Former spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Nir Hefetz, will hand over recordings of Netanyahu and his wife as part of a deal with police in one of the corruption cases involving the prime minister, said Israeli news website Haaretz on Monday.

The recordings will form part of the evidence in a bribery case involving alleged regular favours granted to Israel’s telecom giant Bezeq — also known as Case 4000.

In return for the evidence, Hefetz will not stand trial, face prison time, or be fined, said Haaretz.

The prime minister’s former advisor is expected to also provide evidence for the illicit gifts affair case (Case 1000), said ynetnews.

The former adviser was arrested about two weeks ago on suspicion of taking a bribe and obstruction of justice but was released from custody on Sunday and put under house arrest, according to ynetnews.

Hefetz joins two other close associates of the prime minister who turned state’s witnesses recently — Ari Harow and Slomo Filber.

Speaking from Washington DC where he’s scheduled to meet US President Donald Trump, Netanyahu denied the accusations and said he’s the victim of a witch hunt.

Israel police spokesman has not answered Euronews’ request for comment. 

(oh thats a surprise)





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