Google and the rest of social media outlets are desperately trying to control everything you see, think, hear and feel. Google has become the most evil corporation on the face of the earth. Remember, where they burn books, they will soon burn people and Google is burning books. How far is Google willing to go with their censorship practices? Is this the beginning of the 4th Reich?  China and Social media are assignment threat matrix scores to internet users.   According to Patrick Wood, Chinese citizens are being denied housing and employment for “inappropriate comments on the Internet. Google and the Communist Chinese government set up this point system which punishes its citizens for bad internet behavior. Communist China’s Google control mechanism is now coming to America. Google is presently blocking accecss to internet sites across America. 


Is Google Evil?

Last summer (2017), the European Union fined Google a record-breaking $2.7 billion fine. Why? Google had abused its monopolistic position of EU market dominance to shut competitors out of its search listings. Google is so dominant that in countries such as  Germany, 97% of all Internet searches go through Google. In other words, the company had created a monopoly in Europe. However, it is not just in Europe where Google dominates the entire internet.

In the United States, Google accounts for nearly 80% of all Internet search engine traffic. Google owns Youtube and the following is the kind of abuse that can occur on a Youtube site such as mine. This is just one small discussion thread coming out of my Youtube Channel when I ran a story about how I was being blocked from visiting Info Wars.



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