Most of the English people I have met were racist, two-faced, greedy, unattractive, tight-fisted, loud and arrogant and they drank a lot. Plus, they have disgusting teeth. Some are okay I suppose but overall, not impressed.+50

A bitter nation with deluded superiority derived from their crumbled empire built on ill gotten gains.+51

Bad government, high obesity, bad weather and general misery. England makes the rest of Europe look so much nicer, classier and more cultured. The typical british “lifestyle” revolves around coming home from working a 70 hour week, staying in the house/flat all day because its too cold/wet outside, watching T.V. and eating junk food. Smile at someone on the street? You’ll probably be greeted with a punch. Full of chavvy, arrogant meat-head guys and dumb, blond, fake tanned, overweight girls who wish they were Paris Hilton. On top of that, England is always cold, even in the summer. Education standards are declining, university fees have gone up, cost of living is increasing, unemployment is through the roof and the brain drain is rampant as educated brits leave the country in droves. anyone who has been anywhere in England outside of London will understand! I left that godforsaken country and hope never to go back!+34

Not a nice place! They think they are better than everyone else.+50

A country that continues to revere those born into wealth and power through worshiping the royal family, overcrowded, native white population divided along lines of class which manifests itself in differences of dress sense, manners, intelligence and physical appearance. The lower classes getting the poor end of the deal. Ugly, cheaply constructed modern buildings and litter everywhere. Insidious celebrity culture due to a puppet master rich elite owned majority media.+30

Dirty, racist, ignorant, violent and blessed with a crumbling ancient infrastructure and the worst standard of housing in Europe. Then there’s the class system and the governments that it produces. Horrible country.+36

I Can’t stand the Royal Family, They are all inbred scroungers & they’re not even of English decent they are Germans. They are the BIGGEST scroungers in Britain, so people complaining about the unemployed being “scroungers” want to look at the Big old scrounger sat on that Big throne. People say the Royals attract tourism etc. Maybe so, But the taxpayer shouldn’t have to fund there luxury lifestyle. If we had to fund the Queen then that would be enough but we fund basically ALL of the Royal family. Prince William & Kate, there 2 kids, Harry, Then there’s Beatrice, Eugene, Who are nobody’s. The other week it was reported, Beatrice was a “royal scrounger” as 2 years ago she Quit her £250,000 year job at Sony & since then has been living it up holidaying all over the place out of Royal family funds. They say the Royals work but they quite clearly don’t as William is supposed to be a Helicopter pilot for Royal Air Ambulance but as of July 2016 he has only done 5 shifts this year! And …more+10

I am born, And raised in England, And ever since I visited America, it made England look like dump. I also been to Spain and Jamaica, And both of these countries are WAY better than England.

England, has poor, unpredictable weather, And can even snow during April! Houses are being built, But are building more flats, for young, lazy brits who don’t give a damn about finding a job. From the school that I go, all I see is that British pupils want to become nurses, athletics, scientists… yet they give little to no respect of the teacher. They seem to think that talking about the latest Eastenders is WAY important than learning. Some students are loud, obnoxious, and don’t seem to think about others, And COMPLAIN a LOT, even for reading homework! Did I even mention that Year 9 and 10 can be quite stalkers? The only ones I see WILLING to learn are either those who parents have raised them up well, or those who want to escape England’s Oxford for Harvard and Yale in …more+16

I grew up in England and now live in Scotland. It’s amazing how much friendlier and more fun they are up here. English people are insane, they sit in a miserable, ugly, grey and rainy country with a hideous media machine that can only be described as state sponsored propaganda, and seem to think it’s the best country in the world? They truly have no idea why Europe hates them, or even why Scotland hates them too! The arrogance is astounding. I’m English and it’s the truth. I’ve spent time in about 20 other European countries so far and I can’t think of a worse one than England. Horrible place!+18

One of the most rude people on the world+39

Of course I am against generalization but I have been living in London for one year, I love the City, but living there I wasn’t happy with the hygienic conditions of the streets, the gardens, the houses that I shared even with pure English people and even the people have dirty habits to be honest. Their houses are a mess, they don’t care if they have even rats in the kitchen, they are used to bedbugs in their beds and their dirty moquettes. And the scenes I have seen in the tube and everywhere shows that they are not afraid of catching virus,pests and terrible diseases. But to be fair they are quite honest, well organized and they respect other people privacy. What they say they actually do most of the time. Even when they are drunk they can control themselves without getting themselves and other people into troubles. As for every other nation manners differ depending on educational degree and social state.I love London but I for sure If I ll never enter in a love relationship with an …more+4

Why? Why can’t you organize any simple things? Why do you say you are not discriminating, when you actually are? Why do you hire people when its obvious that they don’t give a damn about their job? Why are you saying love, live, lough, when you don’t have a clue how to do it? Why are you so rude, egoistic, selfish and don’t care? Why, why, why? I’m sure you are not happy like this. Maybe its time to change your mind, be open, and learn from other countries, that you can have a quality life as well. I live here since last year and hopefully I can move soon from here, I got enough of this country. Worst country in Europe for sure!+14

I was born in England, But it’s a shame because I have lost my loyalty to it. I hate the way the government sold out British culture and turned Britain into a “Multicultural society” By letting in thousands of immigrants & let them over run the country. I’m not going to mention which ethnicity or race I am talking about because then I will be called A Racist. But You walk through some area’s and you’re A minority in your own country. It’s like visiting another country, nobody speaks English, they have there own shops, Most of them are not friendly, they shun you & do not want to mix with you. In some cases I have been abused racially as I am now A Minority where I live. It’s OK David Cameron thinking Yes, We’ll open our gates welcome everyone in, But unfortunately, people do not just get along & live in peace.

