China’s President Xi Jinping has called on the country’s military — the largest and among the most disciplined in the world — to be prepared for war at all times.

On an inspection at the Central Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in northern Hebei Province on Wednesday, President Xi told the country’s military forces to “neither fear hardship nor death.”

As head of the ruling Communist Party’s Central Military Commission, Xi is commander-in-chief of China’s more than two-million-strong armed forces, which is the largest standing military force in the world.

During his visit to the military command, Xi was seen in military attire inspecting troops, tanks, sniper training, and peering down the sights of an automatic rifle.

Be “always ready for the fight, capable of combat and sure to win,” he was quoted as saying by Chinese media on Thursday.

He also reportedly paid a visit to an exhibit detailing the PLA’s history battling US-led forces during the Korean War.

Since assuming office in 2012, Xi has aimed to modernize the Chinese military even as the country has adopted a policy of a peaceful rise to power.

In October last year, the Chinese president urged a “world-class” Chinese military by 2050 and called for the upgrading of its arsenal with increasing sophisticated weaponry.

China has been involved in a territorial dispute with a number of other countries, including over the resource-rich East and South China Seas.


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cayrick11 hours ago
The American Public needs to wake up and see that they are living in a dictatorship.Any American at any time can be declared a terrorist and lose all his/her rights. The laws are in place. EO 13603 gives the gov’t the right to confiscate all your property. Your freedom is an illusion.
Trump is a Zionist stooge masquerading as POTUS. Israel calls the shots. You can criticize the capabilities of the US military and its leaders all you want but Israel decides when America will go to war and with whom. Zionists own the press. Zionists own the banking system. Zionists own the levers of power in the US gov’t and Pentagon.
Americans biggest weakness is to give the POTUS the benefit of the doubt. They point out things that really don’t matter. All of the big promises are simply rhetoric. He said he would normalize relations with Russia and China. He now has multiple flash points which could launch America into WW3. Wake up folks 2018 will be full of surprises.
westyyesterday at 04:20
The Americans have realised they no longer have a competitive advantage when it comes to military weapons, their days of starting wars even proxy wars are over. The Americans realise that China and Russia have been watching their military operations in Syria and Iraq.
Aussie06at 22:38 the day before yesterday
This is good to see, please bomb America! From an Aussie!

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