“It is shocking to discover the police commissioner repeats the ludicrous and false insinuation that Prime Minister Netanyahu sent private investigators against police officers that are investigating him”, a statement on the prime minister’s Facebook page said. So I want to calm you: “there will be nothing, because I know the truth”, he said. The cases involve allegations of fraud, bribery and breach of trust, according to police. “So do not be in suspense: There will be recommendations, there will also be signs such as “Bibi is guilty until proven innocent”, there will also be inappropriate pressure, but I am sure that at the end of the day the competent legal bodies will come to one conclusion, to the simple truth: There is nothing”, he concluded. Channel 2 said police chose to make no recommendation and leave a decision on those charges up to the prosecutor’s office.

Why should some high-up criminal wearing suit, collar and tie be immune from prosecution??

Police have established a team of investigators whose job is to try and find error and “holes” in the cases against Netanyahu, Channel 10 and Ynet reported. Bermuda becomes first country in world to repeal same-sex marriage Even if the attorney general does eventually choose to indict, Netanyahu would not need to step down under Israeli law. “Kagame – We are not for sale”, said one banner. “I must make the decision in the end”. Alsheikh did not offer any further details or proof to the allegation. Netanyahu said State Attorney Shai Nitzan, the head of the state prosecution, has stated that at least half the cases in which the police recommend charges are closed without indictments. He said Netanyahu vowed to appoint him as Shin Bet chief if he remains prime minister. The case has focused primarily on Netanyahu’s relationship with billionaire Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan, though the investigation has expanded to include other wealthy businessmen with ties to Netanyahu. The investigations in question – dubbed case 1000 and case 2000 – center on whether Netanyahu accepted lavish gifts in exchange for political favors, or cut a deal with a newspaper publisher to receive favorable coverage. Once the recommendations are filed, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit must decide whether an indictment is warranted. Netanyahu has denied wrongdoing in both cases.




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