Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called on the United States not to “play with fire” in Syria.

“I once again call on our American colleagues to avoid playing with fire and measure their steps proceeding not from immediate needs of today’s political environment, but rather from long-term interests of the Syrian people and of all peoples of this region, including the Kurds, of course, be it Syria or Iraq or other countries of the region,” Lavrov said at the opening of the Valdai Club in Moscow yesterday.

Lavrov expressed his country’s concern about American attempts to divide Syria, saying that “such concerns arise after studying the plans which the US is starting to implement on soil, mainly east of the Euphrates, on the vast territories between this river and Syria’s borders with Iraq and Turkey.”

The Russian minister called on the US administration to take steps to confirm that their sole objective in Syria is to combat Daesh.

He highlighted the urgent need for humanitarian aid to the Rukban refugee camp which lies along the demilitarized berm between Jordan and Syria.

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