Was a question put by a New York Correspondent.

Its been labelled – NYT’s ‘dumbest paragraphs ever printed’ and ridiculed online.

From the newspaper that brought you headlines like “Mother Russia crashes the Oscars,” and “What homoerotic videos can teach us about modern Russia,” comes another smash hit: “Is Putin a CIA agent?”

In the lauded journalist’s latest column, Thomas Friedman poses his ridiculous question, before unloading on the Russian leader in fourteen paragraphs of unfounded allegations, personal grievances, and impotent rage.

When he’s not trashing Putin for his “shirtless bravado” and apparent insecurity, Friedman rejoices in the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the West following the poisoning of Sergei and Julia Skripal. The fact that no evidence that Russia was involved in the poisoning was publically presented does not bother Friedman, nor does the fact that the nerve agent used may not have even originated in Russia.

Facts would only get in the way of his righteous outrage.

Likewise, Friedman describes Russia’s intervention in Syria as “another short-term sugar high for his base.” In reality, Russian intervention in Syria between 2015 and 2017 helped crush Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), to the point where the terrorist group holds only two percent of the territory it held in 2015. Russian firms are now moving into Syria to rebuild the nation’s energy grid.

Naturally, Friedman’s fellow journalists took to Twitter to savage his column. They described it as “breathtakingly stupid,” “insufferable,” and “perhaps the dumbest 8 to 10 paragraphs ever printed in the New York Times.”



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