AN EMERGENCY has been declared on board a British Airways flight from Bangkok to London Heathrow

Flight BA10 declared an emergency as it made its final approach to Heathrow this evening.The Boeing 777-236 had hundreds of people on board during the incident.

It landed safely at around 5.15pm.

Flight monitoring website AirLive said the flight was “declaring an emergency” during its approach to Heathrow and had been “authorised for direct approach”. 


British Airways

Footage captured by AirLive showed the flight arriving safely at Heathrow.

The flight was granted priority landing due to the emergency.

British Airways said the priority landing was for an unwell passenger.

They said: “The safety of our customers and crew is always our priority, and our highly trained pilots requested a priority landing in order that a customer could receive urgent medical attention.”

British AirwaysAIRLIVE

British Airways flight BA10 arriving at Heathrow

In November two emergencies were also declared on Heathrow-bound British Airways flights.

The first was on November 11, which had travelled from Calgary in Canada.

The second was just two days later on a flight from Houston, Texas.

This is a developing story, more to follow… 




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