Wonderful morning, afternoon, or evening, wherever you are in the world,

Just some of the latest news you have to know:

Strange U S Military Moves In The Past 48 Hours

Well now, It seems as though our good friend youtuber Montagraph has sent out a message.

Here’s an angle. What do you believe? Is it all Nonsense, satire? An Illusion? An act?

Defango bestowed a crypto kitty to be able to access the files.

Unirock is downloading as well.

So I guess we will find out. The marines are the only military exclusively designated to the president. They work specifically for him.

There is a mission taking place but I’m not sure who its about. It could be Assange but I’m contemplating its a lot more than that.

The 25 Assange is now following could be associated with the naughty list Assange detailed.

I suppose we will know in a day or four. But I’m pondering its gonna be huge.

download (1)


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