When you think of upper class British families, what immediately springs to mind? Downton Abbey for one, and the British Royal Family for another thing.

What do both of these things have in common? Both have deep dark secrets just waiting to be revealed.

But while Downton Abbey is strictly fiction, and sooner or later we get to see the secrets exposed, or at least play out for our entertainment. The difference between that and the royal family is there is no way to tell which of their secrets are real and which are fiction.

What do I mean by this? Well, there are lots of rumors that swirl around about the British royal family. Some are more believable than others.

Have you heard for example that the Queen is supposedly one of the lizard people? Yep, all of the head of the British Royals are apparently a part of a secret lizard society controlling the world, wearing realistic skin suits to make them look like people. But occasionally they slip up!

Well, although that would certainly explain a heck of a lot, that one is probably false. I mean, probably. Let’s not go ruling things out here.

There are rumors and secrets that are far more rooted in reality however. There is a conspiracy theory for example that the royal family ordered to have Princess Diana silenced because she knew too much, and her death was simply a cover-up made to look like an accident.

Okay, still too far fetched? How about that Prince Charles is not Prince Harry’s real father? Ah, now there’s something that has some more basis in reality. I mean, Harry is red headed for a start, and does he look like Prince Charles? Actually, yes, a heck of a lot and more with every passing year.

But never let that keep us from a good story!

The whole of the British Royal family’s past is nothing but secrets, lies and cover ups after all, so something like that could absolutely have happened.

After all, Prince Charles famously had a not-so-secret affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, and Princess Diana herself saw other men before she and Charles eventually split and divorced. The Royal Family have become something like experts when it comes to damage control, always bouncing back from scandal.

The most famous in history was the Wallis Simpson scandal, when the American socialite Simpson and the British king Edward VIII fell in love, causing a constitutional crisis that led to Edward’s abdication back in the 1930s.

But it has carried on ever since to a certain degree, and the British royals’ public image has suffered and then been rescued multiple times over the years.

Particularly in more recently memory was the year 1992, which the Queen dubbed her “annus horribilis”, making the Latin phrase meaning ‘horrible year’ a famous way to describe a difficult period ever since.

This was after three of her four children announced their divorces and an out of control fire destroyed a large part of the Queen’s home at Windsor Castle.

Then of course there are allegations made in January 2015 by Virginia Roberts, who alleges that during a trip to London when she was 17, Prince Andrew paid to have non- consensual sex with the teenager. These claims haven’t come to court yet, however

Yes, maybe every family has their issues that play out behind closed doors, rather than in the full glare of the media’s spotlight, but the royal family’s scandals tend to be a cut above in terms of seriousness.

Which brings us back to Prince Harry. The identity of the 33-year-old prince’s father has long been a source of debate online, in newspapers and all over gossip columns.

Many believe he is not the son of Prince Charles as the royal family want us to believe, but instead James Hewitt is the father. The 59-year-old former cavalry officer was a polo player when according to media reports had an affair with the late Princess Diana, all while she was still married to Prince Charles.

It’s not like Charles was whiter than white himself, having an affair with the woman he would eventually go on to marry years later, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Hewitt caused a massive scandal in 2003 in attempting to sell intimate letters sent to him by Princess Diana for a reported sum of £10 million.


But whatever light this action paints him in, he has always denied that he is Prince Harry’s father. In 2002, Hewitt famously stated that his affair with the princess didn’t actually begin until after Prince Harry was born, which is backed up by a statement by one of Diana’s former bodyguards.

Even though these dates don’t appear to line up, that hasn’t stopped intense speculation surrounding Hewitt and his parental status when it comes to Harry. It doesn’t help the case that Harry does bear a striking resemblance to James Hewitt thanks to the pair sharing a red hair color.


But Diana had an explanation for this at the time too, saying that Harry’s hair color came from her side of the family. She would even often refer to Harry as her “little Spencer”, in reference to her maiden name’s. Plus no matter how much Harry looks like Hewitt, he definitely also bears a strong resemblance to Prince Charles and his grandfather, Prince Philip.

Maybe all rich British people look the freakin’ same, I don’t know.

As is usually the case with these stories, questions about Prince Harry’s heritage have re-surfaced following the announcement that he will marry American actress Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018.

May 19, 2018.

It’s probably no coincidence that this upswing in royal interest has, well… coincided with Princess Diana’s butler of 10 years Paul Burrell’s appearance on the Australian reality show I’m A Celebrity! Get Me Out Of Here…

But with Burrell in camp, the other contestants couldn’t resist quizzing him about the perennial hot topic of Harry’s ‘real’ father. Since he served Diana from 1987 until her untimely death in 1997, he definitely has the scoop on things. That’s probably why Real Housewives of Sydney star Jackie Gillies decided to grill him on Prince Harry’s paternity to see if she could pick up any juicy gossip.

Here’s how the campside conversation went down:

Jackie: “Do you believe that Prince Harry is Charles’ child?”

Paul: “Yes. Absolutely.”

Jackie: “It isn’t the other… The orange hair?”

Paul: “She didn’t know James Hewitt when Harry was born. That’s fact. Five years into the marriage, she had Harry. And she hadn’t yet met James Hewitt. True.”

Jackie: “Awesome! I believe you. Case closed!”

I guess anybody looking for any further evidence that Prince Harry isn’t Prince Charles’ son will probably have something to say about the reliability of Paul Burrell’s testimony. I mean, after all he has received a lot of criticism for copying some of Diana’s personal letters for his own gain.

But his is the best word we have on the matter so far, so maybe we should look no further on the issue, and accept that in this case maybe things really are just as they appear on the surface.

So does this put things to bed forever? Do you now definitely think that Prince Charles is Prince Harry’s father and not James Hewitt? Perhaps you were convinced one way or another and this has made you think again!

Whatever your thoughts are, be sure to COMMENT so that we can hear from you, and don’t forget to SHARE this article with your friends and family if you found it fascinating!





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