Every brokerage and bank
account FROZEN

Dear Reader,
I’ve unveiled a nightmare scenario that could strike any day now…

One where you try to log into your brokerage account to see how your portfolio’s fairing…but you receive a disturbing error message:

Apologies, but we cannot find that page.

Your heart stops for a second. You hit refresh. Same message.

It can’t be…

You click furiously to get over to your bank’s website, and decide to log into your online bank account to see what’s happening to your money market account…

A chill comes over you — another error message:

Online banking is not available to you at this time.

These error messages could start appearing sooner than you think.

transferir (18)

They’re part of a worldwide coordinated plan by the global elites to solve one of the world’s biggest problems.

You still have a small window of time to prepare for this possibility — for now.

Whatever you do, do not deposit another pound in your brokerage or bank account until you read this urgent warning.

Best wishes,

Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards
The Daily Reckoning

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