On Saturday morning, another Turkish military convoy entered northwest Syria bringing with it the forces and equipment required to set up yet another observation base.

According to sources, the new Turkish Army military site will be established just north of Aleppo city atop the mountain of Jabal Anak near the small rebel-controlled town of Anadan.


(Mysteriously) Turkish forces began establishing military observation points in northwest Syria at the beginning of 2018 as part of a deescalation scheme brokered between Moscow and Ankara aimed at reducing violence across the region.

The establishment of such sites by the Turkish military comes immediately after the Syrian Army concluded its Idlib-Aleppo operation against ISIS and other militant groups.


On Friday, Turkish forces perpetrated nothing short of a massacre in the city of Afrin when army artillery and air force jets indiscriminately shelled and bombed residential areas to an intensity not yet seen during Ankara’s Olive Branch operation.

According to sources, Turkish shelling and airstrikes killed at least 45 five civilians – among the dead were sixteen children and fourteen women. One Turkish bomb reportedly struck Afrin’s main hospital leaving some nine people dead.

According the reports, Turkish forces are deliberately attacking random civilian targets across Afrin in a bid to scare people into leaving the city.

Amid all this, thousands of civilians refuse to leave their homes in Afrin saying that they would rather die than leave anything to ‘Turkish invaders.’


Turkish commandos swear an oath before they move toward the Syrian border as part of the Operation Olive Branch in Hatay, Turkey, on January 23, 2018.



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