May I help you Sir


On Wednesday, Yossi Gallo entered a Myrtle Beach McDonald’s with another man, James Davis.

Gallo bought the homeless Davis a meal, but as Davis was eating, a police officer arrived and approached him.

That’s when Gallo started filming. As of the publication of this article, the video he later posted to Facebook has received 67 million views and has been shared nearly 1.5 million times.

The footage shows the officer explaining to Davis that several people have complained about him begging for money outside the restaurant and that once Davis is done eating, he must leave and never return.

Gallo tells the officer that Davis hasn’t asked him for any money, but the comment is deemed irrelevant. That’s when it becomes clear how frustrated Gallo has grown.

F off yankee cops go after REAL targets like criminal bankers, corporates tax evasion and the satanic pedophile elite…stop taking the easy route

“By the way, you guys suck!” he loudly tells a McDonald’s employee, a phrase he repeats over and over:

“You guys suck! I’ll never be back here. You guys suck!”



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