Very nice, good luck, I lived 2 years in Amsterdam if I can be assistance happy to help, I did Sociology at Keele University (in the hippy days)

International Fieldwork 2017/18

From the feedback comments received on the proposal, I have identified a few target area that need to be improved and made clearer.

Firstly we did not include an introduction. Although clear to us what our research will be about, we did not consider that outside readers will not be able to fully grasp what is being discussed until reading the literature review. An introduction is vital to set the scene of the whole proposal and to give the reader a summary of what will be included  in the rest of the proposal and why we have chosen this research topic to begin with.

When looking at our main aim and objective we agree that they may need revising. For instance one of our aims was to produce a report detailing the results and conclusions drawn from our evidence. However we believe that it would be better as an overall…

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