Its strange but reading and writing about “the Arab spring” and Syrian war for 7 years, has left me wondering how many times the Syrian Arab (Government) troops must keep “retaking” the same areas?? They seem to clear one area only for trouble to start back up in a previous area, that they took say 2 years back.

The only answer might be to bulldoze down ALL of Syria kick out all armies (except official liberators) secure the borders and have a tough visa process for everyone. I mean at the moment it goes the way Poland went in 1939 Turkey is now busily nicking the northern half of their country?


Poland, presumably Nazi fascist area in brown and Stalin communist area in red

the country effectively “ceased to exist”


Does Erdogan admire Mussolini secretly or something? Its really not cricket anyway for those chaps and now they fight those beautiful kurdish women…..are the Turkish troops nuts or just too much Doner kebab? Now they have announced “objectives” deeper inside Syria.

On 10 June 1940, Mussolini declared war on Britain and France; both countries had been at war with Nazi Germany since September of the previous year. In July 1940, Italian foreign minister Count Ciano presented Hitler with a document of Italy’s demands that included: the annexation of Corsica, Nice, and Malta; Ethiopia was defeated, annexed and subjected to military occupation. The Ethiopian Empire became a part of the Italian colony of Italian East Africa. … The Italian victory coincided with the zenith of the popularity of dictator Benito Mussolini and the Fascist regime at home and abroad..



Professor AJP Taylor is writhing in his oxford grave being a main proclaimer that escalations, alliances and acts of aggression are fatal. I hope someone brighter than me can explain me why Turkey has invaded both Syria and Iraq lately , cos the papers are keeping all this very quiet, as quiet as they kept the fact that US backed muslim impersonators sat on Syrias oilfields for months and nicked all Iraqs gold bars????


All this plus a very public show that Turkey and America have “fallen out” as Nato partners?Strange also that the Syrian pottata Assad doesnt appear in this above photo??



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