The Russians were IN London last night and yet oddly there have (as yet) been no reports of any murky shootings, poisonings, honey traps, bombs on board, organised crime meetings, oligarch corruptions,poisonings on door handles, letters containing anthrax on their way to and from the Emirates Stadium.

Clearly they had penetrated our eastern approaches radar interceptor defenses and actually landed (or parachuted) a football team in guised as a Moscow team. Very clever, very clever indeed.Dressed in their CSKA gear that put up a spirited fight against the Londoners watched closed by Military  and Central Intelligence operatives ready for their tricks in the stands.

Instead they witnessed a 4-1 defeat , a rout of the Russians by the Londoners (or kloned Londoners). What now for Theresa and her paranoid bunch of losers who see reds under every bed? Mind you Golovins goal must have made treacherous Tory hearts beat proud as it brought Arsenal (the home grown side closer to collapse).

But it wasnt to be as the welshman scored a goal fit for a ballet class, such grace and poise as the ball span into Moscows net. Nor were there any incidents of fighting as the brave Muscovites penetrated UK border patrol, police, army finally MI5 patrols to stroll onto the pitch at Islington.

Something is clearly wrong if Russians (the poisoners) can come deep into our City without 3 months of Hospital tests beforehand. Or could it be that the imponderable, the unthinkable is happening that our Government, Police, BBC, urged on by Fox news, CNN and Donald Trump are actually lying to us?

oh no not again ! They say , not another “weapons of mass destruction” saga waged through our land, our troops, our taxes and our media. But yes, it seems these Russians were well behaved, not at all the kind we heard about 3 weeks back and non stop ever since.Wait til summer….Lets hope if England get to Russia there wont be another case of under hand suspicious ballet rigging. Until now I guess we gonna have to trust our former world war 2 ally, the ones who crushed the german army for us all. Hmmmmm








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