It has come to our attention that no wonder the UK wishes to leave the European Union because it is completely violating all Euro treaties with its super indoctrinated idiot workers who believe they are not even in Europe.

If they are not offshore from France then where are they Theresa May Alaska?

All this hate and bile stirred up as Britain sinks further into the mud (like at Passchendaele). What an unhappy and angry state English society is in under the Tories.

People without work (or with illness) who have paid tax and NIC go without benefits sometimes up to 12 weeks and yet are asked to attend meeting miles away where bus drivers insist to be paid, there is no mercy.


(It suits the hostile ignorant thugs they employ to leave everybody outside , even on freezing cold days….this is a new Britain a rubbish Britain……not the one battle of Britain pilots fought for, this state deserves to be flushed down the toilet….it is crap)

It is only the church who provides food and sustinance….Britain is a punitive appalling mess. People cant afford dentistry and many companies and businesses are collapsing.

Local Authorities equally unsympathetic as they make demands for that and this, anything but pay the people in order they may live.

It is totally undignified…like a third world state.

Those who work under this regime should be ashamed of themselves!

Why should workers pay income tax and National Insurance if the Central Government has zero intent to help?

Then refund back all their contributions to them. They don’t go to “Jobcentres” for fun.




One thought on “Workers in England are being deprived and starved by DWP and local authorities

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