Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia ‘won’t tolerate’ shelling from Eastern Ghouta on the territory of the Russian Embassy in Damascus after meeting his with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in Moscow on Wednesday.

“The constant shelling is coming from there. In some days, missile and mortar strikes estimate 50, 80 per day. It’s well known, at least for us here in Russia that shelling even reaches the territory of the Russian embassy and the trade representative offices. Are we going to tolerate it forever? Of course not!” resolutely stated Russian President.

Commenting the possibility of the crisis settlement in Syria, the Russian President noted, “If we all take efforts to normalise the situation in Eastern Ghouta and in the country as a whole, we will succeed. But if we try to tear it all and go for immediate tactical and political advantages than it won’t be efficient.”

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz also made comments saying that himself and Russian President Vladimir Putin had explored possible ways to reduce tensions between Russia and the EU.

The two leaders highlighted the “traditionally” close ties between the two countries as well as the strong economic relations.

This marks the first meeting between the two leaders after 31-year-old Kurz took office late last year.

‘We won’t tolerate shelling on Russian embassy territory!’ – Putin (video)



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