15 people from the neo-Nazi organisation Nordic Resistance Movement (Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen, NMR) as well as two counter-demonstrators have been taken in by police in Gothenburg.

One counter-protestor was injured at the demonstration, for which police permission had not been given, reports TT.

“We have taken the arrested individuals to the police station,” police spokesperson Hans Lippens said.

NMR distributed leaflets and carried banners in various places around central Gothenburg on Saturday. Police moved to disperse the supporters of the neo-Nazi organisation, since it did not have permission to demonstrate.

“They have disturbed public order,” Lippens said.

The spokesperson confirmed that 15 individuals were detained, of which one was arrested for violent behaviour towards police. A counter-demonstrator was reportedly injured near the Gustav Adolfs torg square.

“They said they were hit by [supporters of] NMR, so we will investigate it,” Lippens said.

The condition of the injured person is unclear at the time of writing. An ambulance was reportedly called to the scene.

In the early hours of Saturday, police stopped a car after its passengers had hung a banner with a right-wing extremist message over the E20 motorway, TT reports.

Police were despatched after the banner was reported by other motorists.

A number of flares and fireworks were confiscated from the car, Lippens confirmed.

Four more cars were subsequently stopped by police and further items, including a knife, were confiscated.

In September last year, a large NMR march in Gothenburg required heavy police presence and ended in a number of arrests.

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