Police confirmed that there where two shooters

Intellihub reports: Additionally, the Ramalho reported that Mandalay Bay had active shooter SWAT teams in the property who were clearing floors of the hotel and casino at the time and said that many the guests and employees of the Mandalay Bay were spotted on the roof.Ramalho’s report is like a scene out of the 1988 film “Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis! Remember? I will provide a clip to refresh your memory.Despite the uncanny Die Hard-style correlation, one thing is for sure police audio and other reports from the night of the shooting conclude that there were indeed multiple shooters who acted that night despite what authorities and the mainline press have told the general public.According to the KSNV 3 News Las Vegas official website:Gerard has 3-times been awarded an Emmy for excellence in journalism.In 2008, and again in 2012 Gerard was voted “Best Anchor” in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Review-Journal Staff. He has also received Electronic Media Awards for Best Anchor and Best Reporter.

An NBC New reporter has said there were two shooters using ‘high-powered’ weapons who were responsible for the Las Vegas Massacre in October.Mainstream news anchor Gerald Ramalho said that Las Vegas police had, in fact, confirmed that there where two shooters who used high powered weapons on the crowd at the Route 91 festival across from the Mandalay Bay hotel.The news that confirmed that there were two shooters was immediately buried by NBC without any explanation or retraction. In the live report, the anchor said: “I have confirmed through a police source that there are two suspects with high-powered weapons,” adding. “They had some sort of high-ground position and they were firing on the crowd which was attending that Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.”



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