out very violent, leaving both police and MLF injured

nous continuerons le combat contre leurs tactiques approximatives” the

French were heard to say later!


We are not ashamed,it ‘s time to stand erect and be counted one member said, we had enough of Police oppression, broken trade unions, no coffee breaks and cctv.


International signage of the resistance movement


Having fun with that balloon mate?


Blogfactory phoned Men’s Liberation for comment especially over xmas and they have reiterated that they are now prepared to go “all the way”….I guess the fight is on.

Germaine Greer watch out! Men are bent on fighting back



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