Multiculturalism just isn’t working. Also It is not David Cameron & The politicians who have to live next door to these Immigrants, When they …more+5


British people are very racist, they don’t say it but it oozes out from there behaviour+31

I live in the UK It is great that we have The NHS & that we have a welfare system to fall on should we fall on hard times & great in this country that we have freedom, However I hate the fact there in NO culture In England. English people have no culture or tradition, there culture is dressing up, going out partying to night clubs, getting intoxicated on alcohol and having 1 night stands. Morals are generally low, casual sexual relationships are normal, it’s “modern” to have a long sexual history or plenty of sexual partners. Then there is the Chav culture where yobs just hang around the streets committing petty crime, trying to act like gangsters, causing a nuisance & having sex with the local chav girls who fall pregnant at 16 & end up with 4 different baby fathers by the time they are 23. I hate that everyone drinks alcohol here just to have a good time & if you don’t drink then you a boring. There is no real culture here, just divisions in social classes based on wealth. …more+8

One of the worst place to live in Europe. I’ve been working here for over 10 years, being paying considerable amount of taxes and been contributing even more than an average British citizen (since I’m French) and the day you get made redundant, you get nothing, council keeps on chasing on to pay your council Tax (if not threatens you wit court summons)…basically if you are honnest, they screw you, but if you are expert in providing fraudulent documents and accounts, you win. This is how the system works, full of corruption and most MPs have accounts abroad (tax evaders) yet the government sue you the day you are unable to pay your taxes, not because you do not want to but simply because you have lost your job and the main priority is to keep on paying your rent so that you don’t end up in the street.+14

I lived in London for few months only but it was enough to say that is not a good country to live; people look so amazing sad in the tube, the really makes me want to cry of sadness, I totally understand them, their salary is not enough for a “good” place to live, renting is so expensive… Transportation costs are extremely high, there is not culture…+20

This list is possibly one of the worst I’ve seen on! England’s worse than Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Spain and Greece?! Even though there have been many different websites that say that England and London are terrible places to live in, there is a large amount of proof that they are not. For example, England has the 10th-12th best quality of life in the world according to many websites, which is higher than many countries that I think are great to live in, such as France. In addition, the NHS has been said to be the best health service in the world and the education system in the UK has been said to be the second best in Europe! England also has a great and beautiful countryside and has some great towns and cities such as Oxford and Bath. London is also a great place to visit with many interesting museums and some amazing architecture.

Even though there are many good features of England, there are still some slightly negative things that are possibly the reason …more – aldwych94 

I know right? How is England even bad? And I’m not even from England. – MusicalPony 

Their disgusting behaviour and antics abroad while it is a problem even when someone from another country looks their way pretty much sums up this dependent nation that would not survive a month without other countries… Which they have the cheek to look down on. All about greed, backstabbing, hating and looking down on others. Truly insufferable. Only a small number of them are enlightened, well-mannered and educated.+14

Scumbags who lost empire. Lowlifes, rampant mediocrity, and above all racists. They are the scum of this earth – hooligans, dirty filthy people. And hypocrisy is their credo!+23

No-one hates england and the English peeple more then the English people, I am ashamed about england and I live in it. It’s rubbish here+30

I don’t much care for the weather as I prefer rain anyway, it’s just the fact that it’s full of stupid little chavs and just plain horrible people, wish I didn’t live here.

It’s full of way to much underage drinking, teenage pregnancy and immigrants. No thank you, if anyone out there is thinking of moving here, DON’T – YOU WILL REGRET IT. And anyone thinking about moving out, DO IT.

Thanks for reading.+19

Why? Why can’t you organize any simple things? Why do you say you are not discriminating, when you actually are? Why do you hire people when its obvious that they don’t give a damn about their job? Why are you saying love, live, laugh, when you don’t have a clue how to do it? Why don’t you listen when someone say, you can do it better in this and that way? Why are you selfish, egoistic, rude and don’t care? Why, why, why? I really don’t understand, but I’m sure, that you are not a happy nation at all.. Maybe its time to change and open your mind and learn something from other countries!+5

By the way, I only recently moved from China back to England (I moved to China at four years) and in comparison from my international school (BISS PUXI) to the miniature socialist brainwashing school full of thug background Catholics (Take your pick from almost any school in England besides NUAST and a few dotted throughout the country), I can safely tell anyone reading this that any other nationality of people I’ve met have been way more direct, passionate with their actions, determined, happy, kind and truly feel they have a purpose in the world than these utter failures!

Aquaintences and friends from Japan, France, Germany, Belgium, America, Australia, Slovania (Yes), China, Iceland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, YOU NAME IT, have all been great people and take education, philosophy and their own actions seriously, so if we wanted to do something WE WOULD DO IT. Somehow my English school refers itself as the most cultural of all secondary


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