Westminster have declared a state of emergency, over Theresa, they have dialled 999 and awaiting to section her under section 3 of the 1883 Mental Health act……….how curious? She has denied being spotted under a lamppost in Sussex Gardens W2 in Bayswater last night.

However many of her old clients are trying to contact her with offers of support.


Poor Mrs May is expected to remain (with her condition) in a psychiatric hospital for at least the hot summer months….a deputy is expected to be named shortly.

Her Majesty, Her Royal Highness has expressed her gratitude for her lethal and vengeful efforts to reduce the poor and working class of England and the dominions


Mind you she is not short of a few bob, but could never see why she should dig into her personal fortune just to stop her “subjects” from freezing, dying, starving or dying from illness




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