The CIA is known as the “Company” and EVERYBODY works for the company. It’s part of a World Wide Deep State Matrix that has controlled every facet of our lives for generations. Then along came President Donald J. Trump, a true American Patriot and a non-political outsider that’s challenging their death grip on humanity. He does NOT work for the CIA and they cannot control him. Subsequently, he now represents the biggest existential threat to their existence. Be assured that “The Donald” is a true American Patriot and he has sworn to take them down! President Trump has declared war on the CIA! His Administration is filled with high ranking generals. He’s covertly marshaled many other Flag Staff Generals and Admirals fired by Obama. A sizable contingent of highly trained and loyal Marine Expeditionary Force operatives recently and forcibly raided the Langley Virginia CIA Headquarters in high-tech helicopters. They secured a treasure trove of top secret documents that exposes the CIA’s national and international crime syndicate that controlled America. Trump has secured OVER four thousand (4,000) secret warrants to arrest the worst of these Deep State CIA actors. The current batch of sexual harassment stories about the politicians, media people and Hollywood types on the MSM is more of a diversion until the BIG event takes place. Donald J Trump is a formidable opponent and the best laid plans of these mice and men is about to implode very, very shortly. The Deep State, the CIA, the MSM and the Never-Trump Resistance Movement have severely underestimated their totally unpredictable opponent. They’re all going to get “fired” and jailed by a reality tv show host they all laughed at in the Primaries. In reality, the last laugh will be on them! Read the article below for details.

Picture above shows Unidentified associates of the Gambino crime family are escorted to a police vehicle in on February 7, 2008 in New York. There were 54 arrests

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dominic-chianese (1)

C.I.A. Controls EVERYTHING … Even Deep State



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